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  1. I don't have a definitive answer for you, but if you're going through the Helix, then you don't need the 1/4" cable.
  2. But your Helix was connected via XLR to a mic input on the board. If that input had phantom power turned on, it was feeding back into the Helix. If the Helix was set to mic level output, the phantom power would affect the signal in significant ways. Here's a video about it:
  3. If your L2M has XLR out, why don't you feed the board with that. That way you have your monitor sounding like you want and deal with foh through the mixer. Or, feed your L2M with the digital out and apply the Helix master volume to it. Feed the mixer with line level and deal with foh through the mixer. Are you sure you didn't have phantom power turned on at the mixer. That will thin out your signal if you were sending it mic level.
  4. PowerCab+ There are a few new powered cab products that are trying to bridge the gap between an frfr and a guitar cab. The L6 PowerCab and PowerCab+ are two of them. It's not a perfect answer but it's given me a new angle to play with and I like it so far. But I'm keeping my DXR12 in case the honeymoon wears off.
  5. I think this is a situation where you can't please all the people all of the time. If L6 had made a huge R&D effort the last three years to make Helix a metal platform, I wouldn't own one. It seems to me like most general use products don't fit in to what the metal crowd needs. I don't think Helix is the only one with that weak point. Overall the biggest problem with modelers and frfr systems is that sizzle and fizz that we deal with which mainly emanates from the HF driver. That's why I moved to a PC+, to try to deal with that a little better.
  6. Well, I'm speculating that what ever we're going to get, it will be announced and released at NAMM. So, Thursday or Friday may be a good Helix day. On the other hand, I know nothing!
  7. I've never done any midi, but I bought a PowerCab Plus and I'm hoping to change speaker modes from my snap shots. I'm not sure if it can be done now or if I'll have to wait for the next upgrade?
  8. The Mission Gemini Io is one I was interested in before I bought the PC+. By the way, you have the price of the PC+ at $599, but it's $799.
  9. When I downloaded the Powercab Plus Edit program, there was a Flash Memory file with an .svu extension. Whey I click on it, it asks which program I want to use to load it. Does anyone know if this file is required and how to load it?
  10. I tried doing the string volume thing, using global settings. It took the life out of the guitar. I probably should have gone back and raised the preset volumes, but I didn't, I just reset the strings back to default. When you said: "In many cases the string volumes were out by a significant degree eg 50 50 50 100 80 100." Did you lower the bass strings 50% and the G to 80%? It seems like doing it preset by preset might mess with the accuracy of the models. I'd like some way to set the individual string volumes using an accurate meter. Doing it by ear seemed like a real gamble on accuracy. I used the input meters on my DAW, but even that was less than optimal. Maybe I should try opening a spectrum analyzer in the DAW and see if that gives me a good reading. I think I'll give it another shot doing it that way.
  11. Concerning your hum, I found that using an XLR from Helix to DXR12 took care of that problem.
  12. Mine is intermittent. It may not be the same problem but your description is similar to what I've experienced.
  13. I've been having volume drop issues with my XLR out when it's set to line. My issues sound very similar to your description. For some reason if it's set to mic it hasn't happened. I eventually plan on seeing if L6 can fix it, but I keep putting it off, because I don't want to be without a Helix. To prevent a problem like Phil describes, I use a Radial DI box when going to FOH.
  14. It's probably getting close to two years since I bought it. I haven't needed any repairs, but I'm relying on the Helix as my band rig and I don't want to get caught without a plan B in case something happens. I'll probably try calling Line 6 before I buy a warranty. Thanks.
  15. I have a question about buying the extended warranty. From the Helix site: "Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service." I know these words are very explicit. But I have a hard time believing that if I buy the extended warranty, I can't get service without a sales receipt. I bought my Helix as an open box item from a Sam Ash in Tampa, Florida. I'm in L.A. There was no paperwork in the box and I never bothered to try to get anyone to send me a receipt. So I should just save my money and not buy the extended warranty?
  16. No, with the 1/4" jack, everything you hear is what is coming from the Variax, regardless of what you programmed into the Helix patch. So if the Helix patch is programmed for Lester 1, and you are playing through the 1/4" jack and your Variax is on Spank 3, you're going to hear Spank 3 out of your monitor.
  17. I guess it depends on what each of us is playing, but I loaded the presets that arislaf posted above, and they are unusable to me. I guess I'm lucky that I find the LP models pretty decent even though they aren't an exact copy of how my real LP sounds.
  18. I've been looking for a second option to my DXR12 that might give me a little different flavor to play around with. This is looking like a good candidate. I'll be getting on the waiting list pretty soon. I just had a new Les Paul delivered today and I need to take a couple of breaths before I order something else.
  19. I can stop at any time. I choose not to! Actually I use stock cabs more than IR's. But I have a lot of high quality IR's that I like having available and a lot of third party presets that came with IR's like Freman's, MBritt's and a couple of others. It's actually third party presets that have me looking for more IR room.
  20. So one of the nice features of this cab, is it gives you another 128 slots for IR's. I don't consider myself an IR nut, but my Helix has been full for quite awhile and there's a few I wanted to try.
  21. Our drummer is an animal and the whole band suffers from volume creep. It's a constant problem we're dealing with. We know our days of pretending it's 1970 can't continue so I'm leaning towards giving these cabs a try, just for the hey of it.
  22. Is 250w enough for live playing if you're not going to FOH? I've only used my DXR12 with my band. It's 1000w. I keep it at 12 o'clock and the Helix at 10 o'clock. 250 may be enough, but I'm not sure.
  23. I had no idea the Rack Vax existed. Website says it's out of stock. Can I assume this is no longer being made? Since the tuning changes are one of the biggest selling points for why I use a Variax, I probably wouldn't have been interested. But I'm just curious about the product.
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