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  1. I don't think it's produced by Helix or the Guitar. Sounds like an interference coming from some device/appliance, like an AC or something. Have you tried using a different outlet, better if without any other device connected to that socket, just to isolate the problem. I've exactly the same noise when I play at home, in summer with ACs running. The only way I've found to "fix it" it's to run the Helix using a socket in a different room, which is probably using a different power line. Happen the same when I use the washer.
  2. Save for a Plus Pedal, that’s a wonderful tool, perfect companion for the helix as you can dedicate a path only to feed the Plus Pedal loop fx. Sounds beautiful.
  3. Just to be clear, I think Helix isn't just a pedal board for guitarists. I am a guitar player, but I also use synths, loopers, and any other kind of s..t, and I'm with Helix because his tremendous routing abilities. When you play with multiple sources, and you route in and out into many external tools etc... Metering can be a life/time saver. You can see here the typical mess I do have coming back and forth from my Helix... XD
  4. Sorry I never said I need level meters to measure ambient sound, or sound pressure in a room, or to measure loudness. If you have a pedal, or a external looper which is sucking your signal, isn't something you debug with ears. You need either metering, or you can start messing with cables and patches to see where the signal is being interrupted. Same with noise floors, and mixing different sources in a complex patch, which is routing outside the Helix. Signal monitoring isn't rocket science. It's ABC in any multi input/output device. Wish people who's so paternalistic with other users would at least know what they are talking about.
  5. Saying meters are useless, in a machine that does offer 2 instrument input, mic input, 4 send 4 return, digital input, digital output, multi channel USB routing, 4 paths, 2 xlr out, 2 1/4" out, L6 link.... and more... it's really something hideous to say, but you are free to say what you want really, I'd still enjoy to have advanced metering. I do have any sort of toy connected to my Helix, and having meters for each input and out available, would be a great help to balance, level, find and isolate problems, just everthing a meter does. That's like a mixer without meters. Isn't about being obsessed, it's about keeping signals under control when you move your rig all the time and you don't want to use the volume knob to trial and error your routing.
  6. Ipad with Quantiloop it's doing pretty much everything. That app it's probably one of the most complete looper/background machine you could ever find. I've a RC300, but I keep using the QL on my iPad 12", and I control everything with whatever MIDI input. You can even use the Helix as controller, just using Midi via USB. Does just works.
  7. With all the due respect, Line6 should not take actions like that to babysit their userbase. As flagship unit, you should offer a full professional product with everything covered properly, then if there is people who doesn't know how to use it, isn't your problem, as soon as you properly provide documentation. Give us meters as Fractal does please, just do it, would be a great tool to control signal flows, excessive noise floors coming from some path, clipping, etc...
  8. I bought a tonnes of these cables, and any good AES/EBU will work fine. I do personally go with 110 ohm Pro Snake cables (not affiliated in any way), and they works just flawless.
  9. Line 6 forums are the most anxious place in the world. Jesus guys, take it easy.
  10. /delusional on Today is the day! /off
  11. Yeah, I'm fine honestly, just need that PC+ integration as it's a pain to make stable presets with all these rolling variables (IRs on both sides, speaker mode vs cabs, etc etc). Also excited for the shelf eq, since I'm using one since day 1, just in the loop with the having one integrated, if works properly, it's gonna be a great tool. All good. :)
  12. I can confirm that all my RedWirez Irs arent working with PC+. They are mute.
  13. Im in hold with a second PC+ speaker acquisition, as I want to see how the Helix/PC integration will work with the update (atm it’s a PITA). This is the only upgrade Im interested for.
  14. You can try contacting British Audio guys (despite the name, they are in the US). They are great guys, they ship international. Even if you don't see the part you need, ask them via contact and see what they can do. If you find those parts, I suggest to buy some of them, like I did with the scribble they are pretty garbage quality (as footswitch and rotary selectors) and it's great to have some spare parts available, so you don't have to waste a month for the service.
  15. Playing 2 guitars through the same loudspeaker means you have no frequency separation, hence it will sound utterly garbage, because that single speaker can't work for both guitars, unless they are playing exactly the same thing, at the same time, with same amplitude. Typical thing you may get it's one of the two guitarists being buried or totally cancelled as the other one kick in with some distortion or screaming solo. Also not a great move in terms of input saturation, clipping and speaker lifespan. If you both are playing some clean stuff, it can work some way, but you will be still getting that "ping pong" fight between the two signals.
  16. You could raise the Level acting on the output block
  17. PierM

    Power Cab 112

    Nice. Another project to be abandoned as with FH1500. No Thanks.
  18. Just to share that my second G10 that have been replaced for a faulty first, died today. Receiver flashing purple when transmitter in charge, transmitter doesn't work when plugged in, and flickering orange when plugged in the charger base. Two G10 in seven months.
  19. This is what I've seen yes, but this message popped up after the installation started, so my backup was already done with the Edit 2.3 and couldn't stop the update at that point... I then restored the backup from 2.3 and everything went fine. I've all new stuff and my previous globals and preset.
  20. PierM

    String noise

    Have you tried a set of halfround strings?
  21. Those icons are 48*48px, with a good density given the generous 800x480 6.2†screen, not that far from what you have on your PC or Laptop(talking PPI not Res). Im sure you recognize your PC apps by those icons pretty good. :) I do agree they would be very helpful, especilally for on the fly block scrolling.
  22. Thanks for sharing. Man, they sounds awesome, and despite the huge wetness (that was indeed a silly complain), they sounds articulated and airy. Exactly what I was hoping for!
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