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  1. Try it both ways. You can't break anything. I had a Blackstart HT40 that I did 4cm with sometimes and sometimes I used a preamp model, and amp model, and amp and cab. I just did whatever sounded good to me at the time.
  2. I save my preset with a pre-programmed tempo with the delay set to a note division. You can tap in any tempo you want after that, but do not save the preset. Then next time I load the preset, it still has the save pre-set tempo.
  3. Play a phrase then completely mute the strings so the signal drops to near nothing. Delays are triggered by the rising edge of their input signal so if the input signal never goes to "zero" the timer won't get reset. Same applies to normal delays as well. I have a few songs that are very delay heavy that require the repeats to ring out. That requires me to mute my phrasing heavily as well. If I am playing 1/8th notes, I chop 1/2 the note off by muting. So it's like playing a 1/16th note with a 1/16 rest right behind it.
  4. That's what it is about. If you find a piece of equipment that allows you to play more and be inspired, then it's a home run.
  5. Bypass all blocks except for amp and cab/IR. See if you still have clipping. If so, try to dial it in so you don't clip. Then turn on other blocks one by one and see if you start clipping at each one of those. Even though your overall level might be low, something like the "master" on your amp model block could be intruducing the sound you are trying to get rid of. Try a totally clean amp model to see if it goes away. The JC120 amp/cab model with default settings should have no distortion whatsoever, unless you have some really hot pickups.
  6. Muting your phrasing to "restart" the delay signal timer is key to getting properly timed reversed phrases. If the delay is getting a continuous input, the entire phrase is delayed from when the phrase started.
  7. Try a different input (aux or one of the returns). You can also change the input the tuner is looking at to verify.
  8. Forgot to ask, is the OP a new Helix user? Sometimes new users think the "fizz, sizzle, or whatever" is "digital clipping" since they are not used to full range modeling systems. If you use a VERY clean tone (not relatively clean) like the JC120 model, do you still get the clipping?
  9. I have found that if your preset output is set to MULTI and your headphone setting is set on MULTI, the headphone output will be increased because you are getting the signal from multiple outputs going through the headphone out. Try setting your preset output to 1/4" or XLR and your headphone to 1/4 or XLR to see if that decreases the phone output and prevents clipping.
  10. I use JBL EON 610s at home to build my presets on. The main PA I play through is a QSC system, and we monitor through IEMs. I initially started building presets using IEMs connected directly to Helix, but I found that the IEMs offered a much better bass response, so when I tweaked the preset based on that, I had very little bass playing through the PA. So I bought myself the JBLs for at home to approximate our main PA (at a cheaper cost). So when I build my presets on the powered FRFR speakers, the presets are close enough on our main PA playing live. Then when we are playing live I just tweak my IEM mix for my personal taste, and we are off to the races.
  11. Loving the Lonestar clean channel model!
  12. The Helix Floor or Rack will have enough inputs for you for this. I am not a bass/stick player but I do use two electric guitars, one of them with an added piezo bridge. I have my main guitar magnetics connected to Helix guitar input, and the piezo bridge connected to one of the Helix returns. I have the piezo and magnetics on separate signal paths to process them separately. I have each of those controlled by two separate expression pedals so I can control the level of each with my feet. My backup guitar is plugged into the Aux input. I don't process that signal separately, but I could if I wanted. Your two scenarios should be possible. The mono bass split into clean/dirty is a piece of cake. That would use up paths 1A and 1B in the Helix. For your stick dual outputs, you can connect them to two of the returns in the helix and process them separately or together. That would be done on paths 2A and 2B. You would have to give the amp models and effects a try though to see if you could get close approximations to your analog gear. Sweetwater has a 30 day return policy, so you could give it a try.
  13. In the dropdown menus, the middle section of dropdown, choose Helix Edit.
  14. Almost all effect blocks have a level parameter with at least +6dB of gain. Try utilizing the LA Studio Comp, EQ block, or just a simple gain block to get your levels where they are needed for your Mic signal path.
  15. Firmware revisions will not fix channel switching. The channel switching within Helix is hardware related and not firmware. Helix will not switch ALL amps as desired. Those two amps you mention I believe has different connectors for the footswitch, so you would either have to find someone that builds custom channel switchers that are midi controlled, or build your own. Or if those amps already have midi on board, then you can just go midi for switching.
  16. jbuhajla

    Button lights

    You should open a support ticket. Perhaps you found a bug.
  17. Maybe Line 6 can use the depiction of a 3.5" floppy disk as the save icon like Microsoft still does.
  18. Loop return will work as well. You can assign one of the returns as the input of the signal chain, just like you assigned Aux. Either way will work.
  19. You would have to dedicate one of the 4 signal paths to have the Aux go directly to an output with no block in between
  20. The only thing "global" for this is the input pad to tame the hot humbuckers. Other that if you want to use the same presets for different guitars, you may want to build yourself a few "template" presets that utilize gain blocks or different amp settings for different guitars. There isn't going to be a "push button solution" to make a guitar with hot buckers play the same (tonally and dynamically) as a single coil guitar. I even have some presets that are specific to different single coil guitars just because of the those differences. I have some that sound great with my strat, and not so great with the tele. And vice versa.
  21. jbuhajla

    Log in issues

    It does this constantly. Have to log in multiple times per session. Now I just keep hitting f5 until I get logged back in. Big pain in the butt.
  22. What amp are you using on stage? If you need the stage amp to monitor, I would recommend going to an FRFR solution that way you are hearing on stage "exactly" what is coming out of front of house. When I transitioned to Helix at church I first went 4cm, then XLR to FOH with my amp on stage to monitor. Then I switched to FRFR (JBL EON 610) on stage to monitor. Since then we went "soundless" on stage and now just XLR to FOH and in ear monitors. I do miss sometimes feeling the amp behind me, but I do LOVE the IEMs. Even if we do switch back to amps on stage, I will still keep the IEMs for the band mix.
  23. I guess that happens once you create your "perfect" preset and never have to edit anything ever.
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