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  1. Umm... That's not how it works. When you returned the $1000 microphone, you got your money back, correct?
  2. I have Helix Floor and we play live with a click track. Some of my guitar parts are very delay heavy that require staying in the tempo of the song. It stays in tempo for me, but I don't use very large feedback % so I don't get more than 2 or 3 repeats. I can give it a try though and see what it does.
  3. I was that idiot before and plugged into the Aux, but I had NO sound because I have my input configured for Guitar and not Multi. So I was able to figure it out pretty quickly.
  4. Open a support ticket with Line 6 for the issues you are experiencing.
  5. The transmitter is fully charged when the Green LED stops flashing. Charging times vary obviously depending on use. If you leave the transmitter in the base with no power to the base be sure to pull out the transmitter about 1/4" so that the transmitter does not stay in sleep mode with the microswitch depressed.
  6. The process is the same no matter the machine. You install the Updater on your machine, connect Helix via USB, and run updater.
  7. No sound is generated out of the Edit software. What helix are you using, you don't mention it in your post.
  8. Agreed with above, check to make sure phantom power not turned on then make sure you are plugged into the guitar input. If it was phantom power, you can permanently fix that by going 1/4" out to a DI box to your board.
  9. Are you choosing a note value rather than a millisecond time delay value? If so, what note value?
  10. jbuhajla


    stomp/snap or full snaps is a global setting no mater the setlist used.
  11. Retailers choose their own return policies. If a company like Sweetwater decides to have a 30 day return policy no matter the condition, then they can choose to do so. There are some retailers that will only take returned items that are defective. That is their choice as well.
  12. Be sure to power them up and synch them one by one and you shouldn't have issues.
  13. Start with what you used in the audio clip. What parameters on the US Deluxe NRM amp and cab were you using? What guitar and pickups were you using. It sounds to me that you are using some hot pickups and the drive on the amp model is too high.
  14. Are you tapping the tempo, or setting it manually?
  15. jbuhajla


    You can also get "fizz" or an overabundance of sizzle on real amps too. Boogie rectifiers can get pretty sizzly. Listen to some isolated guitar tracks of some of your favorite medium/high gain tunes. In the end, it's still in the eye (ear) of the beholder and personal preference.
  16. This is where I wished that the rotary models in Helix were able to control speed with expression pedal rather than just slow and fast. It would be ultra cool to just ramp speed up and down with an expression.
  17. Personally, I don't waste my time with stereo. I am also playing in a P&W setting. Only those sitting in the right spot in the room are going to get the "benefit" of the stereo things happening, so I don't bother. It does sound FANTASTIC especially in the videos where they are just playing alone, but most of that cool ambient stuff won't cut through a mix. I run my patches mono with the cab/IR as the last thing in the signal chain. I do have some ambient effects that I use when most everything else drops out in the mix, but most of the time that stuff won't cut through anyway.
  18. This should be a STICKY at the top of the page.
  19. jbuhajla


    Now THAT is what global EQ is for. If the room/system is accentuating certain frequencies then you can tone them down with the global. It will affect all of your presets.
  20. This is the best thing I have read on here in months!
  21. Been using G10 for just under a year and a half, playing out weekly, zero issues. How about anyone else using theirs regularly more than a year and no issues?
  22. I think maybe the "Andy Summers" guy is now taking a different angle. He is now the "harsh fizzy nothing helps" guy. I believe they are one and the same.
  23. If you don't mind, start a new thread once you put it through its paces to let us know what you think. I may be interested in one at some point.
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