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  1. Are you in snapshot mode or stomp mode when this happens?
  2. I set up my aux input on path 1A, then my guitar input starting on path 1B, connecting to path 2. Piezo connected to aux, and magnetics connected to guitar in. I use the on board expression pedal to control volume of magnetics signal, and external expression to control volume of piezo. You can use snaps to control volume rather than expression pedals.
  3. You probably have an empty signal path that is active allowing your guitar signal to go through. Also, try changing the output of your preset to something specific like XLR or 1/4", whichever you are using. May need more details and/or picture of your screen.
  4. When you say it reverts back, does it revert back after loading a new preset, then going back to that one? Silly question, but are you saving the preset after making the change?
  5. Line 6 doesn't patrol the user forum for ideas. They have an Ideascale website for submitting ideas. Try setting expression pedal curve to logarithmic to see if it is closer feel for you. Default is linear.
  6. jbuhajla

    First patch

    You have to assign effects to foot switches. It does not do so automatically.
  7. Are looking for a preset that sounds like a Blackstar Club 40? Your question is kind of vague
  8. Has it always distorted or did is just start recently? Does it do it on all presets?
  9. FX he can run IRs as well if he wanted to experiment with acoustic guitar IRs. Unless he needs a mic input for vocals, FX should be fine.
  10. What kind of gig/setting are you playing in? At church I run pads in mp3 format from iDevice to Helix via USB. has them in all keys and they make transitions like that a breeze. The pad continues to play from USB 1/2 in to XLR outs while you change presets. No gaps in the pad.
  11. I don't use an external wah, just wah models in Helix very occasionally.
  12. have particle verb always on, and assign the mix parameter to the expression pedal. Heel down 0%, toe down 100%
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much not linear.
  14. General firmware updates could affect path A because the firmware runs on the processor running path A. Just me guessing though...
  15. Maybe the new reverbs (mono version) being fixed take more DSP?
  16. I came from using the TC Flashback X4 where there were 3 presets. You can do the same thing in stomp mode in Helix. I usually have at least two different delay blocks in my preset. One set to 1/4 and the other dotted 1/8th. I just control them with stomps in 8 stomp mode. No different than any other delay pedal.
  17. I believe there is a driver file that needs to be installed as well. Looks like the latest is v1.87.
  18. I have found the tap tempo function is not very accurate (or I am just dim and can't get it to work). I have very little luck tapping tempos and having them be close at all. I have stopped trying and just save programmed tempos per song. I have the same preset template in preset slots, just program the tempo differently. I thought about trying to sync tempo via midi to an external device (iPad or laptop), but haven't dedicated the time to that yet.
  19. Open a support ticket
  20. I have a guitar with magnetics and piezo. Magnetics plugged into guitar IN and piezo into one of the returns.
  21. Celestion has a full range of IR files available on their website. Remember kids, buying an IR file is like buying a music album. You cannot distribute those files to your friends for free.
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