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  1. Nothing on what it will include other than guesses and a remark that an amp that was originally going to be in it didn't make it (but will be in the next release), yet from the comments on that till now, the number of amps increased from 4 to 7, which means there would have been 8 (or who knows how many channels that amp was). So, all we know is 7 amps and 7 effects, and one of the effects is a tool of some sort or something. IOW... Nada other than.... some cool stuff and I think the interface will be revamped to match Native. Given that, the editor might take some backward steps compared to the editor we have now, since native doesn't yet support Snapshots directly? I could very well be wrong on that, I have no idea. When?... soon, someday in the near future... probably before next year... Not too long... certainly not on a geologic timescale... before your hair turns grey, unless it's already grey . A week or so ago they were about to begin the ascent to final approach. Last time, when they were on final approach, they were about 2 weeks out. So... My bet is mid to late October... depending on if some bug is uncovered and it takes longer.
  2. @Guitardave (I forget if he posts around here) is the one to talk to on this subject. Look for him over at TheGearPage.net if he's not here. He's tried a lot of options of using Helix through amps. He's discussed it a lot in The Thread and other threads
  3. http://line6.com/support/topic/20398-video-demonstrating-problem-with-panning-on-splits-in-helix/ You may have already seen this. I'm gonna keep looking, I could swear @Digital Igloo or @Benadrian addressed this to some degree at some point.
  4. Hmm, I think Windows would require you to unzip (IOW, drag a file to the desktop is one way), before it allows you to drag onto a program window. Windows doesn't like to unzip in drag mode. Mac might be different and allow you to drag directly from a zip file to a program.
  5. We need a lollipop emoticon here.... #justsayin ;) Glad to have you aboard :)
  6. What do you use the Bodyrez for, and how? I'm always looking for ways to connect my acoustic through Helix.
  7. There was a bit of discussion about Pan law over on the TGP thread, and elsewhere. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?search/29802906/&q=Pan+law&t=post&o=date&c[thread]=1586637 Might be some good hints there. You can also search Pan Law here as well, and find a few threads.
  8. Yeah, seems weird to me to use a preamp to connect something that is already at line level, unless that preamp is adding something to the sound, which it sounds like your Presonus is NOT doing good things to the sound. The output of the Helix is really set up to be record ready and does not need another preamp to get to tape. So, yes, I'd try S/PDIF if you can, or, if you have any line inputs available, try that as well. Some people don't like the direct digital sound because EVERYTHING comes through, just like it would if you mic'd up an amp with a perfect mic. But, as Alex said, that can be handled by an EQ on the recording side.
  9. Well, you're just weird then. ;) Just kidding. That's cool. Glad you're happy. :)
  10. What's your preset look like? Have you tried just connecting the guitar and using an empty preset? Do you still hear the tones? The kicker is.... It's only on the right in a mono preset. That's not right, I mean, a truly mono preset should be equal on both sides. Really weird. Is the preset really mono? Even mono signals are still stereo, and they get combined to mono at the last second (I assume) when you connect by 1/4 in or XLR. Do you have a reverb block (those are all stereo). Could be an issue in your Helix, but, have you tried any other S/PDIF capable input devices you could connect to your Presonus? Do you have an old HD500 or something lying around to make sure it's not in the PreSonus? I'd definitely try recording an empty preset and see what you get. A mono signal should be the same on both sides. S/PDIF output will always be stereo, but the signal should be the same on both sides if it's truly mono. I'd definitely open a ticket with Line 6, sounds like it could be a bug if it's happening in the Helix.
  11. Open a ticket with support... They'll get you sorted
  12. In this particular case, the best way is a simple gain block somewhere in the patch set to whatever gain you need to boost the quieter guitar. It's a nice clean gain, no coloring that I've noticed (other than fetchin munchin, er Fletcher Munsen). Or you might want a snapshot setup so you can change the input impedance if you're into that....
  13. Yes, each release results in the removal of some presets and addition of others. So if there are presets you like, it's a good idea to copy them to a user list and/or back up those presets. I'm pretty sure there is somebody out there who is keeping a comparative list from release to release.. Might be at HelixHelp.com Iconic to you perhaps, but we are too cool :ph34r: But, really, I KNOW there are some AC/DC in there, or at least there were, and I can't imagine there's not a GNR or two. If you write out the presets individually, they are text files that can be edited. Just make sure you don't use more than 16 characters for each name, and don't use any bad characters, and don't be surprised if the preset gets borked if you make an unintentional change elsewhere before you read it back in. There's always a factory reset if things go totally south... ;)
  14. What is this you say??? Although, I have to admit, I was playing along in the next song the other day and wondering why the preset was so quiet, was there suddenly something wrong with my speaker? No, the volume looks about set right, hmm... Till I realized my guitar volume was at about 2.5 cause I'd gone clean on the previous song :huh: :rolleyes:
  15. I don't think he was saying he wanted them to sound the same, (and since I know him, I KNOW he doesn't want that)... I think he was asking how people deal with setting up presets for different guitars. I mean, you're right, I have different guitars precisely BECAUSE they sound different, But it's a very good question to ask how people approach creating presets for using different guitars, how do they organize their presets, and DO they use the same preset for different guitars? Like, how do you create an LP preset vs a Strat preset vs a Hollow Body preset, etc. Do you use different guitars with the same preset? If so, how do you deal with changes in volume between guitars? How do you organize your presets? (some have already answered their ideas)
  16. DI has discussed this quite a bit over on the THE THREAD over at TGP.... If memory serves, he said it would be a TON of work to get Helix to work as HD500X does today with DT, if it's even possible at all (I seem to remember it's not, but, hey, it's software). A lot of interaction is, however capable of doing today through MIDI, were you aware of that? I could have sworn there was a MIDI DT example Template, but I can't figure out which one it is in Native. I do see a few DT based presets on CustomTone. Our God Saves in particular sounds somewhat like something you could use. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2290532/ And I'm assuming that you mean using Helix to switch between the various configs, etc.
  17. That's only true if you actually create a path for unprocessed guitar to get through. Then it will get through. But there are no "bugs" in this regard, no. Those users just weren't paying close attention. It's really important to analyze your signal path so you understand what is going where.
  18. Yeah, I got the 69S because I've always used humbucker guitars and wanted to try a single coil and a guitar with a vibrato. And felt the Variax would give me what I needed for a strat style guitar, and if the models worked, it would be even better. I'm happy with the models and use them. But I was wondering what a Strat with Humbucker in the bridge would sound like, so I modded the Custom1 1 and two positions so the guitar was Strat with Humbucker bridge. And I think it sounds great. The tonal capabilities with Workbench are awesome. And I still have a lot to learn (e.g. what effect does pot impedance have, etc., etc.)
  19. Recommend using an EQ block at the end of the chain. The high and low cuts on the IR's are not as steep in slope as those in the EQ block, so you have to user a higher/lower cut to get a similar effect. Currently you can't adjust the slope on the cuts in the IR's or most of the EQ's. I can't remember what the slopes are on each. You can adjust the Q on the parametric EQ, which should, I think affect the slope on a low cut there. But I'm no expert.
  20. Your question is not quite clear, but from what I think you are asking: Let's say you have a piezo and mic pickups in your guitar.... You plug the piezo into guitar let's say, and mic pickup into AUX through a DI Then you could have guitar go into path A and out to Multi And Aux go into path B and out to Multi. (Assuming input levels and output levels are balanced...) This would automatically sum your two paths to whatever output you are listening too... (i.e. XLR, 1/4, L6 Link, S/PDIF, etc) Does that answer that part of the question? There are lots of other ways of getting the signal in and out, but I think that is the simplest to understand, and allows you to put different effects on each of the outputs of your guitar if you should so desire....
  21. The JTV-89F is equivalent to a guitar meant for metal. It's got humbucker mag pickups. I believe they are also on the hot side. Of course the only comparable guitar model to the mags will be Lester model, which, also has humbuckers (or P90's in the 2 and 4 positions). Most of the other guitar models are single coil models, which will sound much weaker. Not to mention they are modeled after guitars built in the 50's and 60's, which, again, are going to be lower output pickups, especially if you are used to active pickups. On my 69S, the models sound comparable on an equivalency basis to my unpotted Amalfitano humbucker (pretty hot side, too) imbibed Les Paul Tokai. I can switch between the two guitars and get the tones I'm expecting. Yeah, the mags on the 69S are a little hotter than the models, but it was designed that way. If I'm going for a spank single coil sound, it's gonna sound a LOT thinner than my humbucker, but that's the way it's supposed to be. That's what Timmy is for :) For those who don't like the sound, it may be worthwhile to have your piezo's checked. I'm not sure how, but there should be a standard test to check the voltage for a calibrated input. They can go bad. And before you resort to that, try changing your strings. If you are using 9's that could be part of the problem. The guitar was designed for 10's (-42's), and the output would need to be adjusted for the change in string diameter. Which can be done in Workbench. But, really, you're better off using the strings it was designed to be used with.
  22. Which is why so many people stick and EQ at the end of their presets in Helix and set cuts at around 90 - 120 and 6K - 10K. Apparently that's built into Axe (out of the user's control?).
  23. This Guitar Stand fits nicely inside the main pocket along with all my cables, two Boss FV-500H Volume/Expression pedals and an 8 foot 6 outlet extension cable... That there's a nicely designed pocket :)
  24. 1. It depends on how you look at it. If this were a real pedal board, most if not all pedals that have an input impedance less than 1M would affect the chain whether they were on or off. So, design decision... "Should the product act like real life, or should we (them) idealize the situation since we can?" Not to mention the fact that us peons don't really know ALL the ramifications of adding such a feature on the current Helix architecture. As a little test, I assigned the input z to an expression pedal, and I'm getting interesting results. Lots of glitches as I move it, though I imagine that goes away if I were to use snapshots instead. But in my own testing of changing it, I definitely am getting interesting tone changes. For instance, I have a patch with an Arbitrator and a kwb and a valve driver into the archetype clean. Arby likes lower z values, KWB and Valvy like the higher values through 1M the best, and the amp without any effect in front sounds really nice to me with values from 90 to 230, and now sounds too bright with 1M as I play around with it. Lower values softens the pick attack and makes it feel warmer and bloomier on pick attack. My guitar is a Les Paul copy with hottish unpotted humbuckers btw. Having done this test, I think I agree I'd like to have an input z parameter on every effect, last in the list. Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to care about it. But I can't use it if it's not there. That combined with having z input be set by the first active pedal would be just what the doctor ordered. They could all be auto by default, or I can set each item how I want. Yeah, it could be kind of a pain to have to go through and set them if you care. But I think it could be worth it. Would be even betterer if we could set a default configuration for each block, so we can set once, save that config and keep using it.
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