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  1. You csn use active pc speakers. I use Logitech z337 through my ux1. Mdke sure you set the gx as your output in your cimputer settings
  2. I think your wording in confusing us. do you refer to the ux2 as a mixer? its usually referred to as an interface. Or are using a mixer in your set up too? Clicks and pops are often bit depth/sample rate issues. What operating system do you use? Wimdows? This is a good place to start, it mostly fixes any troubles i encounter
  3. Perhaps change your location in your account at line6.com, as you have moved country, perhaps that may do it.
  4. I could only suggest uninstalling the last few windows updates one at a time and trying to install the drivers after each roll back. Failing that, you may have to go directly to line6 for this one. Perhaps open a support ticket.
  5. You can only use it on 1 computer at a time, try de-registering the old computer. Podfarm will only work with the ux1 connected so the license manager will allow podfarm to operate. You could try having the ux1 set up on your computer at the same time as the new interface, just set you recording and playback to the new interface, not the ux1. Unless you have purchased podfarm separately, you will need to use it with the ux.
  6. I can only state the obvious, which you may have already done. Have you de-registered your old pc andregistered your ux to your new pc? Other than that, open a support ticket with line6 directly at line6.com stating the error code, with something tangible like an error code, they will be best to help you.
  7. Did you purchase podfarm? Or using the license from when ypu had the ux? Have you de- registered your old computer in your account at line6.com and registered the new one?
  8. If you are using a line6 usb soundcard, you will need to turn the input volume right up or use podfarm /gearbox/helix boost the volume. You may not hear the mic because you aren't monitoring it. Either in your DAW or computer settings
  9. Los controladores son bastante estables con Windows 7. Tal vez sea una configuraci├│n en Nuendo. ┬┐La unidad o el DAW muestran otros signos de mal funcionamiento?
  10. Have you logged into your account at line6.com and deregistered your old pc and registered the new one? You would then need to log in to license manager and monkey again
  11. Have you created an account at line6.com? There, you will need to registeter your ux2 and your pc to the account, then log in to line6 licence manager on your pc. This should activate podfarm. Is it a red toneport ux? or a black podstudio ux?
  12. So it won't authorize on either pc? Assuming you have registered your new pc to your account at line6.com, and removed the old one, it should work. The quickest way may be a support ticket and take it up with line6, that's something they can sort out pretty qpuickly.
  13. Have you tried manually downloading the drivers, from the software section at line6.com? Sometimes it just doesn't work when using line6 monkey
  14. You might be best to contact line6 directly, via a support ticket, at line6.com. Log in to your account and open a support ticket. They will be able to add a license for podfarm to your account.
  15. Give the troubleshoot a try, most problems I've encounteted have been solved by working my way through.
  16. Ok. So you want to turn down the volume on the input from the helix? So you only hear it when you switch the monitor function on in your DAW?
  17. Ok, im not 100% on what you hope to achieve. i purposely chose speakers which had a volume control, when im recording, i turn the speakers down or off and work through headphones, that are plugged in to the ux.
  18. Ok. Do you have any other daws installed that you could test the ux against? If its the same using another, the problem is likely the toneport/settings, if not, its probably something to do with configurations in reaper. Have you tried adjusting the buffer in the line6 audio tab in your computers control panel?
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