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  1. Pedalboard is a custom made Pedal Pad. Everything is powered by a Walrus Audio Phoenix power supply with the exception of the vocal processor. ODs are going through the Mesa Live Wire, into the HX Effects. EQ is through FX Loop 2 on the HX Effects as I wanted quick access to EQ changes. HX Effects controls my Mesa or Marshall.
  2. Although I understand the anticipation for this release, is it really that hard to manually edit the HX Effects? I was able to achieve all my settings through manual setup so at this point, the editor will be a luxury to me. I would still use the HX Effects even if the editor was never available.
  3. Sh*t.......looks like I'm getting Native now. Thanks for helping Line 6 make my wallet lighter! : ) Seriously - this right here is a game changer - I appreciate the info!
  4. Oh yeah, Helix into a tube power amp sound great!! I use my Mesa TC-100. The Archon preamp is almost better than the TC-100. Almost....... :)

    my setup!!

    How does that PowerStage perform? Loud enough?
  6. I'm definitely experimenting with this tonight - thanks for sharing your secret!
  7. I discovered this bug last night. I have a Mesa TC-100 and set the following programs via MIDI up. 1 - Clean with Reverb, Effects Loop On 4 - LO Channel with Reverb, Effects Loop On 5 - LO Channel with Reverb, Effects Loop On, Solo Boost engaged 8 - HI Channel with Reverb, Effects Loop On 9 - HI Channel with Reverb, Effects Loop On, Solo Boost engaged I have a preset where foot switches are assigned these program numbers as a "master" preset for midi programs. I've created another preset for use with the Mesa TC-100, with programs 1, 4, and 8 assigned to certain foot switches. They work flawlessly. The problem is when I'm in Snapshot mode. Every snapshot that has the Solo Boost engaged (via instant command) does not engage the Solo Boost on the Mesa TC-100. All other snapshots work as expected. This only happens in Snapshot mode and only when I've selected a snapshot with the solo boost engaged. Edit: I should note that when in Snapshot mode and the snapshot with the Solo Boost is selected, the Solo Boost light on the Mesa TC-100 comes on momentarily (like about half a secound) and then goes off. It does not behave this way with my midi program preset - only in snapshot mode.
  8. Sounds good dude!!! I can't get the Rectifire model to sound that great.......yet. Very well done!
  9. Thanks for the insight. I also travel for work sometimes and having a small interface and Helix Native would also give me the tools to jam/record while traveling with my laptop. I appreciate the advice - thanks!
  10. I have the Helix floor unit and do quite a bit of recording with it via Focusrite interface. I was wondering what you guys thought of Helix Native vs Helix Floor Unit. Is it worth spending the extra $$ to have this on my laptop as opposed to just plugging in my Helix floor unit? Or is it simply just a matter of convenience to bypass the floor unit? What do you guys think?
  11. If you have an amp with a tube power section, I high recommend using the FX loop block and wiring via 4cm. This way, you can experiment with the preamps in Helix. You might find a whole other world at your fingertips. I have done this with my Mesa TC-100 and the Archon preamp - absolutely amazing response - almost a better preamp than the Mesa! When the Helix 2 comes out, I might just re-invest into a rack setup (Helix/Power Conditioner/Wireless/Tube Power Amp) using this method.
  12. Yeah, it’s on there! Think I’ll paint them black soon - it’ll blend in better.
  13. Glad to hear about the gig's success!! It's always great when a new piece of gear does exactly what you want, when you want it to. I am really enjoying the Helix products too!
  14. So I have a couple pedal boards - 1 which I use exclusively at my drummers house for rehearsal/gigging and 1 that is used at my house that is an all analog pedal board for studio use. I wanted my gigging/rehearsal pedal board to be as convenient as my Helix Floor unit for switching - hence, the HX Effects comes into play perfectly here. (Side note: snapshots are a game changer!!!!) The HX Effects is exactly what I needed for this pedal board and I wanted to keep some of my analog overdrive pedals. But I wanted a mounting method that would: - Be easily removed for using the HX Effects only or for updating software without needing the entire pedal board - Did not damage the unit with scratches or adhesive from velcro - Not using a bunch of velcro for mounting So I found 2 metal dryer hose clamps that I didn't use, loop velcro with adhesive back and x4 (Metric 3#) bolts (about .75in long), washer, lock washers and nuts. I then aligned the metal hose clamps and cut them at the correct place leaving enough material in the front and back of the unit to securely tighten the HX Effects onto the pedalboard. Next, I placed the hose clamps next to the HX Effects and with a sharpie, marked where I would bend them for a tight fit. I bent the first piece and then double checked it with the unit and then bent the 2nd piece to match. Then I cut black loop velcro with an adhesive back and applied that to the back of the hose clamps. This provides a soft cushion between the metal hose clamps and the body of the HX Effects ensuring no scratching whatsoever. Next, I placed the completed unit on my pedal board to mark drill holes through the board and on the metal hose clamp. I drilled and mounted the bottom bolts and then the top. Lastly, I loosened up the clamps for maximum clearance to avoid any scratches and then inserted and clamped the unit down securely. This method enables me to remove the HX Effects with minimal efforts for updating the software, using the unit exclusively, while not using a ton of Velcro to the unit, does not damage the unit and was relatively cheap and easy to complete. Some of you may have some questions on my pedal board pedal choices as the HX Effects could be used as a substitute. Here's my explanation: - I put the MXR EQ in the FX Loop 2 so that I have immediate access to adjust the EQ rather than going through the HX menu. - The HX does have a looper, but the Wiretap catches longer phrases. It's more of an idea catcher, rather than a looper. - The additional Sentry Noise Gate provides an additional layer of gating - I'm anticipating this need for tight stage arrangements. - I love the TS Mini, Xotic SL Drive and Mesa Flux OD tones! Helix gets close, but I prefer these pedals. - The Mesa High Wire buffers the OD and Wiretap pedals before putting into the HX Effects input. This may be the only redundant pedal on this board. - The Vocalist is there because I need all the help I can get when singing. :) Let me know if you guys have any questions on this mounting method or my set up. Suggestions are always welcome as well.
  15. No, the manual does not support 4CM in any other wiring configuration besides using the FX Loop 1. This is a change I'd like to see on these effects units - a dedicated Send/Return for Amp's effects loop - just like the Boss ES-8.
  16. I own the Mesa Mark V 35 - I did skim through the manual and there is nothing saying to only use the Mesa footswitch. I would advise you head over to the Boogie Board (Mesa forum) and ask the guys there. It's pretty quiet in there sometimes, but there are some guys who are very knowledgeable and occasionally a certified Mesa representative will chime in.
  17. Agreed! I would like to see the Spider Valve amp concept mated with the Helix effects and preamps capabilities. I would buy one yesterday!
  18. Very cool! I had intended to do the same thing but work and medical issues at home kept me busy. Thank you!
  19. Am I the only one that wants a Marshall JVM OD1 and OD2 preamp? The JVM is the most modern iconic Marshall amp available today. Endorsed by artists such as Dave Mustaine and Joe Satriani - pretty big names in the guitar world. We all know there are plenty of clean and dirty Marshall tones, but really only 1 Marshall metal preamp - Brit 2204 (JCM800) and if you want to count the Line 6 version 2204 Mod, there's 2. But these don't get anywhere near the gain/metal tone of the ENGL/Mesa/PRS preamps. I have owned the ENGL Powerball II and own the Mesa Mark V and TC-100 - and 2 Marshall JVM's (410 head and 205 combo). The JVM can match or out metal any of these amps, so it's not like I'm comparing apples to oranges. Now technically the JVM OD1 and OD2 preamps are based off the JCM800 preamps, but they have more gain stages added and the EQ is voiced differently. So I definitely think there's an opportunity for Line 6 to include the JVM preamps. Anyone else want this as well?
  20. Ok - well I just wanted to be more specific - it's easier to explain with the unit in front of me. Glad you got a solution that works for ya!
  21. I'm sitting here with the HX Effects and have some more detailed input. On one of my presets, I created a footswitch to do the same function as described above. To recap, it's a solo boost essentially: CC toggle to Mesa TC-100 for Solo Boost, Turn on Reverb and Delay, Turn off Noise Gate. So in "rhythm" mode, my Noise Gate is on - everything else is off. In "lead" mode, the CC toggle for Solo Boost is on, as well as delay and reverb, noise gate is off. Visually represented here, just like you would see on the HX Effects. Bold is effects on, not bold is effects off: "RHYTHM": Noise Gate - Delay - Reverb - CC Toggle (solo boost) "LEAD": Noise Gate - Delay - Reverb - CC Toggle (solo boost) Pressing the footswitch switches between these modes. Lightly tapping the footswitch scrolls through all these effects, whichever mode is selected. Which ever effect you stop on, determines if the footswitch is lit. That's the key right there! So you need to set up the modes between the Teemah and the Compressor. mode 1: Teemah - Red Squeeze mode 2: Teemah - Red Squeeze You said you wanted mode 1 as the default when opening the preset. Teemah on, LED to display this. Make sure mode 1 is active, then lightly tap the footswitch to display the Teemah in bold. Then select another footswitch and then you can see the preset name in bold and LED lit to indicate it is on. This shows the change held - save the preset and this should do it. Open another preset and then open the one you just saved to confirm it did save for sure. All this worked on mine and I hope this helps your preset done quick!
  22. Nice!!! Thanks for heading that up and I look forward to the next update!
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