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  1. Ummm.... I think I understand your question, but it's slightly confusing in that the Stomp can access ALL presets ... you just have to cycle through them. However, yes, you can use it for preset recall.
  2. Kilrahi

    Dt integration

    Any amp works, but if you mean the special L6 Link, that will work AFTER the 2.8 update sometime this Spring.
  3. Do you mean 4 cable method? I just want to make sure 'cause I tend to think of channels more as paths, and the Stomp only has two paths (Helix has 4). It honestly just depends on what you want to do. For example, do you not want to have your delayed signal get impacted by the reverb? If you don't, then split the path. When doing 4 cable methods or wet/dry/wet stuff, I prefer to use split paths over one path with an FX block because of the limitations on the Stomp with 6 blocks. So, instead of a chain that looks like this: Distortion + Amp/Cab + FX Block + Modulation + Delay + Reverb (6 blocks) I could instead have one that looks like this (or variations on this idea): Distortion + Amp/Cab (Split signal into path A & B) >>>> Signal A goes straight out output left into guitar in on amp. >>>> Signal B = Modulation + Reverb (5 blocks - so room for one more block like an EQ, compressor) >>> Path B goes out send left/right into amp effects return. However, I use a flat response system which this kind of thing tends to work well on. I haven't really experimented with a traditional amp using the above. If it will let you put a cable in the effects return, without having one in the effects send, it seems like it should still work well. You'd probably just ditch the amp block. Keep in mind, to do the latter approach you don't connect the cables in the same way you do with the 4 cable method. It's slightly different. You also might find yourself needing to tweak the wet/dry pass through and mix balances on a lot of the blocks. It takes more fine tuning, but you save a block, if that makes sense. Personally, I think it gives you more control too and ends up sounding better, but it depends on the sound you like. To each their own.
  4. No, in snapshot all switches are the standard white. This is because the colors don't really relate as you're thinking in terms of "snapshot 1, 2, 3" instead of "green for delays, blue for modulation" etc.
  5. If I were to quantify any disappointments I have about the 2.8 . . . and that's a harsh word because I was actually nothing but excited . . . but still, if someone were to talk about the things I hope for with the Helix the concept of unusual effects is where I fall. I have so many solid amps in the HX now (highest gain I go for is Foo Fighters level, and we have plenty of stuff for that including various Vox models which is exactly what Grohl uses). I like the new amps coming, but I could easily give up any more standard amp models in order for every future amp to be a metalhead amp so that group is happy and I'd be fine. Honestly, I also feel we have plenty of solid distortions, so I really don't NEED more of those and yet we're getting two more for guitar (with that said, I was very excited about the Tone King - holy hell those suckers have a 3 year waiting list and cost $300 or more). What would I really like more of? I feel like there is a long way to go with reverbs, and there's more room for unusual effects like freeze and polyphonic drop tune pedals. That's the avenue I want to see more of. At the end of the day though, when I bought he Stomp I didn't even realize it would get free updates with more stuff. I bought it for what it was, so I just see every update as a kind of free gift from the guitar Gods.
  6. Well, and that's a reasonable point. Especially lately metal seems to have risen a bit in popularity among guitar players. Either way though, I just like variety, and I got overwhelmed with amps a while ago. This is just gravy. I hope you get your metal amp collection as desired.
  7. I own a Spider V 20. It's a cute little bedroom amp and it's a lot of fun, and connecting the Stomp to it works pretty good. So how good is it for an FRFR solution? That's hard to answer. My knee jerk reaction is to say "you get what you pay for" but if I do that I'm kind of selling it short a little because people tend to assume that that phrase means you get garbage with the Spider V, and that's not true. Especially the Spider 240 which is $500 . . . not exactly chump change. The Spider 240 is basically about the same clarity as my little 20, but with quite a bit more heft and oomph, and it's nice. However, you're not just paying for the speaker. You're paying for all the modelling technology in it too. This means Line 6 packed in a decent flat response system, but not the best of the best for $500. Is it as good as a $500 Powercab that was largely designed to be a dedicated flat response? I personally don't think so. If someone already had one and was looking to save money for a while, I'd say it's a great idea. In fact, there's a good chance you'll be happy for a very long while. If they didn't already have one, but wanted to save money, I'd steer them towards the Headrush FRFRs or recommend they get a Powercab. I wouldn't recommend they buy a Spider V for their flat response needs. Does that make sense? Anyway, I hope that kind of explains where I think the sound falls. Better than a lot of options including a regular old traditional amp, but not as impressive as a dedicated flat response speaker system. Edit: I also think the posters above were making connecting needlessly complicated. Yes, you can go through the auxiliary in, works great. You can also create a flat response preset and just plug in with your good old traditional 1/4 cable in the guitar in. Easy peasy.
  8. I consider metal pretty niche compared to the entirety of the music industry. Even during the heyday of music sales it was always a smaller genre. Not irrelevant or something to be ignored, but it doesn't appeal to as large an audience. Fact is traditional amps are more common and universally used, from pop, to rock, country, rap ... Saying that I don't mean I'm opposed to a metal update, just saying it's not at all surprising there are fewer of them.
  9. It's not a dumb question. It's very confusing at first. One thing that really helped me is to carefully examine the 4cm presets for examples. Anyway, to answer your specific question, place the FX block PRIOR to the blocks you want in the loop. ALL blocks placed after it are processed in the loop. All blocks BEFORE it go to the preamp.
  10. There's a huge one. The V is a cab far closer to a flat response speaker system than the IV which is more traditional in its approach. This was done to make the V more versatile and the modeling more true to form. It's also why many hate the five because they didn't understand the power Line 6 game them. If you try to swap the cabs I think you'll just fork it up.
  11. You are self aware enough to know that your genre of choice has always been niche though, aren't you? Even as niche you're literally getting some new options.
  12. Yeah, I think it's an oversight by them, and it's unfortunate. I would prefer to see more of them weigh in. However, there are some who are perfectly active. I think psarkissian does great on the Variax forum. Still, while I read the TGP forum from time to time, I still prefer the vibe here. Maybe it's because I live in a small town, but I feel like I get help when needed here, and there are a ton of experienced posters I learn a lot from. Oh, and happy birthday. That's awesome! Most birthdays I get socks, but there was one year I got my JTV Variax and Pod HD500x. That was awesome.
  13. Again, the video is REALLY jumpy, but it SEEMS like they're bringing in Dream Rig compatibility. Still have to buy a Helix, but that would be reaching out to that crowd.
  14. Okay so as I watch this hard to hear livestream, so far that leak actually looks accurate. Several new effects. King of tone. I'm happy. New bass amp for bass players ... good stuff.
  15. Ummm.... you can't? Isn't that what HX Edit does?
  16. Cool down turbo. You and Phil interpret this different, but it's not like he's out to flamboozle you or anything. He's just trying to be helpful. The Stomp is what it is. Future updates in this area wouldn't be unwelcome, but for now it's true it doesn't do what you want.
  17. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Because of the differences in all of the product ranges, the customtone section is broken down by product. Technically, you could have cross compatibility, it just depends on how the tone is setup. For example, an HX Effects custometone that has only six blocks would be usable on a Stomp. A Stomp custometone that has no amp or cab modeling would be usable on an HX Effects. However, I think you'll find that a vast majority of the time HX Effects users use more than 6 blocks, rendering them unusable for the Stomp, and most Stomp users have some sort of amp/cab in their tone. Helix tones are also technically cross compatible, but you hit the same problems. Most have an amp - which the HX Effects can't do (you'll basically get an error message if you try), and most have more than six blocks, which kills the Stomp. For this reason, you're best to assume that they are not cross compatible. I do think you're making a wise choice about which unit you are choosing. The HX Effects sounds like the perfect choice.
  18. A quick glance at Sweetwater, Musician's Friend, and Guitar Center shows they're all unavailable and on back order right now. I think it's been this way for over a month. If the supply of new JTV-59s is currently limited it will drive up the price of used ones. You see that kind of thing from time to time.
  19. It's too bad this list is bunk, but we can't call it the gospel according to Digital Igloo, because he just said that 2.8 is nothing to be excited about. I need a second hobby. Like, power toothbrushes or something. They never get updates though . . . hmmm.
  20. To me just the ability to buy Native at $99 would be worth a ton . . .
  21. IF this is accurate, I have to say, I'm glad I got myself hyped for 2.8. To each their own.
  22. Are you opening HX Edit? I did this with the Stomp and it worked fine - except my computer would bork sometimes and completely kill the audio. So I abandoned the USB for audio approach. Instead, I ran a 3.55 mm TRS to TS Y cable (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZKM3S4S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) from my PC into the Stomp's effects returns (and set them to auxiliary input instead of instrument) to preserve the stereo sound of Rocksmith. Then I went into the mixer on Rocksmith and turned the guitar down to zero. In the HX Stomp I created a dual path from the guitar. One path was completely clean except a deactivated EQ and it went out into Rocksmith. The other had effects and amps of my choosing and went out into my FRFR speaker (or if I wasn't using an amp, I listened through the headphones). It works exceptionally well and the connections for everything are stupidly easy. I just have a preset saved on the Stomp called "Rocksmith" that I switch to whenever I am connecting in this way. I just have to remember to change the global conditions on my effects returns.
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