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  1. Have you set up the ux as instructed by line6? There shouldn't be any noticable latency. Can you explain your full set up?
  2. Uninstall everything and start again. What operating system do you use?
  3. Have you checked garage band vst settings?i occasionally have to reset them when windows updates.
  4. This might be one for help directly from Line6. Log into your account at line6.com and open a support ticket.
  5. You will need to create an account at line6.com and register your ux with line6, if you haven't done so already. Logging in to licence manager will require this.
  6. Personally , I use the line6 piezacoustic 2 amp/compressor to reamp the dry signal for acoustic. You will be best to mess around with a few different amps/preamps. I prefer a lot of the line6 amp models over the copied amp models.
  7. Assumimg it's a separate 3.5mm jack for both mic and headphones, you will need 1, 3.5mm socket to male xlr cable for the mic, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-5m-5ft-XLR-3-Pin-Male-To-3-5mm-Jack-Female-Plug-Stereo-Port-Audio-Cable-Wire/122652896021?epid=881152772&hash=item1c8eaeab15:g:OcwAAOSwzgRWy7gx and a twin male 6.3mm mono jacks to 1, female 3.5mm stereo jack cable for the output of the ux, for playback into the headphones. https://www.amazon.co.uk/kenable-Stereo-Socket-6-35mm-Adapter-Red/dp/B003OSUY8I Setting the ux1 as your in and out in your computers sound settings.
  8. What specific gaming headset? Knowing the connections on it will help.
  9. This is a user's forum. Like you, we're in the dark too. Open a support ticket if you want to speak with line6 directly.
  10. Does line6 monkey recognise that the unit is plugged in and the green light is still on? Did your OS update recently? You could try logging in to your account in the license manager/monkey.
  11. Open a support ticket at line6.com, via your account page. They will be able to help
  12. You can buy podfarm 2.5 platinum or podfarm 2.5 standard that will work with your existing hardware, here; https://shop.line6.com/software/plug-ins/pod-farm-2-5.html I wouldn't recommend the Ilok version. You can upgrade to platinum or buy expansion packs as and when you need them. You would need to create an account at line6.com and sign in for prices, activation for anything will be through logging in to line6 lisence manager with that account. As far as im aware, it will be registered to use on one pc, regardless if what interface/mixer you use.
  13. Have you signed in to line6 manager recently? Is it your oen presets or standard line6 ones?
  14. Can you roll back the Windows update and turn off automatic updates?
  15. Is the device registered to the new computer? Im pretty sure you will need to switch it over in your linr6 account at line6.com
  16. All i could suggest is a manual download/install of the drivers. Whenever i have had problems with Windows service pack updates, i have had to reinstall the drivers, bypassing line6 monkey.
  17. If you haven't tried this, give it a go first
  18. In the top left hand corner of the vst window, to the right hand side of the 4 light blue boxes, there is an empty box. Click the button to the right hand side of that box and cubase will open another window where you can save and select tones that have been saved in this way. Thats how i do it, i only use it as a VST with cubase, so thats all i need.
  19. Re amping is pretty straight forward. Open the plug-in interface within the DAW and select some presets from the drop-down menu and play around with individual amp models/effects for a good while. You will soon get a feel for how they are set up. Creating your own onwards is just a case of matching the sound you have in mind with what Podfarm has to offer
  20. You would set up as per the recommended set up, but connect the speakers to your pc speaker out, then under the playback tab of your sound settings, you choose your speakers, instead of the ux1/ux2 option.
  21. Im not well informed on room acoustics, but if you insulated the corner behind your desk/mic it would have a similar effect to the reflection filter. A friend of mine has a similar problem, his reflection filter helps, but still gets some unwanted noise from the room and is planning on insulating one corner of his room. Thinking about it, the issue with operating systems has only affected the line6 hardware/drivers, not Podfarm its self.
  22. Assumimg your setup already works, adding podfarm should be fine. I would say i will be a great addition to your setup. Videos ive seen online of people using it this way look promising. What operating system/version do you use? As for the room reverb, it would be best to try and kill it before processing, its easier to add to than to take away from the sound, i find. A cheap second hand reflection filter may do the job.
  23. I don't know, sorry. Im not very technical or knowledgeable about these things, i only have a basic working knowledge of Podfarm. I try to help out because the guys here have always helped me out when im in a bind.
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