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  1. You could raise the Level acting on the output block
  2. PierM

    Power Cab 112

    Nice. Another project to be abandoned as with FH1500. No Thanks.
  3. Just to share that my second G10 that have been replaced for a faulty first, died today. Receiver flashing purple when transmitter in charge, transmitter doesn't work when plugged in, and flickering orange when plugged in the charger base. Two G10 in seven months.
  4. This is what I've seen yes, but this message popped up after the installation started, so my backup was already done with the Edit 2.3 and couldn't stop the update at that point... I then restored the backup from 2.3 and everything went fine. I've all new stuff and my previous globals and preset.
  5. PierM

    String noise

    Have you tried a set of halfround strings?
  6. Those icons are 48*48px, with a good density given the generous 800x480 6.2†screen, not that far from what you have on your PC or Laptop(talking PPI not Res). Im sure you recognize your PC apps by those icons pretty good. :) I do agree they would be very helpful, especilally for on the fly block scrolling.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Man, they sounds awesome, and despite the huge wetness (that was indeed a silly complain), they sounds articulated and airy. Exactly what I was hoping for!
  8. As soon as you connect your iPhone/iPad with the Camera adapter, you should be already good to go, since the USB1/2 are passing through the Helix signal, no matter your path settings. Just be sure your iOs device streaming icon is showing the Helix connection (look at the picture, on the bottom/right side). At this point you can also route the iPhone to all the USB channels 1/2 - 3/4 - 5/6 - 7/8, if you have a bus app like AUM or AudioBus 2. If you use those channels, from 3 to 8, you need to set those inputs in the Helix patch, as you do with any other input source. But again, USB 1/2 are working out of the box just linking the device through USB. Be aware that your only way to control the volume coming from your iOS device it's in the global settings, first page (USB 1/2 Trim), so just take care of your ears. ;)
  9. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm here, my Helix sounds great.Of course I have a section with my presets sets for Headphone, with different curves.
  10. Good for you. For me are not a bonus. Helix reverbs we have now, are based on 10 years old algos, and are basically ported from the M3 series. Having HX reverbs, for me, it's not a bonus, but a feature that was missing from the original first release firmware, and promoted by the managers as a future upgrade. This is why I didnt buy a Strymon, and silently expected this 2.50 firmware.
  11. Updates is what keeps products alive. It's not a company working for free, doing you a favour, it's market asking those device to be constantly updated to be better and better, and attract new customers, and keep old userbase happy. It is totally normal that customers does expect updates, as it is totally in the interests of a company like Line6, to keep the developing of a such successful product like the Helix is, ongoing as much as possible. These days this scheme is pretty much working same everywhere. Smartphones, Games, Operative Systems, PC hardware, everything which does run on top of software so that can be improved code side, without hardware changes. People does buy stuff, that it will improve with time. This is part of the product appeal nowadays. I do appreciate every bit of code improvement that the L6 guys are doing, but this is part of the deal. If you sell a device like the Helix (basically a computer+software) and you don't further develop its software, this device will die in the market in a blink of an eye, unless you hold the project hardware+software for years, until it's perfect and complete, but for that time it will probably be already obsolete, because other competitors were using that modern scheme of the ongoing developing.
  12. You could test if it's hardware related, booting your unit in test mode; Turn ON the Helix while pressing FS 3 and 4, and when you see the Tests Menu, just scroll down with the joystick, to select the LED Test. Follow the instructions to complete (you basically press each FS to cycle between all status/color). On paper, if you can't see that multicolor while testing, should not be hardware and probably it's just some quirk in the presets or the firmware installation...
  13. We do not tease "coming soon" a build which is not yet ready to be released. Easy to understand. This process; "We never have release dates for firmware updates. We keep fixing things until there's nothing of note left to fix. We don't know when that point in time is until it happens, and then you guys get the update a couple hours later. " it's totally normal, perfectly fine, there is NOTHING wrong with what Digital Igloo said. But he's describing a build which is not yet ready to be released, hence there is no point in using a "coming soon" about something that "we don't know when that point in time until it happens". Seriously you don't understand? LOL! BTW, why are you so sensitive to critics? I'm just suggesting to not tease anything until the day (or few days) before you know you'll be releasing. That's all. I'm not in a drama, it's just that I hate the Helix reverbs, they sucks bad time, so this firmware is for me a long wish dream that come true, so these days I was keep lurking over here because of the tease. That's it. Take it easy man.
  14. We do put builds on the ramp when the code is flagged as stable. We never tease anything before that moment. If s...t happens with some tester that spot a showstopper, while the stable is on the ramp, we then hold the release, and communicate with userbase (if we teased an upcoming release). What it seems to happen here is that "coming soon" has been used while the build is still under testing, which doesn't mean on the ramp to me. BTW I have no problems, it's just that I don't like being teased for too much long time. Now I know it's not yet ready, so I'll stop bothering the L6 guys.
  15. Love Me HX Reverbs!!!

  16. If you don't know "when that point in time it happens", you should not use the word "SOON". That is not a fair way to tease your user base. The software company I work for, we do use "SOON" when the build is on the ramp for the release. Works pretty good. ;)
  17. He's talking about the small house icon on the particle verb and synth string scribble strips.
  18. C'mon guys, release that damn firmware!!! :lol: :lol:
  19. Anyone knows if it's coming later today, or it's just next week?
  21. After installing 2.30 I now have the FS5 scribble strip flashing, when in preset mode. Was not flashing before. Does work fine in any other condition so doesn't seem a faulty strip. Can anyone confirm this? I did a little video with my phone; EDIT; Nevermind. It's a scribble strip failure. That is 3 hardware faults in less than 10 months. SIGH!
  22. Yeah. As soon as you plug a signal in the FH1500 Guitar In, all speakers are engaged, no matter the stereo/mono scheme. Just build a blank preset in the FH1500 (especially no amp no cab), and be sure your Helix is sending a signal @ instrument level, and you should be fine. As a personal suggestion, if you are not using the Monitor IN on the back of the amp, turn the GAIN all way down to kill the residual noise produced by that stage.
  23. Nothing special; the FH1500 DSP does swap from L/R to L+R, using same speakers.
  24. Running Helix 100% wet effects into the Monitor IN - AND - sending a DRY in the Guitar IN, is activating the Horn speaker. This is of course a W/D/W.
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