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  1. I did have to fiddle around with it for some time to get it to work the way I wanted. I do wish there was more information in the manual about this - it did cause some frustration but eventually I was happy with the end result. I'll have some time tonight to dig a little deeper and get you more exact details.
  2. I ran into this issue when I assigned a solo boost to a button which did the following: turned the noise gate off, mid scooped EQ off, added delay and reverb, sent a CC command to my Mesa TC-100 for the solo boost. Switching it again did the opposite, giving me a metal rhythm and lead tone immediately. Use your fingers to lightly tap the metal footswitch button - this will switch between the OD and the compressor effects that are assigned to the one footswitch. One effect should be off and one should be on. When you select the OD and it is on, press the foot switch all the way down (as opposed to the light tap) to turn it off and then save the preset (this should enable the compressor). The next time you recall the preset, the OD should be displayed and read as off, allowing you to turn it on and the compressor off. Hope this helps!
  3. I prefer the Dunlop MC404 - it has Dual Fasel Inductors for different voicings and an MXR Boost built in - best wah ever!
  4. I am confused on why you think it takes a rocket scientist to operate this device. I found it quite user friendly and very easy to understand. User manuals online and this forum help a bunch as well. You don't need an FRFR speaker - the Helix preamps sound great through a tube amplifier power section. I use my Helix set up as a conventional pedalboard for my Mesa TC-100, but then have several presets with the preamp only/fx loop engaged. I can get any preamp sound through the Mesa tube power section or use the Mesa preamp section. It's fantastic!! You should know that a $2000 plus amp will require tweaking. Just go on the Boogie forum and browse under the Mark V section for a while. Line 6 does get EVERY player to first base with the Helix - as there are 2 WHOLE SET LISTS OF FACTORY PRESETS (including templates) to start with. Perhaps you can let us know how the competition (Headrush and Fractal AX8) stands against the Helix? I would really like to read about a comparison based upon your experiences with the Helix.
  5. Ok cool. I'm hoping they do something in the future with this - perhaps a Helix integrated into a tube power amp, with an optional tube preamp section. :) One can dream!
  6. Good thinking! One is on my list as well, but I've heard lots of players love the response when driven into a tube power amp.
  7. I've never played the MKII version - how do they differ from the the MKI version? I never knew about the cab sims in this amp!
  8. Mesa TC-100 and Helix owner here - let me know if you have any questions! I use the PC commands for channel selection and the CC commands for Reverb, Solo and FX Loop controls. It's a great rig!!
  9. I remember having one of these - the half stack as my first tube amp. I loaned it to a band member who was gonna buy it after I got a Carvin V3, but ended up not paying me for it and stole it. Lesson learned the hard way - sometimes the ones you trust the most, like your band mates, will screw you over! Anyway, I loved the sounds, effects and headroom on this amp. I was really hoping that Line 6 would've taken this product a little further, like adding a full blown effects processor a la' Helix - where you can program which effects went in the loop and which were in front of the amp (virtual 4CM). Essentially a tube and effects processor all in one. No more pedals, pedalboard (except to control the amp) or racks. Just a real tube amp head, built in FX processor and a floorboard for control. Anyone else have the same thoughts?
  10. I just wanted to clarify, does this mean the Helix Floor unit is more flexible in usability? I thought the Helix rack was just a rack version of the Helix floor?
  11. Awesome - thanks for the info! I'll explore a little more with the IR's and some OD pedals - maybe it's time I get a Friedman Dirty Shirley? : )
  12. I have the same issue and also read that an Ebtech Hum Eliminator in the FX Loop will work. I'm going to try mine out in that position tonight. I do put a noise gate in the last position of my front of amp block and also in the last position in the FX loop. Both help a little, but I think the issue is a ground loop hum. I have a JVM 410 as well - it's a beast of an amp!!!
  13. I got mine from Sigma Audio 3 - no complaints here. edit: I should mention, I only use them with my Helix, not my Helix FX. I'm not exactly sure why an FX only unit would need IR's since there are no preamps. I'm sure I'm missing something on how to properly use them with the Helix FX.
  14. How about an EQ with a level boost? While you're at it, you can even set a block for Reverb and Delay - you can switch all on and off by assigning all to one footswitch. I have mine set up this way but with no EQ boost but a CC command to my Mesa TC-100 for the Solo Boost function.
  15. I bought them all over the weekend - even the bass presets so my bassist can use them for recording. As I was downloading them I was thinking - why? I can just build these myself, but then thought - maybe I can use some presets created from a different approach/different way of thinking - and this might give me some ideas for some of my own presets. They did provide some new insight on building presets. I previously thought it was better to put delays and reverbs before IR's - treating the signal path the same as 4CM. But NO - they sound way better after the IR's. Going to have to edit some of my other presets after learning this. I'm not too crazy about the High Gain or Modern Essentials. I prefer a scooped metal tone and every preset will require an additional EQ, which really isn't a big deal. But it did open my eyes to setting up these differently and the different tone setups available from the same amp. They will be a great launching pad for my own new presets. The Vintage Classic, Boutique Classic and Mid Gain Monsters are my favorite among them all. Superb clean tones and OD tones! This is one area where I lack in patience - I can create a metal tone with no issue, but I lack the patience to experiment with different clean/OD tones. Now I don't have to! Very happy with all the tones in these 3 packages. One bonus is that there are many IR's too choose from for each package. I prefer the #3 position as it's warmer in every style. Overall, glad I made the purchase and I look forward to jamming more on them tonight.
  16. The only thing that's constant in life is change - roll with it or get rolled over.
  17. 1. Signal flow is left to right, just like the Helix and Helix LT. It doesn't actually say in the manual, but on page 30 there is a section about paths merging together at the end of the chain and this is shown on the right indicating a left to right visual signal path flow. 2. I have not had this issue. Perhaps start with the guitar volume all the way up and the amp volume down - and go from there. Also, make sure to check your Global settings for in/outs. I have to adjust one of the outs(I think the Effects Send) to Line level from Instrument level to match my amps fx loop level. Perhaps one of your outs is set to line level causing a drastic volume increase?
  18. This is a great idea - thanks for sharing! I've been learning some songs to play and sing to. I am totally going to use your idea!
  19. I experienced this last night - while in 4CM when I turned on the TS 808 model OD (yes, it is placed before the FX Loop block). I'm using the HX Effects unit as well. It's not a major issue as I can just use my TS Mini in front of the HX Effects or through Loop 2, but it was disappointing. I did not hear any clean guitar tones when switching amp channels to crunch or OD.
  20. Yes - the HX Effects will allow you to send program and CC# commands to your amp via MIDI. This can be set up via the Command Center.
  21. That would be cool - the profits would fund the next Helix. :D Now I'm thinking about how I should make it - I can print white ink on clear vinyl. But the Helix and Line 6 logos would interfere. So maybe black background with white ink - certain parts (Guitar in, Send and Return 1, Mono 1/4 out, Midi Out, Mic In and XLR Mono out) would probably have color coded backgrounds since they are the most used I/O's for me. Too bad I can't print fluorescent colors. Should be a fun project!
  22. That's a great idea to be prepared with the I/O routing before a tour. Probably makes setups a whole lot easier! I work for a graphics/printing company.......thinking I might design a one piece, low tac adhesive decal and run it with the next available job. Pics to follow only if it turns out nice. :)
  23. I'm one of the guys use bought the Helix for 4CM with my tube amps to mainly use as an editable pedal board in digital format. The MIDI feature has opened a whole new world for me for rig control. Now I won't even look at another amp unless it has MIDI. Some people would've told me to only buy an HX Effects for that use and I probably would've. But I'm glad they didn't, because I've gotta say, as a guitarist addicted to tube amps - I ended up using the Helix preamps a lot more than I thought I would. And now, I almost like the PRS based Archon preamp better than my Mesa Triple Crown 100 preamp.......almost. But the great thing is, there's so many more preamps in there to choose from! You can have your tube amp sound and then switch to any preamp in Helix that you want at the tap of a button. The Helix preamp tone powered by your amps tube power section is key. I never intended to use the Helix for recording, but this weekend my band will be recording some demos and I'll be going right from the Helix using IR's. My point is, because Helix is so versatile, you might find a use for the Helix for other than what you originally intended it for.
  24. I use the same method on my analog board - never thought to apply it to the Helix. Thanks for posting!
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