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  1. You cannot globally turn off cab/IR models
  2. On the time parameter, push the knob below it and it will switch from time in milliseconds to note selections.
  3. Going midi to your amp and not the 1/4" external connection will eliminate any ground loop noise on that circuit. You'll probably be much happier going that route.
  4. For a quick fix you could delete the blocks that randomly turn on/off, and then reapply the blocks. That or go to Command Center to see if there are any other commands applied to them.
  5. jbuhajla

    Helix update

    There is just ONE thing you have to download and install. Line 6 Updater version 1.14. Once installed run it, connect your Helix via USB cable, then follow the prompts on Line 6 Updater.
  6. jbuhajla

    Helix update

    What did you download and did you install/run it? You just said that you downloaded everything and nothing happened. That's pretty vague.
  7. Using Helix as the interface and monitoring from the Helix hardware is the way to go. Once you get the workflow of ins/outs figured out, it is easy as pie.
  9. Also try changing cables. Maybe you have a bad connection when adding the needed cables to connect HXFX.
  10. Wireless in ear monitor system would be the way to go if you NEED a wireless system for your ears. They are not as affordable as Bluetooth hi-fi systems.
  11. Correct. I run mine at mic level to FOH.
  12. It's the Bluetooth connection. That's why you don't see Bluetooth used in equipment for live performance.
  13. That would be a nice feature to save "favorite" blocks. Line 6 admins don't get on this forum much, it is designed for users to share info. Ideas can be posted on their Ideascale site below
  14. I guess I haven't tried that. I have some preset templates that I use with my favorites them, and I just resave the template with changes to a new preset.
  15. What Phil said above. Be sure to mute the tracks in the DAW that you are recording when monitoring through the Helix hardware.
  16. With 4cm you can put your overdrives and distortions in front of the amp, and time based in the amp's loop. That is the purpose of running 4cm.
  17. It may be the video in this thread
  18. There is a Pete Thorn video out there somewhere where he uses a Suhr head to load box to Helix in one of the loops I believe.
  19. It's a feature to prevent the North Koreans from spoofing your connection and posting threads about the Headrush.
  20. The only way currently is to save a preset "template" that has your favorite pedals with your favorite parameters. You can then copy/paste them as needed.
  21. Bought Helix almost 2 years ago. After about 6 months, I sold all my other gear (pedals and amps). I just use Helix as my entire rig not going straight to FOH. Never going back.
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