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  1. Open a support ticket with Line 6
  2. You can control delay mix % with an expression pedal. It’s not “automatic”, you’ll have to move it while playing, but it will work.
  3. Some distortions added in front of an already distorted amp just sound crappy, and others sound good. It all depends on the amp and distortions and how they play together. You can just throw any distortion in front of your dirty amp and just expect more distortion that sound pleasing. It is a trial and error thing. Same goes for layering ODs in front of an amp. Some combinations sound "good" others do not. Change the order, and completely different. I believe Pete Thorn has a video out there somewhere called something like "How NOT do use overdrives and distortions" if I remember correctly.
  4. jbuhajla


    There are already 2 leslie effects blocks in Helix. Helix cannot isolate individual strings on a normal guitar to detune them. With a Variax, you can do that.
  5. jbuhajla


    How about some parameter values that you used so we know what you were actually trying? Yes, a distortion/OD placement location in the signal chain changes the way the OD sounds. That is true in the "analog" world as well. Are you playing in a band setting or just at home? What are you monitoring through? You still haven't answered basic questions to be able to get any type of help at all.
  6. Well, this thread just turned non-informative....
  7. Keep in mind that all the responses above are referring to parameters in the cab model block, not a "master EQ". There isn't a "master EQ" unless you build one into to your preset. The Global EQ is used when playing live to make a global eq adjustment based on needs of the room.
  8. jbuhajla

    Making the jump

    Give yourself longer than a weekend to get the tones you will be chasing.
  9. Line 6 Technical Support is your friend.
  10. jbuhajla


    Helix doesn't do polyphonic pitch shifting, so using it to detune is not a great option.
  11. Are you connecting Helix in front of your amp or 4 cable method? Are you bypassing the "real" preamp when using the Helix amp/preamp models?
  12. In comparing the Helix to a $50k vehicle: I bought a new vehicle last year, and did not reference the manual once. It is still wrapped in plastic in the glove box. I did not have to look to see how to start it or to check the oil, or to fill it with fuel because I have been doing those things for 30 years with other and more simple vehicles. Doing those things are just kind of "intuitive" because of my experience level. Same thing holds true for Helix in my case. I've looked up something I needed to know maybe 6 times in almost 2 years on the Helix. I already know what some of my favorite amps do when you turn up the master. I already know what some of my favorite overdrives will do in front of a variety of amps. I already am familiar with the spectrum of frequencies in guitar signals and equalization. I have experience in gain staging for "optimal" performance to my ears. Should Line 6 documentation be better? Perhaps. However in the case of modeling, you can't necessarily document what makes is sound "good" because that is subjective. But...I digress. Very general starter tips: Helix with a "real amp", connected to the front of the amp: effects only. No amp models or preamp models. Helix with a "real amp", connected 4 cable method: make sure your send/return block is in the correct spot for what you are trying to achieve, use preamp models when you "real amp" preamp is bypassed. Helix with FRFR, use full amp models and cab models, or IRs in the place of the cab model. The sound will vary quite a bit depending on what FRFR you are playing through. Drop in an amp model and a cab model that you have experience with the real version. Play around with that a bit, then expand on that. You will have to be a lot more specific with what issues you are experiencing and maybe even post some pics of your presets.
  13. If you do accidentally tap a tempo, just reload the preset and it will revert to what it was before the change.
  14. Clean sound either getting through on a parallel path inadvertently, or your mix on the send/return is not 100%.
  15. Yes the power amp is necessary to push the 4x12 cabinet. If you want you big volume knob to control the overall volume going to the power amp and cabinet, change the volume knob control from XLR to 1/4"
  16. I am opposite. At home I have my Helix Floor on a desk with the laptop. I do 95% of my preset work on the Helix and the laptop mainly for renaming presets and backup/file management. That way when I play out live with Helix on the floor, I am 100% confident on my navigation skills on the Helix itself in case I need to do that.
  17. when you click the save button once, it asks you for a destination and you can rename it at that time. That IS "save as" without being explicitly named that. It just doesn't fit the Microsoft model naming convention that everyone is used to. It is not a PC however, so I wouldn't expect the same workflow to follow a PC.
  18. I use two of them, sound fantastic. You just need to spend some time figuring out what sounds good to you. Helix is capable of getting you there.
  19. If you are not cutting through live, you need to have some discussions with your sound person first. If you have more than one guitar player in the band, make your tones aren't too similar, otherwise they just kind of blend together.
  20. I use the stereo stuff in Helix for recording only. Live, I just go mono. The live audience won't be able to experience the stereo effects unless they are sitting it the "sweet spot" in the room, so I don't bother.
  21. Sure is a bunch of philosophical discussions on this forum lately...
  22. For updating the Helix, you just need to download the latest EDITIOR and UPDATER. Running the UPDATER takes care of downloading and installing the Helix firmware. Follow all the instructions about making backups first, etc...
  23. In order for the Helix (or any other modeler) to sound its "best" the user has to understand how effects work in conjunction with amps in all types of configurations. If an end user is attempting to build a preset in a manner that he/she does not understand, then the "best" sounds may not be achieved. Writing a manual to be able to do that would be impossible. It would be like a manual for "how to get the best stratocaster sound."
  24. jbuhajla

    Helix Newbie

    Use whatever your monitors have available, either 1/4" or XLR.
  25. Depends on what you are trying to do. If you are doing White Stripes covers, then you won't need much "extra" at all.
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