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  1. Yep, then work with what you have. You don't have any other choices.
  2. I have to do 2 different tunings and my guitars have a tremolo system. The only way to do it is by using a different guitar for each tuning. The pitch glide in the PODHD will give strange sounds when used for chords depending on the tone you're using or chords you're playing. I also have a backup guitar without a tremolo in case something goes wrong I can quickly tune it to what I need. So for 2 different tunings I bring 3 guitars to each gig. Which you should always bring 2 guitars anyway, so what's one more. Or you could buy a pedal made for changing the tuning. Or do what pianoguyy says.
  3. pianoguyy makes a good point. They're just not worth repairing. About 5 years ago I had mine repaired and it costs $150. Now for $50 more dollars I could just buy another one.
  4. Here's a quickie video I did comparing a Laney GH50L tube amp to the PODHD into a JCM900. The PODHD is only being used as a pre-amp into the FX return of the JCM900. It compares both amps in mono and dry, but at the end shows the PODHD/JCM900 in stereo with a little effects added. As you can hear, the stereo effect really beefs it up. I did my comparison against the Laney because I perform in a Sabbath Tribute band and Tony Iommi uses Laney amps. I wish I could use only the PODHD by itself but have never been completely happy with the hi gain tone I was looking for unless I hooked it into a tube amp and cab. I've heard recordings that sounded really good but I just couldn't get that sound any other way. Maybe the Helix will finally get me what I'm looking for and I can put all the heavy lifting behind me.
  5. I use actual dual amps. I use the PODHD as the pre-amp into the FX return of my amps. Which means I use the pre versions of the PODHD's amp only and no cab emulation. I also put a delay between the two amps of 20ms. If you'd like to see what I did here's the preset.
  6. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    Pianoguyy - my thoughts exactly. You hit it perfect. Too many times, when I was much younger, I wished someone had told me the same thing.
  7. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    In his first post was he said he was most concerned with tone.
  8. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    He's upgrading from a PODxt, not HD500.
  9. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    I would suggest keeping what you have and keep saving up money. The PODHD is a better unit than what you have but you could save up a little more money and get something current like the Line6 HX Stomp or POD Go that's a lot better.
  10. Try to use USB 2.0 ports.
  11. I thought this was the forum dedicated to the PODHD series ?
  12. POD HD500/500x/HD/HD Pro: You must re-install the flash memory on the device to reset the unit back to factory settings. Check out this link for instructions
  13. Sounds like one of the effects blocks could be overdriving too much or do you have your guitar inputs set to same or is Input 1 and Input 2 set differently ?
  14. Are all your USB ports USB 3 or are some USB 2 ports ?
  15. It doesn't matter if the strings are nylon or steel. All that matters is it has a pickup and can send a signal.
  16. Which DAWs are you using ? Some of them install a driver called ASIO4ALL.sys which doesn't work well with the PODs. The typical solution has been to remove the ASIO4ALL.sys driver and only use the driver from Line6.
  17. Just turn on the Tube Screamer, compressor and noise gate effect then plug the POD into the guitar input of your Dark Terror.
  18. Did you install a new of differant DAW ? If so then which one ?
  19. What types of tones are you most interested in doing ? What types of effects are you planning on using ? Just trying to see what you're trying to accomplish. The Dark Terror is a really good sounding amp for blues and high gain tones. IMO - a touch of reverb and delay with that amp and it sounds great.
  20. Did you install the ASIO4ALL.sys driver when you installed Reaper ? If you did then remove it and only use the driver from Line6.
  21. Look at the dates of the last post.
  22. You know I get sick and tired of whiny lollipop comments like this.
  23. If you're using WIndows 10 then set the bit depth in the Windows Sound Control Panel.
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