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  1. Go to your global settings - exp pedals and change the setting from per preset to per snapshot. After that, the expression pedal will work for the drive and the snapshot will retain its settings.
  2. I picked up broken CryBaby on FleaBay and replaced the 100k pot with a 10k pot. I then rewired it and boom, instant expression pedal that's built like a tank and uses a standard patch cable. If anyone is interested, I used this thread as a guide.
  3. I would start by connecting directly to your Mac, without the hub, if possible. If the problem goes away, it's obviously the hub. I don't necessarily have a recommendation for a specific hub but I would most certainly use a powered USB hub (one that has a separate power supply). USB 3.0 hubs will work fine with a USB 2.0 port, you simply won't get the extra speed. I'm sure others will chime in with advice as well. :)
  4. I decided to experiment a little bit and I had the best luck with the Allure_90's_CaliV_30 IR from the Line 6's free Allure pack, which you can pick up here: https://line6.com/allure/ I also learned that Zakk only used the chorus pedal live to reproduce the sound/space you hear in the studio from the double tracked guitars. I used the pitch shift block to somewhat replicate this. You get that space that's normally provided by the chorusing effect, but without the warble. Turn off the overdrive and roll off the volume, and things clean up nicely. I'll provide a link to my patch but keep in mind this is my first (and probably only) stab at this. Also, I used a PRS Custom 24, which doesn't have active pickups, and a QSC K10.2 for my monitor. There is also no EQ or compression added to the patch. To me, it sounds big and larger than life but YMMV, depending on your setup. I am also on Firmware 2.50. https://www.dropbox.com/s/92j9k6atu921qih/Zakk.hlx?dl=0
  5. From what I remember, he was using a JCM 800 with a cabinet that had 200 Watt ElectroVoice speakers. And I believe he used a modded Boss SD-1 Overdrive along with the obvious, a Boss CH-1 Super Chorus. My knowledge is from old guitar magazines from that era, so take it with a grain of salt. A lot of misinformation was floating around back then.
  6. I'm going to hold off a couple of weeks before rolling out this update to my one and only mission critical device.
  7. lungho

    pitch raise

    Nashville Numbers System solved this issue for me. As long as you know your intervals, you can play in any key on the fly. No need to transpose a whole chart.
  8. Been using the Slo-100 models for the longest until I tried Trainwreck model. Paired with a 3 Sigma Soldano IR, the thing sounds amazing. And I've found that you don't need a lot of gain to make this model sing. My gain is set on 3 and it's enough for most of the solo work I do. I put a Minotaur in front of the map if I need a little more saturation. The Trainwreck model is most definitely my favorite amp so far, though I haven't had a chance to test drive 2.50's offerings just yet.
  9. The gain block (or any block) can be saved as on or off within a preset and/or a snapshot. Alternatively, you can assign the gain block to a foot switch and turn it on or off in stomp mode. For example, you're in the middle of a song, your solo is coming up, and you need some boost. Simply stomp on the switch that has the gain block assigned to it. If your solo sound is totally different from your rhythm sound, setup a snapshot with everything you need for that solo and use that snapshot the same way you'd use a stomp box. Hope this helps. :D
  10. I also have Helix setup with snapshots on the top row and stomps on the bottom row. Anything I might use momentarily in a song, like a boost, gets assigned to the bottom row as a stomp. If it is something more involved that requires me to tap dance, I'll create a snapshot for that moment in the song. Either way, it's one button press. Want the boost with the same parameters on a different preset? Copy the block and paste it in the new preset. The Helix interface is real easy to use.
  11. I also have been using the Derailed model for a clean, slight crunch and overdrive. Man, it does not disappoint. Before I was bouncing between the Soldano crunch and overdrive models to achieve all three sounds. While I found the Soldano's overdrive channel to be great, the crunch was a bit too spongy for my liking. The Derailed is nothing short of awesome.
  12. lungho

    IR Question

    To answer the second part of the OP's question....use the 200ms version.
  13. I didn't see anything in the 2.30 release notes. But thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Problem solved.
  14. After updating to firmware 2.30, I can't seem to stream audio from my desktop computer to Helix via USB anymore. I use this to practice with prerecorded tracks before I meet up with the rest of the band for rehearsals. I am using Windows 10 and it appears the correct audio interface is active (see attached screen shot) I was just curious if anyone else is having this issue?
  15. I'd like to also report that I had a total success with this mod as well. I replaced the 100k pot with a 10k, de-soldered the input jack from the original PCB, then soldered the wires according to the diagram, and now this guy has a new expression pedal. All this from a $15 part. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread!
  16. Until I had saved up enough money to drop on a decent FRFR speaker, I used the SE215's to setup my patches (I also use them live). To be only a single driver, they worked very well for me.
  17. As already mentioned, ideally it would be better to get an USB audio interface. That being said, I've been able to record into Cubase with my Spider V via USB cable direct from the amp to my computer. Make sure that your OS has the correct ASIO driver installed or else Cubase will never see the amp. You can get the right driver from here: http://line6.com/software/
  18. lungho

    V120 edit

    The last I heard, Line 6 was pretty adamant about not developing an editor for the PC.
  19. There are no options for editing the bias, sag, hum, or other settings that you would find in Helix.
  20. I got a 120, Windows 10, able to connect via USB, and record with Pro Tools. I know this seems obvious but make sure you setup the playback engine accordingly. I've attached a screen shot for reference. Also, make sure you've updated your Spider V to the latest firmware and that you got the latest Spider V ASIO driver installed. I do remember having to reboot Pro Tools after changing my playback engine settings from Helix to Spider V. I may have done something out of order, but I eventually got it to work. Hope this helps.
  21. All stock eh? Pretty darn cool man. Thanks for sharing.
  22. The Headrush tuner looks like Helix's 1.0 tuner (before the top bar was added). The biggest difference I can see is that the indicators fade in and out instead of flashing on/off, like the Helix does. In my opinion, this is a tuner done right. Jump to 16:45 to see the tuner in action.
  23. lungho

    Where is Native?

    The road map is much appreciated. We got many things on the horizon to look forward to.
  24. I very much understood his point of view, which is why I felt compelled to reply agreeing with what he was saying, but taking the opposite view. This whole If you simply ignore parts of the tuner, it's working fine logic is quite maddening. Apply that logic to a car with 1 unbalanced tire. Sure there's a shimmy at 45, but you can ignore it as long as it gets you to your destination. I guarantee if you dropped $800+ on new tires and one was out of balance, you'd turn you car around, return to the shop, and demand it be fixed. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not demanding that Line 6 fix anything. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with Helix and I can live with using another tuner. I just found the whole video ironic, is all.
  25. "I think you just have to watch out...to not uh...pay too much attention to the little strip" Nothing more needs to be said. You pretty much summed up the problem for those of us who are experiencing it.
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