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  1. I never realized there was such a problem with attachments here. Can't you just use a third party hosting site like imgur?
  2. If you're tight on space, I would question why you need a pair of anything. But I don't mess with stereo effects, so I have no need for two speakers. I believe you can order Xitone's with a wide variety of covering material. Maybe you can find something that will blend into the decor. Just a thought.
  3. You can't change the neck on a JTV59, it's set. You can change the neck on a JTV69 with any Strat replacement neck. I used Warmouth.
  4. I would guess that the next new Variax we see will be from a Yamaha guitar. Probably the Revstar. Beyond that, who knows. The cogs turn slowly in the Variax realm. Like you, I bought my first JTV 69, just to see if there might be something there I could use with my Helix. After putting on a new neck, it's now my main guitar. Surprised the heck out of me. I even take it to jam nights when I'm not taking my Helix. A lot of guys kind of squint at it and wonder what the H that is.
  5. If you look at the pricing of James Tyler Strat style guitars, you'll notice that they are all very high. I think part of the reason for the high Variax JTV USA prices are just a function of not diluting his brand. The other guitarist in my last band had a James Tyler Strat. It was nice, but I wouldn't buy it for what he paid. Different strokes.
  6. My first gig with my DXR12, I put it behind me horizontally on the floor. Total lousy sound dispersion. Big mistake. I then got a short pole and had it vertical behind me. Much better. I used it that way for about 1 1/2 years. If you adjust the legs right they don't take up any more room than an amp. I now use a PC+ behind me, on a small amp stand tilted up. This works great, so I sold my DXR12.
  7. I have noticed that there are a lot fewer JTV's listed on Reverb, with the exception of the Shuriken. It would be nice to think that L6 was holding off doing a run of JTV's in order to create some demand for a soon to be released Gen 3 Variax. Time will tell.
  8. Cool, that guitar is a beauty. I didn't know they came in sunburst with a maple board.
  9. Phil; I saw the crescent shape opening in the pick guard. It doesn't look large enough to slip a hex key into without loosening the neck. Do you know if you can do a truss rod adjustment without loosening the neck or pick guard? My JP15 and Am Elite Tele both have an adjustment wheel at the heel of the neck. Definitely the easiest system for me.
  10. Have you gone into the PC editor and raised the level of the speaker sim presets? They come set rather low, about -18db. Raise them up and you should have no volume issues. I play in a band with a very loud drummer and a lead guitar player that has an expensive tube rig and has to be deafeningly loud to hit his "sweet spot". We play 90's grunge. I have no problem keeping up with my Helix / PC+ rig, and I use both IR's and the speaker sims. My preference is the speaker sims. My own opinion is when someone says a PC is not loud enough, they are guilty of operator error. Regarding your question, I did do the survey. I asked for more speaker sims!
  11. I was looking at the JTV's on Reverb and realized that the two USA 69 models that were listed, don't have a truss rod adjustment point on the headstock. I hadn't noticed that before and think it's kind of weird. I hate having to pull the neck to adjust the truss rod and if I had paid as much as a USA model cost, I'd be pretty unhappy about it. I wonder what the reasoning was for that design change from the Asian made models?
  12. My band is pretty loud and we play a lot of 90's grunge with a fair amount of gain. So I have no problem getting feedback from my Helix / PC+ rig. However, the feedback I get often doesn't sound very natural. Kind of too squealy, and not enough low end harmonics. I still feel that I might pick up a Freq Out just to see if I can dial in a more friendly type of feedback that suits what I'd like to hear, rather than a random frequency that got latched onto.
  13. I've considered getting a FreqOut. I haven't because I have no trouble getting feedback with my Variax / Helix / PC+ rig. I guess I play loud but all I need to do is twist a little toward the PC+ and I can control it by twisting back and forth.
  14. I'll be going this weekend. I'd really like to see a new Variax, but I doubt that will happen.
  15. I don't have the instructions that came with my charger in front of me, but IIRC: Solid red for charging Two blinks and off for two seconds, repeated, when fully charged.
  16. Well, NAMM is coming up in a little over a week. As much as I'm hoping to go see a new Variax at the L6 booth, I'm kind of doubting that it will happen. I guess I'd rather they take the time to make it great.
  17. You have a set list with no presets? I actually have very few empty slots in my set lists. I like lots of choices.
  18. If I'm reading correctly, you have a rhythm setting that works, but when you kick the TS808 in for a solo, the treble and presence need to come down. The answer is Snapshot 2.
  19. I'm on the fence about getting a Stomp. This 5 second latency concerns me. I'm surprised I haven't seen other people complain about it, or I missed it if they did.
  20. I bought a PowerCab+ to use with my Helix. I'm very happy with it. My other top consideration was the Gemini Io. But that seemed to have limited options, it didn't even have a 1/4" input if I remember right. I couldn't find any good reviews on it, so I went PC+ and it's working for me very well.
  21. specracer986

    EC Badge

    FWIW, here is the preset I made for Badge. It worked okay for me, hopefully it will work for you. I used the Special 2 setting on my Variax, which is a sim of the bridge pickup of a Firebird.
  22. specracer986

    EC Badge

    My band used to do Badge and I have a preset for it. I thought my tone for the leslie section was pretty decent. I don't have access to it today, but I'll try to remember to upload it to CT tomorrow and post a link. I use a Variax, so my patch will have a preset for the guitar model. As you know, which guitar you use will affect the tone.
  23. Are you using a VDI cable? You can't do preprogrammed changes with a regular guitar cable.
  24. What's the best place to run it, before OD or after? I have a real one on a small board and I place it before my two OD's. I don't remember if I tried it after or not.
  25. I have the SD 170 and a 2x12. I keep it as an option, but I like my PC+ better.
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