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  1. jws1982

    Using FRFR Behind You On Stage

    I sometimes do this exact setup. Floor wedge pointed up at me. Works great. I just make sure that the wedge isn’t pointed directly at my vocal mic, and that my vocal mic is also pointed up some. Other times I’m running the FRFR right in front of me in the traditional wedge monitor position. Always depends on the gig and sound system.
  2. perhaps it’s possible that: - with the two separate blocks, the amp output is sent out in stereo, then re-combined going into the cab block. This would attribute a volume increase which could be described as “fullness” depending on your listening source and volume. - with the amp/cab combo block, the “stereo output summed back to mono” never happens. ...or, perhaps you’re crazy and hearing things. :)
  3. jws1982

    Full Helix - Balance/Expression pedal issue

    This has to do with the positioning of the rubber feet on the bottom of the helix. The end caps make it so that they didn’t put feet on the very ends of the unit. You can can remedy this with some 3M dual lock and a small block of wood. Cut a block of wood to form to the helix end cap, and use the 3M lock to attach it to the end cap. It doesn’t have to hold the weight of the helix, rather just keep it from lifting. It’s kind of like a sideways wheelie-bar. :)
  4. How are you powering the g10? Are you using a USB port on your computer? That will introduce noise. Use a separate usb power supply for it.
  5. jws1982

    Anyone else having footswitch failures?

    The stage environments downtown Nashville would be the difference here. They are just plain dirty, and that dirt makes its way into the equipment. I actually checked the heavier pressure idea out as well. The rigidity of the helix structure appeared to negate any effects from heavy pressure. And, as you probably know, the footswitches are designed to press the tactile switch with the same pressure regardless of how hard you stomp on the footswitch. All that said, I’m not a “heavy switcher” by any means. I’m pretty sure it’s just debris and time causing the issue. The tactile switches that fail are the ones I use more often. They’re usually covered in dirt and debris on the interior of the unit. ...I guess that dirt/debris could be metal shavings from the footswitch itself over time too. The helix floor design does appear to be more “sealed up” against dirt getting in. Overall the interior of my device is very clean after years of use, save for right on and around the tactile switches. I clean off the exterior at least once a week with a dry towel, slightly damp if needed. Nashville’s just dirty. :)
  6. jws1982

    Anyone else having footswitch failures?

    Before I start, let me say that I love the helix and L6’s products. I remember reading about the helix’s new footswitches when it first came out; they were new and indestructible! When I got my helix floor, I wanted to see the new design. So, I popped off the back panel and end cap, and looked inside. Great, solid construction for the entire thing, ... except, the same old 6mm tactile button switches. :( I knew they would start to fail eventually, and they did, just like any other piece of gear I’ve gigged with that uses them. I’m pretty good at soldering new ones in, so it doesn’t bother me much. But, it’d be nice to not have a weak link in the footswitch design. Basically they just get dirty and worn out. I’ve replaced two on my helix so far. Hmmm, perhaps I can devise a way to seal / cover them so the dirt doesn’t get in.
  7. jws1982

    YAMAHA DXR10 and Helix. Speaker on a stand or a amp stand?

    9/10 I have it set up as a floor wedge when I play. It always depends on the band and venue I’m with, but it’s usually floor wedge.
  8. jws1982

    G10T & G90

    Four people using similar wireless systems at the same time should be using manual channel selection. The G10 wasn’t designed with live playing in mind. This is why the G10s has the option to manually select a channel.
  9. jws1982

    Sliding Rack Shelf for Helix Rack Control

    Full compass or sweetwater
  10. jws1982

    Foot switch actuators

    Indeed they do. I just replaced the tap tempo switch on my helix floor. It crapped out first. Almost all the line 6 products I've owned over the years have had at least one of their switches start to fail. I love 'em, but I've come to accept it as part of owning Line 6 products. Helix is no different. On Helix Floor, the switches are all on one PCB along with the scribble strips. Remove the two screws per footswitch assembly on the back of the PCB, the ground cable screw on the top-right, disconnect the two ribbon cables, and the board comes right out. Make sure the leave the Helix itself upside down, or the small springs and pads will fall out of the footswitch assemblies. You definitely don't want to lose those. I picked up a 100 pack of the small switches on Amazon for under $10. They're the same as the ones you'd buy from Full Compass. I just solder a new one in when needed.
  11. jws1982

    Different EQ settings L and R with stereo FX loop

    Nope, not unless: 1. Line 6 makes a stereo EQ effect that has separate controls for left and right 2. You split your signal into two chains after the FX return, pan hard L and R, and put an EQ block on both signal chains.
  12. jws1982

    Mono/Stereo Output ???

    Yes they’ll be the same. note that you only need a mono block at the end of the chain to make it mono. Some effects, like post-amp reverbs and delays, can sound better / fuller with their stereo versions. You can collapse them to mono by putting a mono block at the end of the chain. A volume pedal set to 0 gain would do the job.
  13. jws1982

    HX Stomp - Thin sounding (Solved - Phantom Pwr)

    I feel like a Radial Pro d2 DI box should be a standard purchase with every helix. Guaranteed best sound and compatibility with any PA system. ...come to think of it, why aren’t the XLR outs on the helix floor / LT just part of a built-in stereo DI box?
  14. I hope Line 6 keeps coming out with their own custom amp model designs. Their current ones are well respected, which makes a great foundation for releasing more. I’d honestly rather see this than see more models of existing amps. I’d love to see more of the unique stuff you can do with modeling that you wouldn’t see in physical tube amps.
  15. The tap tempo switch is the only one that gives me trouble sometimes. Sometimes it’ll not register the press, and sometimes it’ll register two or more presses. I’ll set the tap tempo, then find that it’s set to something ridiculously fast. Or, I’ll try to bring up the tuner, it’ll come up, then immediately go away when I release the footswitch. I don’t know if this is due to a bad footswitch, as I don’t really use any of the other footswitches the same way. Perhaps it’s just a design flaw in the switch itself. L. It’s not a big deal, but it can make for some interesting unexpected sounds with a delays and other modulation effects. :)