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  1. On a serious note, this would be the right technology;
  2. You just need the Line6 Updater, and the Powercab connected to the PC via USB. The updater will do the rest. 6 Updater&os=All&submit_form=set
  3. It will work only if you're playing ...And Justice For All.
  4. Nada. I can't reproduce the problem. Couple of suggestions; try to stop the other strings, while playing single notes like that (to prevent ghost resonance) and also try reducing the Noise Gate at the input, which was really high, and this is not really helping getting clean notes, especially during the natural decay. That's a Gibson Les Paul Custom, from 87, with stock Tim Shaw humbuckers (bridge in this case). ANGL Meteor preset, the one you attached. Attached my sample of a bunch of random notes on B and e Strings.. Helix High Notes_TEST.mp3
  5. post the preset here, so that at least it's same patch. Don't say "does this with any preset" as I cant get that sound with any of them. So, going granular (aka being on the same page), might help isolating things.
  6. Sounds pickup/guitar related to me. Guitar is a huge variable here, very hard to repro your exact situation.
  7. 100% Hype. Also looks like a product with no future (price tag, many parts prone to fail, market saturation, niche of the niche, no heritage...). No go for me... Love the design tho.
  8. You should connect those speakers to the Helix, and use the PC Host to stream the songs through the Helix, via USB cable. Just set the Helix as speakers/soundcard in Windows, and you are good. If you dont need a DAW setup, but just a backing track, cant see the point to force the system working backward....
  9. AES is digital, doesnt need any left/right cables, just the one from Link OUT to Link IN. The other two cables (Analog out) are doing nothing as soon as Helix is sending OUT to AES/EBU.
  10. It's same format, but protocols are different (there is an extra bit, CH STAT, carrying info in a different way), and also there are impedance differences (as well as different Vp-p). Id grab a converter to avoid the problems you are getting.
  11. Sounds like the right nemesis to
  12. I wouldn't buy it. Last firmware reduced battery charge to less than an half. So, a fresh unit, will last average 3hrs, even if they advertise for 6. (not even sure it was lasting that much before the firmware, honestly) (you could search for a unit with the old firmware and stick with that.)
  13. PierM

    MIDI Clock

    No. It's either external or internal, and this is for a good reason. Isn't a good move to jump between clocks that way. ;) May I ask what's the point to jump back and forth between different clocks and tap FS? Sounds messed up to me.
  14. PierM

    MIDI Clock

    Nope. Auto means "Auto-Sense", so it does automatically switch from external clock as soon as it does receive such a message. If no external clock is being received, then does automatically use its own internal clock. In this scenario, the input isn't your TAP, but the incoming clock.
  15. Cable is nothing magic, just a cheap LAN cable CAT5, that is soooo long that it's pretty much useless (unless you keep the rack far from your position).
  16. I'm sure there is a reason if they added DC IN and USB hardware to the Helix Control. You don't engineer and produce random stuff without a goal and a plan. This means the Helix Control is capable to work as standalone USB controller, as soon as both Controller firmware and host will comunicate properly. Probably won't work as a MIDI controller with non-l6 stuff, but I'm pretty confident it will work with Native. It's 2021, there is a new generation of musicians which are mostly working live with laptops and ableton. Helix Control would be the perfect companion for Native in a rehearsal or a live performance.
  17. I bought a WL-50, to replace my two G10. Well, it's a nice unit, but does affect the tone, especially on hot pickups. Kind of dirty breakin/distortion at any distance from the receiver. I'd suggest to try it before to buy it. ;)
  18. Well, let's say some company are more fair than others. I suffered a swollen battery with a 3 years old iPhone. Brought to service for a repair on a Apple service, they gave me a brand new iPhone (new model as mine was previous gen) for no money. That is the Apple's Quality Program E1.
  19. 10ms of round-trip-latency is totally fine (as soon as you are not to far from the speakers) . I'd suggest to read this article and research;
  20. Originally, the official specs were declaring 8hrs of charge duration. Today (and that's since the new firmware), they are saying 6hrs, in the same specs; "The system also includes the compact G10T transmitter, which plugs into your instrument's input and features a rechargeable battery that provides 6 hours of playing time on a single charge." Real life is max 3hrs, with a brand new unit. This is false advertising: In an ideal world, this would be enough for a Class Action for a global refund. That's also more food for lawyers lol! In the real world, is a big L6 shrugs.
  21. Totally true. In fact that entire video sounds totally garbage to my ears, taste, perception etc etc etc.... I mean, I hear nothing to write home about. As for the OP about that AES/EBU Vs XLR, no, there is no tone difference. Nothing we could isolate in a youtube audio stream. Let me also add that trying to share how an amp sounds in the room, with people not actually in that room, is a waste of everyone's time.
  22. Dont hold your breath, since even a brand new unit (flashed with new firmware) will give you less than half of the "old days" battery charge duration.
  23. CC32 inst just a "Bank" message, it's a Setlist message, so it does search for a structure/tree within MSB (0) and LSB (32), and then needs a preset PC, otherwise does nothing. I do reccomend you to read the "unofficial" Helix MIDI guide, to go in depth with that aspect. Unofficial Helix MIDI Guide.pdf?dl=0 EDIT; @kduck ninja! :)
  24. PierM

    HX Edit 3.01

    As far as I know, yes. 3.1 will introduce new stuff. As happens with every bumped firmware version... :)
  25. Piezo, EXA and MIDI guitar are almost 40 years old, and tech behind these things it's still more or less the same as when I was a kid... Apart the Synthaxe and Variax, I cant think of other milestones along these decades. Saying that because this market is niche of the niche (which means snail's pace R&D), and as today, Variax is still a thing, with basically no competition. Would be great to see a new gen, with same tech, but with much more DSP for better sounds and less latency (especially for low tunings). I wouldnt change anything else honestly. Maybe a revamp of the software UI, which looks a bit rusty in 2021...:P
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