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  1. This right here......I think the Archon is the best preamp in the Helix!
  2. I'm not a huge effects user, so I'm looking forward to the Lone Star and Friedman BE-100 preamps. I just started playing around with the preamps/FX loop into my Mesa TC-100 and holy hell - these preamps sound great through the tube power amp section! I particularly dig the PRS Archon preamp. Almost sounds better than the TC-100 preamp......almost. This has totally changed my mindset on the Helix as I was only using it for a standard pedalboard 4cm setup. Now I'm realizing how much I can do with and after 2 months of ownership, feel like I've just opened a whole new world of tones at my disposal.
  3. Awesome - thanks again. I had put a Noise Gate in front of the amp and in the effects loop and was wondering what that hum was - now I know!
  4. I really needed to learn about this - thanks for posting! If I got the Ebtech - where is the best place to put this in the signal? Might have to get 2 of these - 1 for home and 1 for rehearsal space!
  5. No worries. I prefer the Helix anyway, so problem solved for me.
  6. So I just combed through the Boss GT-8 manual and I did find that those effects loops I/O were for adding in other pedals with the GT-8 signal. I could be wrong here but I did not see anything in the manual for 4CM setup with an amp. So I'll revise my statement: The Helix is more user friendly (at least for me) when setting up 4CM with amps. :)
  7. I supposed I was incorrect. I owned the GT-6 and only used it for direct processed signals. 4CM was a capability I was not aware of with the GT series. If so, I might have kept it!
  8. I would say that the Boss is no competition - less I/O's to work with, no firmware updates (from what I know of Boss units), no 4CM routing (my history with Boss products seem to be they are only front of amp processors), mono-color display and no customizable scribble strips. They also seem to be behind technologically speaking in emulating tube amp response. This seems to be their first attempt to compete with Line 6 and Fractal in that realm. The future will be interesting though as I do enjoy a few Boss products! I haven't used a Boss processor since the GT-6, so I could be off base on a couple of these point. As far as Fractal, there's just no comparison due with the price point - quite frankly, the Fractal costing $2,499 better blow the Helix out of the water! In conclusion, I would still prefer the Helix mainly due to firmware updates and being able to use it as a pedalboard via 4CM with my Mesa's/Marshall.
  9. And tons of room for cables! I made a 4cm cable snake (w/ midi) using the Pedal Python and it fits in the larger cable pocket very nicely with room to spare. It's a great case for the Helix.
  10. Of course, you're right about the sales figures. I'll have to try rolling down the tone knob and see how that goes.
  11. Then yes - let's put a fork in it!! I just hate the idea of using another tuner than what's in the Helix due to a bug or super sensitive settings and would think the tuner should be the easiest function to use on the Helix with minimal issues......
  12. No, I'm gonna say it - this issue needs fixed ASAP. I and many others spent $1500 for a multi-effects processor that has an issue with the TUNER. I hate to be a grump, but Line 6 needs to look into this and release a fix in the next update.
  13. When I got my Helix from Sweetwater, it came with the Helix backpack - it's perfect. Some people complain about it being a tight fit, but that was never an issue for me.
  14. This was a great read. Before I bought my Helix, I was looking into the AX8. Glad I went the Helix route. With personal EQ adjustments and IR's - I think the Helix sounds just as good as the AX8. Also, the Line 6 Community was another reason I choose the Helix. Everyone is here to help and share knowledge, and I would guess the Line 6 Community is much larger than Fractal's. But I would say that the number one reason I chose the Helix was the integration with amps via 4CM. I've mostly been a pedalboard and tube amp player - the Helix makes this so much easier and of course, MIDI!!!
  15. Glad to hear you had success with the Jubilee! I don't think you can use the midi function on the Helix with this connection on the TSL - I believe this socket is only for Marshall footswitches. Does the TSL have MIDI at all?
  16. I was wrong - the FX Loop is for 4CM routing. But the idea is the same - set it up like a real rig. Example: Vol>Wah>OD>NG>Preamp>(Loop Effects:Reverb, Delay, EQ)>IR or Cab This is my first time trying to post pics, so let's see how it goes.... IR setup 4CM with my Mesa TC-50
  17. While I agree that the Helix has lots of Marshalls to choose from, the JVM is a fantastic amp that often gets overlooked in the modeling world. Another option would be a Friedman (Dirty Shirley, BE-100 or Butterslax) - that would be cool!
  18. Hello & Happy New Year! Do you know if the footswitch requires a TRS cable? Some Marshalls (like the JVM) use a standard guitar cable, so MIDI would be the answer here. But if it's TRS like the DSL series, you're in luck! You can set the functions up in the Command Center to assign the button for channel switching - I had this set up on my DSL40C.


    It adds some "warmness" or perhaps a slight gain boost depending on the set up. A lot of vocal effects processors add warmness as a starting point and I'm sure recording studios do as well (along with compression and D-essing). My vox path setup is: Studio Tube Preamp>Reverb>EQ>Compression>Noise Gate. Very little of each.
  20. Add an FX Loop block after the preamp - drag the reverb, delay and EQ down into a separate "loop" path and then put the IR onto the main path as the last block. I'll take some photos of patches I've made and post them tonight for a visual reference for you.
  21. I would suggest a different block setup - treat it like a real rig. Your pic shows the reverb and delay after the IR block. The following is a template I use and then I switch out the preamps and IR's for different tones. Vol>Wah>OD>NS>Preamp>(FX LOOP: Delay, Reverb, EQ)>IR. The order of blocks will have an affect on the overall sound. I'm not familiar with the OwnHammer IR's - I've been using Sigma Audio. They provide 5 mic placements for the IR's and the mic placements do have a huge impact on the tone as well. You'll also want to put a high and low pass filter on the IR's - I set the lows at 80KHZ and the Highs at 8000Khz. Don't give up yet - it takes some experimentation!
  22. I would like to see the OD3 and OD4 channel Marshall JVM preamps in the next update. This has been a fantastic amp for me in reality and would love a version of it on the Helix.
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