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  1. i had mine suddenly go very dull when i saved a patch - for some reason auto impedence was changing to a very low setting on that patch .. just woke and didn't have time to read all posts here but check impedence setting is one thing on the checklist for bad sounding helix fixes
  2. usually i dont run anything in front at home (i run a digitech trio after tho 😉) But if i'm playing out, i run the bogner/neve ''harlow" pedal in front of helix for some tone sweetening and quick eq adjustment if needed .. it has compression, boost and tilt eq as well as some neve transformer sparkledust 😊
  3. yep i'd rather let the experts be the keepers of the flame .. i think coding a few photo filters for gimp may not be quite the same as component modelling an audio fx pedal or amplifier..
  4. i pulled out my old, built like a tank, Russian Big Muff the other day and tried it.. it sounded pretty hairy lol- in a good way.. it was interesting to hear how different it sounded thru different amp models
  5. what about onboard drives? - would the tube driver pedal (i think that it's what it's called) model do a similar job onboard? if not, they really need to model a treble booster, it's iconic! 😉
  6. i'm a ballpark kinda guy, even if it is in the carpark outside it's usually ok😉 , as long as it is a nice tone
  7. i use the piezo/preamp on the guitar into a return and a magnetic soundhole into the guitar in.. it's a good blend
  8. actually sometimes an overdrive pedal in front of one of these small pedals that were mentioned is all you need for open mic, small gig etc..
  9. i always throw a zoom ms-50g pedal in my bag as a backup - a single stomp size multi fx pedal that actually sounds pretty decent, pretty limited for on the fly fx changing tho with only one switch..
  10. i saw peter hook and the light play last night (bass player from joy division and new order) he and his son were on bass duties and were playing joy division songs with a similar sound to the original band (except with a more modern very punchy mix) They were both playing ampeg amps- i'd start there and play around with balancing the mids and bass to taste.. they had a very punchy 'middley' sound with tight tops..
  11. just put the looper first in the chain
  12. for ease of use i often use a pedal in front of my helix that has a single 'tilt' eq knob as part of its controls. It's the bogner harlow pedal that has a neve designed transformer - it just means i can easily adjust for different guitars using the same patches, on the fly, if i need to.
  13. i just set up a patch for acoustic recently- using 2 paths.. one for the piezo/preamp from the guitar (into helix thru a return) and the other for a fishman mag/soundhole pickup..(in thru the guitar input) This is a really nice blend with the magnetic pickup supplying some thickness and bottom and the piezo, a fairly natural acoustic sound (it's a high end maton guitar, i think one of the models tommy emmanuel used to play before he got his own model and it is their own pickup system, not a usual piezo) I'm really happy with the sound :)
  14. yes. but i recommend going in one of the returns not main guitar in.. for me it was noticably better in the returns
  15. i usually still blend my acoustic using piezo and magnetic pickups using the Zoom acoustic preamp and it sounds good.. haven't really tried it with helix yet but might give it a go soon... and report back
  16. the video uses pretty much the same guitar tone throughout.. would have liked to see how it sounds with a bit of tonal variation..
  17. i just added some hi/lo cut eq blocks (as had been mentioned on this thread) after the amp/cabs in a few presets i'll be using at rehearsal tomorrow (i usually do my cuts solely in the cab blocks) Already with some minor tweaking the presets sound a bit more focused, tighter and nicer to the ear.. i'll see how they go with a bit more volume, tomorrow.
  18. it might be good just to have a simple 'amp enhanced' option where the amps are filtered and more tonally focused, to suit the casual user- a global option maybe. default being as it is now maybe, but the option to narrow the frequency range being clearly understandable and selectable in the menu
  19. most people seem to use cuts on the cabs.. go further than you expect to as the filter curve is shallow .. i cut down to 3khz on some presets even.! some people use an eq block instead ( i think they are steeper cuts)- but yes you'll need to do some sort of cut
  20. i didn't update last time so will get a bundle's worth when the next one rolls up. the multiband compressor was the only thing that piqued my interest in that lot but i do have to say i'm getting a bit sick of the bug that effects the pedal when saving wahs and other parameters ( they never seem to save properly) -that got fixed didn't it?
  21. or did you mean fx from older units that aren't currently in the helix.?
  22. i cant imagine that being the case.. i dont think they'd say 7 fx and include old ones in that.. updates would be a separate announcement i'm pretty sure
  23. Fuzz is getting more attention 😂
  24. actually this is the first time i saw it mentioned in a while
  25. oh, not another Fizz post..... 😂😛
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