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  1. They mention that solely for users of Microsoft Edge. You can of course use the browser of your choice to download the new software.
  2. I believe he was referring to this thread.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps6a5kcc8omatdc/Bottle Message.hlx?dl=0 Here's a copy of the "Bottle Message" patch.
  4. Seeing how no one else has chimed in, I'll add my 2 cents. I'm a Helix floor user and something similar happened to me at a gig. When I would activate a stomp, it would trigger on and the off quickly.....not every time, but enough times to be annoying. After getting home, I exercised all of the switches with my hands and feet and couldn't replicate the problem, not once. After ruling out a possible hardware malfunction, I started looking at other factors. Long story short, it was my shoes. The soles were soft, very spongy like. When wearing those shoes and stepping on the switch with some authority, the problem went away. If this isn't your case and no one else chimes in, you might want to contact support to help you further troubleshoot. I'd do that before attempting to squirt some cleaner in it.
  5. So you come here b!tching about forum etiquette, but then continue to derail this thread without starting a new one with the proper subject line?
  6. lungho


    In the Global Settings, you can set it up where the big knob controls the XLR outs, or the 1/4 outs, or both. Set it to control 1/4 outs only....assuming you're using the 1/4 out to your FRFR.
  7. At least it gave me enough time to make another bowl of popcorn......I ran out around page 8........
  8. lungho

    XLR Port

    I just looked at mine, the mono side is also missing that metal piece you mentioned. I've had mine since Feb of '16 and gig with it every weekend and have never had a problem.
  9. I'll preface this by saying, this is what works for me. If I have any of this information wrong or if someone has a differing opinion, by all means respond with a more accurate answer....I won't get my feelings hurt. :) From what I understand about the master volume knob is that it sends a signal at unity gain when maxed out or bypassed in the global settings. Going off that knowledge, here's how I create my patches and get the levels to a pretty consistent level. Connect my Helix to my PC via USB, boot up my DAW, and pull up the mixing board. On Helix, I select a new blank preset (no blocks). With the guitar volume on 10, I strum a few chords and make note at where the level is peaking. I then insert an amp and cab/IR blocks, adjust the parameters until I get a tone I like. I then and strum the same chords with the same attack as before, making note of where the level is peaking. Adjust the amp's channel volume to control the overall volume of the amp. Before adding anymore blocks, make sure your amp signal level matches your dry signal, before the amp and cabs were added. For each additional block I add to the signal chain, I re-check the signal level in my DAW. If the signal is too hot or not loud enough after adding an additional block, simply adjust the output level on that block accordingly. This method helps assure me that I'm sending a proper signal to the mixing desk, while avoiding digital clipping. Again, this is how I do things and it works for me. Hope this helps.
  10. I typically make the same cuts when using IRs. To say "IRs don't need any EQing" is not exactly accurate.
  11. It also very similar to my rack. A Charvel Model 4, couple of Strats, and a PRS Custom 24. Those new pups compliment the old girls quite nicely.
  12. I bought a Charvel Model 4 around that same time and I still have it. I still love that guitar. You've worked hard and are fortunate enough to have the cash to buy yourself 3 more guitars. That's simply awesome! Congrats and enjoy your semi-retirement.
  13. There are no iOS/Android apps for Helix. Just make sure you got the latest versions of the driver for the PC, HX Edit and Line 6 Updater. I'm assuming the unit you receive will have outdated firmware. Updating firmware is super easy but read the first post in this thread to familiarize yourself with the process.
  14. The bag of sh!t is an easy choice...the 10 lb bag. It will be a present for my neighbor two houses up who continuously lets their dog out of their house, unsupervised, and then sh!ts in my front yard, only to be the ones who are upset when confronted about it. But in reality, you're right. People are gonna complain no matter what.
  15. I kind of wish Line 6 wouldn't have dropped the hint so early so as to avoid these kinds of threads. As it stands right now, we got thousands of dollars of modeled gear at our fingertips.....gear most of us could never afford to own all at one time. If I were a betting man, I'd bet most of us haven't fully explored Helix with what we have available right now. It is easier for me to wait for an update to drop when I can look back to all the headaches people used to deal with in while gigging during the 60's, 70's, 80's etc.
  16. Try turning on the noise gate. You will find the noise gate under the guitar symbol in the upper far left corner of the display screen, before the first block in your chain.
  17. The short answer is, yes. It's a much easier process than it used to be....by a mile. But to be on the safe side, read the first post in this thread so you are familiar with the process.
  18. What Codamedia said. Some people seem to have endless buckets of debt cash to spend on gear. The Fly Rig 2.0 cost $300 less and is more than capable of getting you through a gig as a backup. If budget is no concern and you want to stay in the same ecosystem, by all means go with a HX Stomp for your backup.
  19. I'm thinking the guy has tube amps that have particular characteristics and nuances that can only be captured by a profiler. Tube amps can be pretty inconsistent, so maybe he's looking for some consistency with his live rig. And it is also quite possible that he wants to preserve his tube amps from the abuse of the road. Whatever the case, it's cool to see an old and iconic cat embrace new technology.
  20. Cruising the Cubase section over at Gearslutz and found this thread. It's an older post about Cubase 5, but maybe it will apply to your situation as well. I wished I could help more, but Reaper is my DAW of choice. If this doesn't work, I'm sure people more knowledgeable than me will chime in. Here's what I found in that particular thread: Hey guys , I found the solution ,In Cubase go to your device > Device setup > Vst audio system > Advanced options > audio priority > Chose " BOOST " , Ps : Make sure if you are using laptop to set you power option to maximum ,
  21. It's in the manual....at the top of Page 42, under Global Settings > Footswitches When set to "Touch," touching a Stomp mode switch selects its assigned item(s) but pressing doesn't. When set to "Press," pressing a Stomp mode switch selects its assigned item(s) but touching doesn't (helpful if you insist on playing barefoot). When set to "Both," either touching or pressing will select the assigned item. The default is "Touch."
  22. If you post the preset, don't forget to remove the Ownhammer IR before doing so. I'm sure they would very much appreciate it. :P
  23. At 4:27 seconds, this vid is a bit too long winded for something so simple to do, but it might clear up any confusion you have.
  24. Or buying a Helix the first day it was released and not being offered a free Helix backpack. My gosh, some people are impossible.
  25. lungho

    Helix to PA

    The modeling world is a bit different. Not only are you dialing in amps and effects, but you are also applying EQ and other things normally left up to the sound engineer. I try to dial in my patches as close as I can so that they sit well in a live mix. I communicate with my sound guy that I initially want a flat EQ and then he can tweak it to whatever is best for the house mix.
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