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    It's here...

    And now it really is here. ;)
  2. Yep, a solid update! Looking forward to loading it later tonight!
  3. Why would you write that they don't beta test their updates? Why do they have a bunch of beta testers if they don't beta test? They are certainly releasing regular updates. 1.06 4 months after release added 9 effect along with 3 amp channels. Then they were busy with the editor, then came the massive update which implemented snapshots — and trust me, there's a lot of fractal owners who dream about snapshots, it's much better than scenes, even in their opinion. The problem is we're comparing Helix to products that have been out a LONG time. Fractal has been working on the same software since the standard and ultra days, and back then things didn't have the same pace. And take a look at Kemper. For years people have been asking for new and better effects, and not until now is it being implemented. Compared to the competition, this year has been really effective for Line 6, and this is all the ground work that'll give us a lot in the future, I'm sure. I'm also excited to see updates, but as long as they keep improving it for th next couple of years, I won't complain. And even if there wasn't any more updates after this last one, I wouldn't complain, but ask myself whether I'm satisfied as is or well it and buy something else. And I really don't get the whole transparency thing. I'm glad they don't tell their customers a bunch of things. I like being pleasantly surprised. ;) Oh, and this just my opinion, not trying to silence anybody. I know I don't have that power anyway. :)
  4. I see what you did there ... well played, sir, well played ;)
  5. What? Some peoples pedalboard cost more than Helix, and when you think about the routing, 8x8 interface, being able to monitor yourself with an amp and going to FOH with modeling enabled, how can one say that it's a waste of money? I don't use an amp with Helix, but Helix is designed to be flexible enough to use in all kinds of situations. That's why they also gave us 4 loops ;)
  6. markman87

    Future of Helix

    I really appreciate that the Helix crew decided to go the quality route! I'd rather wait longer for it, and you already gave us a lot with Helix from the go and the very substantial updates! Keep up the good work! ;)
  7. I remember reading it on thegearpage. Joe Quick wrote this: "Our UK Custom is going to sound in the same vein as a Marshall and Orange. The US Custom is going to be in the same vein as a Mesa and EVH. I will note these aren't just simply adding two cabs together and printing. We're breaking each impulse down into many multiband sections and combining them in a unique way to make an ideal balance that not only sounds great but will give your guitars more perceived volume than a traditional ir or real cabinet can provide."
  8. Wow, man. That must've been a big chock! Glad it survived with splendor :)
  9. It's also good to remember that some of them also give you cabinet IRs or "tone match" IRs, which adds to the amount of work. I haven't bought a patch yet, but I understand why people do. Maybe just to see how people go about making patches ans set things up.
  10. markman87

    Helix For Bass

    Got a Sire Bass, the Jazz bass version, more than a year ago. It's a beast! I simply don't understand how it can be so cheap and so good. I think mine is better than most Mexican fenders and even as good as some American made ones. Maybe I lucked out, but they are great, and cool to be able to switch between passive and active controls.
  11. markman87

    Future of Helix

    Yes they count channels, which makes more sense because sometimes they don't model the whole amp (e.g. the Shiva is only gain, not clean channel, recto is not all modes etc) If Helix had 25 complete amps that would be a lot! But even with the 53 channels you get a big palate to play around with. Wonder which amp makes it with this minor update, a Dumble(ish) amp or more hot rodded Marshal stuff (Suhr PT100, Friedman BE100 etc) or more high gaib stuff.
  12. markman87

    Future of Helix

    The delays are spectacular. Just look up the videos comparing it to the Timeline on YouTube! The Helix delays have a lot of character. strongly disagree about what's been stated about the delays. They are totally newly modeled effects, unlike the reverbs, that were ported from HD and optimized. While the reverbs are good, I'm sure they will be remodeled at some point, but the delays? Don't change them, add more, but don't change them, please! Love the transistor tape delay and mod swell delay! YMMV.
  13. I had a lot of fun with that when I just got Helix. I really liked it as a good base tone. I used it mostly clean, and then I slammed the front end some drive pedals. Really awesome, gotta get back to that one again! So many cool things in this box! :)
  14. markman87

    Future of Helix

    I'm certain more amps and effects will make to Helix, probably with the next update as well. It's just the name of the game, the competition offers it, so they will too. But I don't think Helix will ever get as many as Fractal and that's fine by me. I'm never going to be without something to check out i Helix anyway. But when you think about how much better Helix is now compared to when it came out, it'll be very exciting to see what It'll look like in a year!
  15. Then how did they model the Klon, the Timmy and so on? From people comparing these pedals with their analog counterparts — and the sheer quality — it's clear that they did model them after the real deal. I think Helix is worth the price as it stands, but I'm sure a lot of good updates well come. And the whole comparing with Fractal really gets old. They've had their stuff out for years, and it's taken years to get so much quality stuff out. Consider also that Fractal pretty much only have a couple products, compared to Line 6 that has a whole music industry covered. How about we give them some time to see what they can do? Or sell Helix and move on. All the sour comments is getting tiresome.
  16. I think that those kind of updates should be divede into two categories a content and features and b bug fixes. Not that a) can't contain a bit of b, but if something really needs a bug fix it needs to come fast. But that's what I felt they did with with 2.1. It came quickly after 2.0. The same with 1.6.5 (? I think) it came quickly after the 1.6. Another thing is I think that three or four months are quick enough for content related updates. Others want one every month, but in the end Line 6 will choose their strategy, and I'll be content (see what I did there) with the updates – as long as they have what I personally want ;) JK
  17. Can't be 100 percent sure but DI said they were aiming for "tail end of October". So maybe we'll see a little something in the end of October/ beginning of November. But only time will tell. I rather they take their time and bring something awesome to the table, just like they did with 2.0.:)
  18. I can't tell you what to do, but the drives in Helix sound wonderful — better than many analog pedals I've had. Have you followed the manual about setting levels? Chosen the right output method? Try turning on the input pad and test that as well. And if you run it in the loop with a Helix preamp and maybe power amp (but no cab) how does it then sound? A lot of players are using Helix with amps, and while it is limiting as far as the modeling of cabs go, you should definitely get great sounds of it — that is if the amp doesn't totally suck :)
  19. But that wouldn't really be relevant for OP if he's planing on using it with a power amp and a cab. He will get the (imo overrated) amp in the room feel. OP, I think you'd find that Helix responds very good as well as gives a lot of flexibility in your situation.
  20. Sold all my pedals except a tuner (which I'm not keeping because I use it but because it's worth practally nothing) and I don't really miss them. I did like the Earthquaker fuzz I had better than what's currently in Helix, but it wasn't essential part of my rig and Helix the will probably get other fuzzes down the line! Helix is awesome!
  21. Well DI mentioned in a thread that there has been a few behind the scenes optimization but more will follow :)
  22. It seems people forget about the editor that needed to be finishes first. We all know that Line 6 will bring the updates. We don't want them to rush it. Having Yamaha's backing is not really relevant here. And: Line 6 can't legally share specific info about what's coming. Remember that besides amps, many wants functionality as well, like scenes and stuff. It takes a long time to implement. Patience really is a virtue!
  23. It's cool man. I find it hard to really get the tone on a message board. So your comment might have sounded hard to me, while in reality, you just expressed your opinion. I really hope Helix becomes the bee's knees for us all! ;)
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