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  1. Because gain adds compression... both from the top and bottom; peaks are squished, and quiet stuff is raised in volume. IOW, that really quiet noise you hear on a clean channel is raised in volume (significantly). Apparently this is a hi gain amp?
  2. I didn't see it mentioned, but make sure that the amp and Helix and anything else in the electrical connection loop (i.e. a computer connected by USB, effects in loops, etc) are all plugged into the same (properly grounded) outlet. Otherwise you'll likely get a ground loop and lots of noise. How old is your home? You may want to have a knowledgeable electrician come in and check the grounding in your home.
  3. http://www.helixhelp.com
  4. From TGP... @benadrian discusses... highly recommend going over to TGP to read all his posts https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?goto/post&id=23845504#post-23845504 Later, somebody suggested all they want to do is take the send on a marshall effects loop and put it in the effects loop return of another amp, not worrying about all the power supply "stuff". Ben basically responded "Hmmm, gears are turning..."
  5. Best to try 'em all. I now have a pair of L2's and an Alto TS210. Lately I've been using the Alto as a floor monitor and I used the L2's as a PA on poles at a recent show. I have a small 3 by 6' rug I put under the monitor to damp the bass coupling when on a hard floor. Although the Alto isn't as bad as the L2's because it rests at a higher angle in monitor mode than the L2's do. I found the L2's sound better standing on end than in monitor mode on a hard floor (jamming in a large open room with hardwood floors and not much treatment). The rug has seemed to help that. The L2's sound great as a PA on poles. This last show was in a small church reception room (40' x 30' maybe with a 30' ceiling). Another band came on later, really loud, a Marshall with a double 4x12 stack and drums and bass. They used the PA for vocals, and they easily kept up with plenty of headroom still.
  6. Thanks for discussing this (again). We sometimes know not the consequences of that which we ask...
  7. No it does not need a headphone amplifier... In fact, it's got a strong amp inside that some people (like me) claim can overdrive low impedance Headphones in certain situations... Some like to connect to headphones through another interface. I don't have the HD650's. I've got the DT770 Pro 250 Ohm and Shure SRH840 40 ohm headphones. The Shure's get crackly sometimes.
  8. Ben gave quite a long post on the subject a while back (check out TGP and search his posts) In the end, it seemed like he pretty much figured out a good way to get it done. My bet is we won't see it till 3.0 (if ever), but I think it will make it if Ben can make it work. It's been a highly requested feature for a long time across multiple products. It may be time sometime soon. The question was asked, you answered it. I think most people believe up voting what you want prioritizes things effectively. Obviously, you want to be even more proactive in directing their development priorities. I think you can understand why some people might take it personally. But they shouldn't.
  9. I'm pretty sure they do say to disconnect everything when doing an update. But it's nice to be reminded every so often of such stuff, thanks.
  10. Did you try an XLR cable? 1/4 in cables can be susceptible to electrical noise, which could have been coming from multiple sources. When given a choice, I usually choose XLR for its noise cancelling properties.
  11. And, yeah, it's not like you would HAVE to use it. They'll still leave in the blocks as they are.
  12. If you've read any of the posts on it, it's not exactly easy. There is a lot of interaction between a preamp and poweramp, and there will have to be some thinkin' to figure out how to deal with that, and some compromises. But Ben has said he's got some ideas on how to get it done.
  13. Yes, works great (I use a TC Ditto X2) Sure, why not? Could get a bit confusing, though :)
  14. Oops!! :) That's ok, @Frank Ritchotte just posted yesterday that 60 people don't like him.... How that could EVER happen, I have no clue :) Yes, volume does not need to be that loud... next step for good feedback is compression... either through higher gain or a compressor.
  15. Well, I hope your kids appreciate what they are being given ;) What be stumping you?
  16. Well, because it has often been described as "Dumble-ish"... Dumble amps (and other boutique-y amps) were basically created using a similar process to that @benadrian described. Started with a Fender circuit and went from there.
  17. Or you can just find the users, go to their profile pages, and peruse all their posts... benadrian Digital Igloo Design Guy Frank Ritchotte and several others I can't remember at the moment
  18. Sounds like you've gotta lotta gear that I'd still have trouble parting with if I owned it even if I was using my Helix exclusively (which I am, but my old gear is nothing to write home about).
  19. True for most situations, but not completely true. But then, I think for that you can turn off "mute while tuning". Sometimes I might still want to listen for that beat even when I'm using an electronic tuner... of course, that only works in the studio, would never hear lollipoop in the context of a band.
  20. I think the idea of the "overdone" presets is... Not to make "usable" presets, but to "showcase" particular effects and routings. As easy as the Helix is to use, there's no way you could ever write a manual on how to use every single function. And nobody would read it anyway. Not only that, as far as making "usable" presets, NOBODY will ever be happy with everything or anything. They know that. Even the simplest stuff will lollipop off bunches of people. You don't have to keep those Factory Setlists, you can delete them all and use the space for whatever you want. To me, the presets are examples of what can be done. I use them as such, but never even THINK to use them stock.
  21. ALL of the factory presets were created with... whatever guitar the creator was using at the time to make the preset. The Helix is so sensitive that this will make a difference to other guitars.... Hence, Line 6 has trademarked the term.... "All Presets Suck " Really... Go check DI's posts :)
  22. I get it, you want to use the mic while tuning.... I'm not in front of my unit right now, I'll check it out myself when I get home. Is it a requirement to hear your guitar while tuning, too? Just want to check your wording there.... I assume you have your guitar connected to the Guitar IN (not 1/4 in out), and a mic connected to the mic in... Or are you using an LT so you're doing something "weird"? (I have the floor)
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