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  1. Look up 4 cable method. That allows you to bypass your amps preamp and use the Helix preamp models through your power amp to your cabinet.
  2. jbuhajla


    I haven't found a solution for that issue yet. I just make sure my laptop is fully charged for extended times of use, and charge it again after I am done with my audio tasks with Helix.
  3. jbuhajla


    Also check if the hum goes away with no instrument plugged into the guitar input.
  4. jbuhajla


    When you run your laptop off battery power (not computer power supply) do you still get the hum?
  5. Yep, split up blocks between the two paths. A processor is dedicated to each path.
  6. Line 6 people very rarely are on their forum.
  7. A few people here use JBL Eon 610s, me included.
  8. CTRL F5 doesn't work for me. When I do have to sign back in, I have to do it three times before it actually signs me back in.
  9. Try the Litigator model with Minotaur or TS808 in front. Pretty straight forward Strat tone. If you are using in ears as monitors only, it will be difficult to get that sustain on the verge of feedback.
  10. I bought my Helix for what options it had at the time. Everything else they add after that is a bonus. If you need a talk box, buy a talk box.
  11. You can assign the bypass of the two distortions to a single stomp and just toggle the state of one of them after they are saved. That way one will come on and the other will go off.
  12. Open a support ticket with Line 6
  13. So you are trying to use auto engage with a wah AND gain block?
  14. when I use LA Studio Comp, I usually have it at the front of the chain as an "always on" compressor, then the Red Squeeze to squish things if needed. Do try the Deluxe comp though since it does have a lot more control. Also try adjusting the mix of the compressor at 50% or below. That will allow for more articulation.
  15. that's a weird one. Maybe it just needed a factory reset.
  16. For the number of repeats, you adjust the feedback parameter. If you are running the delay in series, try about a 25% mix and 25% feedback. That will tend to stay out of the way (ala Andy Timmons). You can also run the delay in parallel with your "dry" signal so you maintain clarity. You should be able to make the trems a set time and not based off the tap tempo.
  17. Absolutely this. I purchased some presets from 3 Sigma and found that their use of a parametric EQ in front of the signal chain was magic for me. I have done this before but not with "extreme" parameters they used. Brought my strat and tele to life for me. Their purchased presets have been the basis of my #1 template ever since.
  18. That is capitalism. They will find plenty of "spec sheet rangers" out there that think they NEED this and spend $500 all day long. I am an electrical engineer too, but I say MEH.
  19. And don't use that same preset again. Start a new one from scratch. If you are downloading presets from CustomTone or somewhere else, beware of corrupt presets that can do strange things.
  20. Yep, still logging me off. Sometimes refreshing gets me back, sometimes not. At least this means they are spending their efforts on their products, because it definitely ain't being spent on the forum.
  21. nah. I use an iPad for the setlist with notes in there. Presets are in order on the set list.
  22. Consider simplicity of use, especially when playing live. With the LT (and Floor) if you hear something that needs to be tweaked, it takes just a few seconds once you get the hang of it. You can even do it with your feet with Pedal Edit Mode, but I am not that talented. I can barely chew gum and play a major scale, much less tweak parameters with my feet while I play.
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