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  1. The thing you may be missing may be the dynamic range of the Helix guitar input and it's ability to change the input impedance going into the effects... So it's possible you may not get all the 'feel' that the floor can give you i.e. ability to clean up as you turn your guitar volume down and some of the tonal dynamics. But it'll give you a start at using one.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.... You do have to watch your setup to minimize latency, but it's a no brainer with my system (Mixcraft 8 DAW, Helix USB or Focusrite 6i6 interface, Device's ASIO driver)
  3. Yeah, on Windows 7, I connect the Helix to my PC with the USB cable, I make sure the Helix is the "default playback device" (right click the volume control icon on the desktop), and I either put the track in a track in my DAW or play it through Media Player, and I control the volume in either of those programs.
  4. Nothing wrong with webcammyness.... (Think Blair Witch, etc.) :) But you're probably right, it could get distracting. But, with a bunch of effort there could be some cool video effecty stuff... I'm imagining big hits and the drummer's screen kind of explodes apart and then comes back together.... the bass player kind of swells to the beat of his bass... stuff like that... A next level live performance video with a live performer present. (It's been a long time since I went to a big venue concert, so I have no idea what they're doing these days with video on stage. But this is different since not all the musicians are on stage) I didn't think it would be easy, but I bet it's coming. I just thought it would be kind of novel, a little avant guardey
  5. That would be an interesting show... I'm imagining maybe 3 screens.... A screen in the middle with the video, a screen on the left for drums, and a screen on the right for the bass player, with you in front of it all on the stage.... All playing live for an audience. Even better if it was 1 show in 3 cities at the same time for each artist....
  6. And if we all remember back to the days of yore, DI never wanted to write the first editor in the first place 'cause the plans were in place to release the upcoming editor, and he didn't want to take development time away from the product and felt editing on the unit was easy enough,... But, due to popular demand, and the need to back up presets etc., he acquiesced, bumped other development and created an interim editor.... Which I happen to like just fine, cause, well.. it works and does its job, and I'd rather play music than worry about the interface as long as I can get my job done, which I can... (realizing others may not so much, as is their prerogative) (Who needs stinkin' 4D displays anyway, or whatever they are called :0/ )
  7. Awwww.... there, there, little Helix.... Sadly, it's a legal issue out of their control... but, often, you can purchase similar agreements through the distributor you purchased it through if you're outside of the USA.
  8. Not only the tone is awesome, but that video is amazing. Is that your work?
  9. I have to say, I saw the thread and thought "Oh, jeez, not ANOTHER one". But I figured what the heck... and found it very entertaining.... Especially the nude photo of Ernest Borgnine... Thanks Guys!
  10. It's using hardware mac addresses and such for security.
  11. Line 6 has stated that scaling will be added to the new editor in an upcoming revision... "Not at launch" I'm not sure if it'll make 2.30
  12. Nope. Open a ticket with Line 6... they'll help you out.
  13. Well, you have one volume knob. You can set that volume knob to control any combination of 1/4 / XLR / Digital outputs. So what I do is control the volume of my monitor, and leave the other output to FOH at unity. So, the answer to your question is, yes, you can set the volume knob to control the 1/4, and leave XLR at unity for FOH and let the sound guy control you from there. Go into your global settings and you'll find it.
  14. Having never owned a POD HD Pro, I can only answer a couple questions: No, you cannot migrate presets to Helix Yes, it's way easier to create tones... you have 32 blocks available, plus I imagine way better routing options and so much more Have you read the manual yet? Missing stuff would probably amount to some amps and effects that will likely be added at a later date. The main things people ask for in that regard are a Vocoder and better pitch effects.
  15. I would not expect new reverbs till mid 2018. Basically firmware 3.0... Definitely won't be in 2.3
  16. I actually got a nice low level feedback backing track to my playing at one jam session once.... when I forgot to turn down my other guitar (or maybe turned it down not quite enough) Listened to the recording of the session "What's that???... ohhhh" :P I guess I was lucky it was in key, haha :)
  17. Oh, no... I meant, as an example, an electric accompaniment to an acoustic, as a soundscapey thing supporting behind an acoustic rhythm. So, but yeah, guess that falls into the "effect" category... But I imagine maybe I might want to turn down that effect in a large room with lots of reflections.... Yeah, I wouldn't put reverb on my own solo acoustic... eek, maybe a touch of spring or plate just for wholeness, but low low mix
  18. While that's definitely true in a church or subway... But how about in a very small club or bar or coffee house, especially when it is for a conscious effect you are looking for...(in the context of a duo with a piano or acoustic guitar accompaniment which you want to sit behind)? (Asking)
  19. That was my first thought when I read your question..... Gonna be true for pretty much any pair of headphones... There's just not enough space for the diaphragm to move enough at such low frequencies.... I'm a little surprised that you're getting a comparable response from the buds... what's your practice amp?
  20. And you're using proper 110 Ohm AES/EBU cables? While it's possible regular XLR cables might work, it does not ALWAYS work, some cables are better than others....
  21. As any mix / audio engineer will tell you, reverb is normally used to push a sound BACK into the mix, to make it sound further away. A touch of delay would be a better choice if you're looking to add a little space but still leave you up fronter. Granted it may be different for metal, but I like to use a fixed delay timing a little off from the actual beat, as it can add a little, umm, maybe chaos to the sound to make it interesting. But I realize that could be a problem for speed metal and stuff.
  22. I dunno, cherry burst just looks wrong on a strat.... haha... Beautiful looking guitars overall, though. Definitely gonna check them out.
  23. Or when the editor needed to updated to match the firmware (or vice versa)
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