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  1. monitoring is a factor too, if you are just using small computer speakers to listen to the software you may be missing out
  2. in my case i used it second, (with the prs humbucker ir's) - i had a compressor first , i figured the compressor will have less work to do on my real strat single coil pickups.. then into the PRS ir's .. compressors on bassier pickups sometimes compress too much
  3. i tried at work today, they sound impressive, so i just bought the telecaster ir's .. i'm playing a vintage modified squier with texas style pickups and the telecaster ir's seem to smooth these pickups out nicely and add a more expensive sheen and have a nice telecaster twang at the same time .. recommended if your single coil pickups aren't so smooth!
  4. just an update- bought the PRS guitar/humbucking model, it really fattens up the single coils on my strat. I havn't had a chance to really up the volume and give it a good try out but it seems to do a good job.. and $7.50 currently on sale
  5. it might be a bit more subtle than some switches , try different monitoring maybe before re-installing
  6. i think splice introduces some random tape pitch flutuation. just every now and then
  7. yes .. i did offline.. d/load the helix editor and firmware, follow back-up steps.. when you open the updater (included in the helix d/load) select offline mode and direct it to the firmware file
  8. i'm loving the mid gain stuff .. it feels very good for nasty in your face old time rock n roll.. haha if you modern metal guys need to get back to your roots sometime, you'll be at home here
  9. has anyone tried these? how do you find they work? did they really impart the flavour of the selected guitar? and also can you load them as an IR in helix.? thanks
  10. ohh that cosmos echo.. can get lost in that one, set the feed back just on the edge of self oscilatting and let it take you away 😉ðŸ‘
  11. here too!! :) just gotta find time to play with the new toys- i hadn't updated since 2.10 ;)
  12. oh ok!! oops and thanks.. when it loaded before i only saw the end posts .. great thanks :)
  13. hi is there a release notes?? be really great if they posted one on here with everything included .. i'm just on my phone currently and when i go to check the "read more" on the downloads area it wont go anywhere.. i'd like to check out what got released
  14. i prefer dropping to Fbb 😉
  15. i remember seeing a long helix thread somewhere else on another forum but can't remember the site, i think devs from line 6 were also posting there if that helps.. thanks
  16. thankfully none 😂.. just joking.. actually none are that similar..
  17. yeah, just think of helix cabs as a cab and mic that you can go into the room and tweak around a bit, move the mic etc.. the IR is like - the engineer did the work for you.. if you dont like the sound tell him to go back and try something different (load another IR) 😉😂
  18. ir's will shape the tone but wont work magic in creating the sounds you are after... as i think you found with the bass ir- you'll still need an octave pedal..
  19. or add an eq block at the start of your chain that you can flick on if need be..
  20. if they are simple patches you may find just a quick adjustment on the helix amp/speaker block patches will get you in the ball park if you get some sound check time.. assuming you are just using a minimal amount of presets to get thru the gig.. usually it wiil be drop the bass/treble and boost mids and maybe drop gain a bit too when you are up at gig volume -as was mentioned above
  21. with mine it cut until i re started helix
  22. i've had the no sound thing happen 3 or 4 times since i got helix (about 18 months i guess) and i'm on 2.20 .. will be updating with this new update coming and see if it happens again
  23. it would be doable i'm assuming ..if they added the capability. probably it would need to be on a different dsp channel than the one the amp/cab is loaded but i'm sure there are people that would have dsp 2 free in a lot of presets and would like to run a nice convolution reverb (there's plenty available)
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