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  1. T H A N K S !!! To you and whoever uploaded it in the first place :)
  2. I've been trying those Taylor IRs for some days and they sure add an interesting flavor to what my variaxes can do by themselves, so I was wondering, does anybody have nylon/classical guitar impulse response files?
  3. Yes, it's not the issue. The preset was perfectly normal, behaving as usual, as programmed, before I copied it and pasted it to a free slot using the editor. Give me some credit, dude. :D
  4. I might have run into a bug: Yesterday I was trying to build a new preset, but instead of doing it from scratch, I wanted to modify one of my previous presets, which, with minor tweaking, is perfect for the task (song). I copied the preset using the mouse's right button set of commands on the preset list. I copied, pasted, renamed... and the blocks were there, with the same values, but the footswitch and controller assignments were gone from both, the original and the copy. Doing that on the Helix itself is flawless though... :)
  5. I think I'm in love :wub: This is a thing of beauty!! As much as editing on the Helix itself is really quick, intuitive, and solid, I've always prefered computer based editors for certain things. There's work to be done, of course, but I really, really like the direction it's going. Thanks!
  6. Couldn't agree with you more. Down voting is unnecessary.
  7. So true... :D I did that in every POD upgrade, and always ended up starting from scratch, because the characters of the different modeling engines were different. Same happened with the Helix, of course, I was trying to replicate the patches I have on the HD500 (and concentrate them, since I can now have in one what used to take two or three paches), and started from the same amp models with the parameters set to the same values... suffice to say it didn't work... Once I accepted I had to do most of the work again, and looked for new recipes and approaches, good sounds started to flow. Plus, there are models, like the jet fuzz or the vocoder (yes, I use it), which are not present in Helix at this time (maybe never will) and that makes me look for alternatives (except with the vocoder, that I can't replace with anything else)
  8. More fuzz in general. I miss some of the fuzzes in the HD, specially jet fuzz
  9. Well, yes, it would be a bigger DSP load, but the power amp section would still be the same, so it would be like loading a full amp model and two preamps, and that's if they can't share any other resources among them. Anyway, I think this approach is so different to what Helix does (and others do) that we won't, probably, be seeing it implemented any time soon. Maybe in two or three years? And most likely not as an update for the Helix, but maybe an incentive to buy the next gen processor.
  10. It doesn't work with Ibanez TSA15H either... well, not fully. It can switch the boost, but the Tube Screamer circuit is always on, it can't be turned off. I figure I can try to couple a resistor of certain value, as a2dconverterguy suggested in this topic, but at the moment, I can't use the Helix to switch the amp.
  11. I'm using the Teemah model to drive a clean amp model and I can hear the dry signal along with the distorted one. Has anyone noticed this or am I hearing something that's not there? BTW, before anybody asks: It's a very basic patch, just an amp+cab block and the drive Other than this..."issue"? I'm enjoying my new Helix :) (I got it three weeks ago)
  13. Inerzia

    Helix FAQ

    That's what I did in 2012, with a small Mackie ProFX8, only I wasn't using IEM, but two wedges.
  14. Hi Xavier! I do have news, the project has been succesfully finished! Everything has worked out as expected. There is, though, something I don't like: On both stock pickups, the south coils sound noticeably weaker than their northern companions, so I might end up replacing them for two duncans. In the middle position, I went for a Little '59 instead of the Duckbucker, and I wired it with a DPDT switch for series/south/parallel. I also added an on/off switch to be able to add the neck pickup to whatever position I'm in, so I can use it with the bridge pickup or use the three at once. The bridge had to be replaced too, because the piezo saddles of the first and second strings were pierced (by the action of the strings themselves). I put a GraphTech Ghost wraparound bridge, which required some wood work for the new studs, but works better than the old one. Better signal and less artifacts. Pictures are coming
  15. That was hilarious, man!! :lol: :lol:
  16. That's been possible in previous families of processors, so I'd assume it'll still be
  17. I've had a (really weak plastic gizmo, btw) L6 EX-1 for more than ten years now, that works and has always worked as expected with a TS cable, connected to both, my XT Live and my HD500, and guess what... it doesn't work with a TRS cable at all. Intriguing huh?
  18. I like the idea, very much in fact. The only problem I see there is that it'll probably have to wait until they do a major software review because, if I understand the way L6ers work, they study/analyze every cab they model with every singular mic, and most probably, including a new mic option would imply another round with every cab and that hypothetical flat mic... As I said, I like it, and would like to see something like that in the future, I just don't see it happening any time soon. Anyway, we can use IRs now, and the Big Box library includes two Earthworks reference mics that will allow you (and me) to do just what you talk about
  19. Aside from trems and phasers, I thought I was missing some kind of booster, but I guess that's what the "gain" module is for
  20. You will run into DSP limits, eventually, as will I, but I'm guessing I will have to run much longer than I did with HD500 to get to it
  21. I will. Helix is (almost) everything I wanted the HD500 to be, and so much more. Upgrades in modeling? There always are from one generation to another... If the jump is similar to what HD was in comparison with XT/X3 generation, it's already worth it for me. In fact, I'm already waiting with childish anticipation, because I want to use it live ASAP. One thing is clear to me: If I wasn't single, I would most probably have to wait a little while longer before I could justify the purchase :D
  22. This could come in the form of some sort of multiplatform app (or an extension for the editor), because most of what's necessary is already in the Helix, but, as I imagine it, it's a huge amount of work. For example, an app that, given an audio sample (and that's way too broad), could analyze the kind of amp, cab, effects, guitar, picking technique, material of the pick, etc... That seems to me the kind of task that needs sheer computing power, awesome design and a truckload of code... if possible at all. Years ago, I used Steinberg's Free Filter to achieve wonderful results in general eq curve matching, but the character had to be there to start with.
  23. That guy, his playing, his reviews, his taste... I'll waste my time on something else, thanks.
  24. Inerzia

    Helix FAQ

    I've been waiting for that one since HD came out. Nice ;) Voted!
  25. If there's any other suggestion you may have (not related to specific models, because it's not the point of the idea) feel free to tell me, specially if it's a different, clearer way to express the concept. My English is what it is :P
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