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  1. It doesn't, but you can lock the Main Volume knob, which is what most people don't want messed with. From the Global Settings > Ins/Outs menu, press PAGE> twice to view page 3. Turn Knob 3 (Volume Knob controls) to something other than the outputs you're using. For example, if you're using both XLR and 1/4" outputs, choose "Digital."
  2. Just bug fixes, but there are a lot of 'em:
  3. Just bug fixes, but there are a lot of 'em:
  4. Shoot me a PM and I'll send you my Dynamic DSP blog. It'll make way more sense than me trying to type everything out here.
  5. That's pretty easy to do. I'll speak with the team.
  6. Dunno. Works here with Logic, but I have to instantiate it as a MIDI-controlled plugin on a virtual instrument track. Helix Native 1.80 has a MIDI monitor indicator along the bottom. Does that flash? If not, Reaper's not routing MIDI to Native.
  7. There's nothing to fix, as Helix <—> DT integration works exactly the way in which it was intended. First of all, unlike HD500X, Helix supports up to four simultaneous Amp blocks. Which one's virtual topology is the connected DT supposed to pay attention to? What happens when you have two DTs connected? Which channel on which DT responds to which Amp block? Now what happens when you delete that block? What happens if you copy and paste an Amp block? What happens when you delete all Amp blocks? What happens when you have two Amp blocks and swap their order or L-R configuration? It's a veritable rat's next of "what ifs." There are likely solutions to all the above questions (albeit inelegant ones), and sure, we could've spent months figuring out every possible iteration and added yet another half dozen parameters to the Output block, but in the end, we have to pick our battles. The number of DT users who A) also own Helix, B) connect the two via L6 LINK, C) used to use DT with POD HD500X and are accustomed to how that worked, and D) insist on not learning new paradigms... is a tiny TINY fraction compared to the number of users who've requested features slated for 2.90 and beyond. It sucks, but it's the same reason Disney/Marvel would rather focus on The Avengers than Howard the Duck 2, despite how passionate and vocal some Howard the Duck fans are.
  8. We will eventually. Drives me nuts too.
  9. First of all, All. Presets. Suck.© We removed a bunch of redundant or less-than-cool ones. Yes, there are fewer now, by design. I believe all presets have been touched in some way, regardless of whether or not the names have changed. Some have been reprogrammed from scratch. At minimum, high cuts and low cuts have been applied across the board. 2.80 presets are, at least to our ears, way better than those in 2.71. But they still suck. Because they're presets.
  10. Thankfully, we're able to see past IdeaScale's metrics and understand the underlying requests.
  11. Or you could use Helix to control the looping functions in any looping software, including Ableton Live. Without ever touching MIDI.
  12. If you mean we should've had all four channels available simultaneously, that would mean the red channel would have to wait until later. If you mean all channels should exist within a single model, that means the model would take up waaaaay more DSP, because every channel would need to be instantly accessible.
  13. HX Effects has a new hot fix, available now—2.80.1. This fixes a very rare bug where the internal master volume could be inadvertently set to zero. This ONLY affects HX Effects; there is currently no 2.80.1 for Helix Floor/Rack/LT or HX Stomp.
  14. The Aux Input isn't the type of 1/8" aux input you'd find on a mixer or smaller modeler; it's more of a second mono guitar/bass input that handles active pickups a bit better. I totally agree it shouldn't have been called "AUX IN"; wasn't my choice at the time. You can use two effects returns for stereo operation or you can use the Apple camera kit to run everything via USB, which sounds better anyway.
  15. For anyone with a 2.80 update that freezes halfway through (ASSUMING YOU'VE BEEN FOLLOWING THE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS HERE). This appears to be primarily affecting Windows 7 users. Shut down, connect Helix to a different USB port, and run the installer again. That should get you up and running. If not, contact Line 6 Support.
  16. Well, one of the lead firmware engineers on Team Helix/HX is a grumpy sound guy (ran FOH for Animals as Leaders on their recent tour). He's not old tho'.
  17. Download the latest version here and install it.
  18. We're not diametrically opposed to making a standalone version of Helix Native. It's just a lot of work, and we have to pick our battles. Voting it up on IdeaScale is your best bet to get the proper eyes (and metrics) on it.
  19. If 2.80 just so happens to drop next Wednesday or Thursday, I can assure you 100% the timing would just be a coincidence. We want this stupid thing out more than any of you and if anyone in marketing were to suggest we wait to align it with Summer NAMM, their heads would be bitten clean off. We're not above waiting for trade show announcements to release gear (or even other firmware updates, if they're close), but in 2.80's case, it will be out the very minute QA puts their stamp of approval on it. Man, now I hope it's not Wednesday, for this reason alone. :(
  20. Will do. This is precisely why we're linking to the instructions this time instead of posting them everywhere—so we can make corrections if and when necessary. Updated now. Clearly, Helix Native 1.80 will include a gear icon and differently-labeled tabs, so I've kept the Restoring presets step the same. Thanks!
  21. Puscifer's great! Maynard's 50th Birthday at the Greek (Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and Failure) was the first date with my now wife.
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