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    Helix case/bag

    I once walked into GC, cash in hand, to drop on a Clapton strat I had played a few weeks before hand. It was difficult to find help, and when I did, the kid acted like I was some kind of annoyance. One of the many reasons I do not do business with them. Sweetwater has been nothing short of awesome. And when I need something quicker, I simply go downtown to a mom n pop shop.
  2. Reference the attached photo. For Android users, that's the end goes in the back of the amp. The other end of that cable needs to be able to fit your tablet. Perhaps if you post a pic of the connector on your tablet, we'll be able to help you find the right cable.
  3. You are going to have to revert back to the old firmware unless there is another user out there on the old firmware who is nice enough to upload it for you. Going forward, when using the factory presets, copy them to one of your empty user banks. After you're done tweaking, export the patch. This will ensure you'll always have a backup on hand.
  4. There are no settings for the tuner. It is about as straight forward as a tuner can get. Try these things and see if one or more help: Update to the latest firmware. If already on the latest firmware, factory reset the amp. (hold down the home button and scroll down to the last option) Is your guitar properly intonated.
  5. I would also download the 2.20 firmware again. The file you have may have somehow got corrupted when you computer lost power.
  6. Most definitely not normal, as you can see from the pic from mine. By chance, did you peal the plastic back to see if that made a difference? If you did and it still looks like that, I would return for an exchange.
  7. lungho

    2.20 Party

    FYI: I updated to 2.20 with no issues.
  8. Lines aren't normal. Have you taken off the protective plastic over the screen? Posting a pic would help us confirm if your LCD is defective or not.
  9. There are a lot of good posts in this thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/17076-links-for-free-impulse-responses-ir-here/?hl=free+irs&do=findComment&comment=162037 And here are a few from Line 6: http://line6.com/allure/
  10. This is more less words of encouragement than advice but I found myself in a similar situation quite a few years back. I had (still have) a X3 at the time but had been on a self-imposed sabbatical from the being in band thing, and the whole music scene in general. About a year before Helix was released, I re-entered scene and was back in a band with that X3, which was severely dated. I had seen some promo stuff for Helix and I upgraded to Helix when it first became available. Talk about a night and day difference from that X3. I had the same concerns that you did. I had no clue what an IR was or how to use it. However I used YouTube to find people who actually knew what they were doing and just crammed my head full of knowledge. By watching the videos and browsing this forum, I soon became familiar with the lingo used and developed a "best practice" routine for creating patches. There are a lot of people on YouTube who just want to sell you patches instead of showing you how it is done or giving you tips. However, there is Scott Minchk of The Helix Channel. I think he does a fantastic job going under the hood and describing what he does with his creations. He even has a couple of vids on IRs. You can find his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJrfCxQmio6zyjut4n0qRw Just my two cents.
  11. lungho

    2.20 Party

    I'll just wait for yet another round of spring time storms. Take both my Helix and PC off the battery backup and then start the flashing process.
  12. You can also use the app to upload tones to the cloud to share.
  13. Or like, all hotrods are cars but not all cars are hotrods :D ....and I swore to myself that I'd never post to this thread....
  14. lungho

    Helix iLoud

    Found this thread http://line6.com/support/topic/21634-ik-iloud-for-helix-anyone/ which seems to corroborate that Helix does indeed work with iLoud.
  15. Since you do not have a traditional setup, posting any and all information about how you're connected to this TV might be useful to others to help troubleshoot. What resolution are you currently running at? Are you using a laptop to clone your screen to the TV or are you using a desktop? Are you connected to the TV via VGA cable or HDMI cable? And since you are connected to a TV, I wouldn't necessarily advise you to upgrade to Windows 10. Between work and home, I've had a lot of issues with display drivers...most notably with Dell Latitude laptops. Everything worked great with Windows 7. It was only when I upgraded to 10 did I start to have audio and video problems. Anyway, I'm almost positive there is a simple fix. Computer issues can be a little difficult when you're not on-site to see everything you're dealing with.
  16. lungho

    Creaking pedal

    Another vote for Chapstick here. I even use it to lube the nut on all my guitars that don't have a double-locking Floyd.
  17. Yes, your Cry Baby will work fine like this.
  18. Your screen cap looks like your running it on something small like a laptop with a 13" screen. If so, that might be your issue. I have a 20" desktop monitor running at 1680x1050 and it looks like the screen cap on the right. What size is your monitor and what resolution are you running at currently? What OS are you running? If you're using Windows 10, there is an option to change the size of the window apps run in. When I moved the slider bar to the right, the Helix app looked more like your screen. I don't think Windows 7 has an option to resize the apps, only the font sizes.
  19. Would you gig with a tube amp without a backup? I wouldn't. The same goes for a modeler. Just because it is solid state doesn't mean that it won't fail you. I always gig with a backup. My backup isn't as good as the Helix but it is reliable and is a better alternative than 4 guys staring at me wondering why they didn't get paid that night. Here's some useful information that should get you back up and running: http://line6.com/support/tickets/.
  20. You can get the driver, as well as any other software from http://line6.com/software/. Using the three drop-down menus near the top, select Helix - Drivers - Windows 7 and then click Go.
  21. Outstanding job! That tone is absolutely beautiful. Just like the original recording, that haunting tone makes the hairs on the back up my neck stand up every time. Thanks for sharing, not only the patch, but the knowledge behind making it.
  22. A guy from the back screams, "More hi-hat!" :D Actually, this is pretty cool for a just for fun project. That bass is seriously overdriven. Did you use the JTV with baritone tuning for that or something else? Nice job.
  23. I typically do this with a tablet. Not sure if this is possible using the amp menus. I do this using an iPad. If you're an Android guy, the process I describe below might differ a little. Using the app, under the Tones section, I simply tap Edit in the upper right corner and then drag the various tones around with my finger. This will rearrange the tones without overwriting anything.
  24. The tones from customtone.com are not compatible with Spider V. Any tones for the AMPLIFi products will work with Spider V. Simply tap the "Cloud" option. The results field will be blank until you type something in the field and then tap search. Check the attached photo for guidance.
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