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  1. Open a support ticket. Sounds like a hardware issue.
  2. You can do the same w/d/w with LT. If you are playing live, I would recommend the Floor. It is built like a tank. LT is a not so robust.
  3. It's all about volume. I imagine you have a LOT of volume in your backline when playing live, which will interact with your "vintage" style single coils. Some vintage style pickups can be very microphonic. Then when you are at home, your volume is much less I imagine. You may have your gain staging in the Helix very hot when compared to your instrument level only pedal chain.
  4. What about the Legacy effects that came with v2.50? Filter > Voice Box Filter > V Tron Filter > Q Filter Filter > Seeker Filter > Obi Wah Filter > Tron Up Filter > Tron Down Filter > Throbber Filter > Slow Filter Filter > Spin Cycle Filter > Comet Trails
  5. Call Line 6 Technical support if you are having issues you can't figure out, and you aren't finding the help you are looking for on the forum.
  6. Unplug a mic, plug the XLR into Helix left output, tell the sound guy to make the EQ flat on that channel, done...
  7. Yep, with higher screen refresh rate, they could add metering.
  8. Yup, hardware. Open a support ticket
  9. Global> preferences> Tap Tempo Pitch. Set it to transparent to minimize the "glichy" pitch changes when changing delay tempo.
  10. Seems that the focus was on getting things in order to make the new "Marketplace" functional, then new tuner options, and finally bug fixes. I don't think anything "under the hood" can really be added except for more/improved models and bug fixes. Those are all firmware related.
  11. I can see where adding Stomp to an existing smaller pedalboard will make that pedalboard a "fly rig" by adding amp/cab/IRs to any pedalboard, plus using whatever you happen to have on your existing pedalboard. The Helix Floor/LT are already a "fly rig". HXFX is a "fly rig" if you have an amp sitting at your destination gig.
  12. I would try the Fender Vibrotone model (can't remember the Helix name). The tone in the song didn't have the distinct horn/woofer separation that the leslies have. Vibrotone is more SRV "Little Sister" sounding.
  13. I get those pops sometimes over USB to my DAW. I have found it to be static electricity related. I think I remember others talking about this and they used some sort of signal isolation cable that won't transmit the surges from static. It wasn't necessary for me to I didn't explore it any further. Not much of a help, but just something in my memory banks...
  14. jbuhajla

    That's it???

    It's Line 6's fault for not including the Andy Summers effect this update, just a stupid tuner and some money hungry "Marketplace" greed hole. DOWN WITH THE MAN...dude.
  15. There is a global setting for delays that make time transitions “transparent” that gets rid of the glitchy sounds when changing time. Can’t recall what it is off the top of my head.
  16. jbuhajla

    That's it???

    Sell Helix, buy Axe or Kemper...done.
  17. Very interesting stuff, thanks
  18. You can't "steal" something that is available in a free download area. Pure nonsense.
  19. What are you playing your Helix through (guitar amp with 4cm, FRFR, studio monitors, etc...)
  20. Your password is: 12345
  21. jbuhajla

    best speaker

    "Best" is whatever sounds best to your ears, and fits in your budget. I personally am using two JBL EON 610s at home, but I am setting up tones on them to play live. A couple studio monitors may be just fine for your application.
  22. You may have another signal path active allowing your dry signal to get through the outputs. When I am not using the other signal paths, I set the outputs to something I am not using, or set the gain down on them to the minimum level (-60dB I think).
  23. I set up all my tones on powered PA speaker at home as close to live volumes as possible. When I am satisfied I sound good at home on them, I make sure I sound great on the live PA at live volume levels. I then listen to my tones with IEMs through the Helix headphone jack. With my particular IEMs, my tones sound great, but with a little more bass response. I DO NOT modify my preset to make the IEMs sound good. Live, we are using IEM mixes going through Behringer P16 units. When I hear my tones in the mix with the rest of the band, the little extra bass response I was hearing when playing by myself does not come through on the mix. So I just leave it alone. At that point, I am satisfied with my IEM mix AND the house mix sounds great in context of the full band mix. Long story short, make sure you are using quality IEMs with proper fit. If they don't fit well, then what you are hearing at your ears will sound thin and horrible.
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