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  1. Ahh...HX Stomp, not Helix. Things are a bit different. From page 41 of the HX Stomp manual: If your guitar or bass has really loud active pickups (or if you just happen to prefer the sound of a "padded" input level for your instrument), choose "Line" - Or, just try both and trust your ears.
  2. Go to global settings. It is the first option on the bottom left on the Ins/Outs page.
  3. lungho

    Helix LT Workflow

    Just to add....I use the hardware to design a patch. For me, turning knobs and moving joysticks are quicker than using HX edit. Compared to its competitors, the Helix interface design is a stroke of genius. It is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. I mainly use HX Edit to load 3rd party IR's, backup patches, and update firmware. Oddly enough, if HX Edit didn't have full editing, I'd probably be one of the many clamoring for it...ha.
  4. Which ever one of these is the end of your chain, simply move the block selection cursor over it and adjust the output level.
  5. Interesting vid. To me, it's a pretty good example of conformation bias. They both picked out the best sounding amp and thought it was whichever one they owned. Then they both picked out the worst sounding amp and guessed it to be the one they had an obvious dislike for. I couldn't tell the difference other than the Spider V, which was rather obvious for me.
  6. The toe switch will not work with the LT. I suggest you look at the EP1-L6 with the spring loaded option. You can then set the sweep parameter within the wah block to activate once the pedal is past ~1%.
  7. Select the block assigned to the footswitch you want to clear. Press the hamburger button...the button with the three lines, next to the Save button. Select Bypass Assign. Turn the knob all the way to the left until you see None.
  8. Vai does use a Fractal unit, but not for amp modeling. But seeing how Carvin just went under, it will be interesting to see what his next tube amp will look like. This pic is from 2018.
  9. My apologies for asking the obvious question but, have you installed the driver for your Helix LT? If not, it can be found in the downloads section here.
  10. The phantom power issue is still there. I use a stereo DI box, which also blocks the phantom power. It also has a left and right 1/4" pass-through outputs so you can connect your monitors. Here's the link if you're interested. It's built like a tank and sounds great. At home I use both the headphone jack with the same pair of IEMs I use on stage. When the wife isn't home or when patch building, I use a QEC K10.2 cranked up to gig level. Hope this helps a bit.
  11. Mission Engineering makes an expression pedal specifically for Line 6 products. But if $130 is a little too pricey, you can always mod an old Crybaby to do the same thing. Check out this thread for the Crybaby mod.
  12. lungho

    Misson TT2

    Andertons has them listed on their site, but it is a special order item. Check out the site here.
  13. For me, a 10" speaker worked best. When I was test driving the QSC K10.2 's, the 10" sounded way tighter than the 12". Also, I just wanted to emphasize that what Crusin said about the lows and the mids is spot on. One thing I've learned is, don't rely on the sound guy to fix your problems. Some sound guys are really good at EQ, while others are not. I encourage you to checkout some isolated guitar tracks on YouTube. You'll be amazed at how thin the guitars sound when they are isolated from the full mix.
  14. lungho

    Double tracker

    You are totally correct. The Double Take a Line 6 original.
  15. Any stereo blocks used before the amp will automatically be collapse the signal to mono. This is why your smart harmony block doesn't split stereo. Using a stereo block before the amp will also use up more DSP. Always use mono blocks before the amp. This practice will also help you better utilize your DSP. I haven't experimented with dual amps, so possibly someone else can chime in with that answer or offer more insight to the rest of your questions.
  16. lungho

    Double tracker

    There is the Double Take (Edit) is supposed to be something along the lines of what the TC Electronics Mimiq is. You can also use the Simple Pitch to somewhat simulate this. The Simple Pitch seems to work best (for me) if I place it after the amp and cabinet. I haven not yet experimented with the Double Take to know if it is a better solution.
  17. Just chiming in on #5, as all other questions seem to be straight forward. Some people like using the built in pedal for wah and some don't. I'm one of those who don't. If you are used to using a regular wah pedal, you may find the built in pedal as too long of a throw for your liking.
  18. For a minute, I thought you referring to the tuner.
  19. lungho

    Power Cab 112

    Using a list complied from reading the forums, I demoed every FRFR speaker I could find before settling on the rather expensive QSC K10.2. It might be wrong (and I usually am) but I don't think the masses is going to drop $600 - $800 on the PowerCab.
  20. I think the lack of response of Line 6 employees on this forum vs TGP may have something to do about separation of work life from personal life. I kind of get that, even though the logic isn't quite sound. And of course, there's the announcement at the top of the forum's main page saying, "Line 6 Experts monitor and moderate our forums, and have direct lines to Line 6 staff to report trouble or get useful information, but they are not paid employees of Line 6". It's not ideal and if it were my company, I might try a different approach. But its not, so it is what it is. :-)
  21. One thing the GT1000 has that the Helix doesn't is an signal output meter. This is about the only other feature I'd like to have in Helix, other than a polyphonic pitch shifter.
  22. The eyestrain is real. I guess this is one way to keep people from complaining about the tuner.
  23. I purchased mine in 2016 and after reading this thread, I checked my warranty status and saw that I was out of warranty by nearly a month. I called customer service to inquire about adding a warranty after the fact. After consulting with his manager, he told me he just learned that there is a 30 day grace period between the time of warranty expiration and purchasing an extended warranty. I beat that grace period by 2 days....whew! Anyway, I hope this info helps anyone in a similar situation.
  24. Look, it's my favorite amp model. :D
  25. Or a drop down menu so you can choose which bank to save the preset to. Either one would be great.
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