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  1. Firmware/software updates are a BREEZE. The updates you read about are very minor bugs that they solve with firmware updates. The Helix is a solid piece of equipment that sounds incredible. I've never had anything with more flexibility and sound quality.
  2. I believe global EQ only effects the XLR and 1/4" outs if I am not mistaken, so it is intended for just making adjustments live to the particular room you are playing in. It does not effect USB out or the headphone out. My low/high cuts are done in the cab/IR block if I feel I need them.
  3. I did one run through of the factory presets about 1 1/2 years ago, and never played them again. Don't bother with them.
  4. Me too. I have one or two generic templates that I use and tweak them per song as needed. The tweaks are mostly switching around the stomp locations to put the ones I will be using on the front row, then small parameter tweaks as needed.
  5. That's pretty funny right there.
  6. As soon as I posted that, I clicked "back" and I was logged off. I hit refresh, and I was logged back in.
  7. I constantly have to log back on using PC with IE and Chrome and Safari on Mac. Mac with Chrome is fine.
  8. Do you have the loops set to instrument level?
  9. Guitar > EXP 2 backing track >EXP 1... but reverse the polarity. That way when you switch to EXP1 it is a zero, then heel down to increase volume. This way you can still utilize the toe switch.
  10. That is why a lot of effect blocks have a "level" parameter, so you can adjust as necessary. Turn all the effects off to start, then go one by one and normalize volumes. From patch to patch, you may want to connect Helix to a PC/Mac with DAW software and adjust to a meter then final tweak by ear. It is just something that you have to be proactive about doing.
  11. Yeah, you could do that with one of the signal paths. What are you trying to accomplish?
  12. Connect your monitors to Helix and not your interface. Helix operates as an interface, so just abandon the your presonus interface.
  13. What software on your PC are you using to stream the audio to Helix through USB? It sounds as if somehow your audio card on your PC is accepting USB inputs from the Helix, and you are maybe hearing the guitar signal (with latency) coming over USB with your backing tracks. I don't know how that is possible. It has to be something on your PC end, it is not Helix. I play with backing tracks all the time monitoring through Helix and zero issues.
  14. Can't speak for "amps in a box" to add to HXFX. But, I do run Helix Floor into JBL Eon 610's at home and Helix to FOH live monitoring with IEMs. No more "real" amps for this guy. Love it.
  15. Helix warranty covers 2 years from the date it was registered. Are you in that 2 year window?
  16. Open a support ticket with Line 6 so they can help you out.
  17. Open a support ticket with Line 6.
  18. Turn volume at the PC down in the application. Then try turning down USB 1/2 trim in global settings as DD suggested. I use this all the time and it works flawlessly.
  19. Read the manual. It is not that long. Then just start playing around with it.
  20. You may want to open a support ticket to make them aware of the issue if they are not already.
  21. signal flow on Helix goes left to right, opposite of a "typical" pedal board.
  22. No, on the back of the Helix you plug your monitor into the 1/4" labeled Left/mono.
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