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  1. Has it got anything to do with the delay being on a parrellel path for Test 7 - ie is that allowing a substantial amount of not delayed signal to pass and me mixed with delayed at the mixer block? 60% seems pretty high to me, and could leave little trace of the original sound as you've desribed. Try winding the mix back on Test 6 to something closer in sound (The feedback also looks high to me but it may be exactly what you want).
  2. Ignoring the DSP issue, why would you run the Cabs in series - that says into one cab then into another?
  3. Everything I read from people wanting to improve the feel of their modeller seems to come down to wanting to expereicne the amp in the room - ie air moved from speakers that aren't FRFR and not simulating a mic'd cab. I say this as in most cases they claim to have found nirvana when running though a power amp and cab. In this case it would seem running back into the Helix to use a simulated cab will just continue the mic'd cab feel issue, and all you'll have done is added another pre-amp available to be used. I don't buy the having a tube pre-amp in the loop improves the feel bit - but thats subjective, and subject to confirmation bias either way (ie I'm unlikely to experience the sense of improvement unless I belive it will in the first place and vice versa).
  4. consumer has the right to: make informed choices choose from many products return products that do not operate as advertised (at least in some countries) beware (caveat emptor) But a right to expect anything simply because of price? Sorry, just no.
  5. Interesting - I read the OP as saying they have one patch with 4 tones controlled via snapshots, that they've replicated across presets to set the different tuning. If thats the case using 3 more snaphots to control the detuning of the poly pitch might be the answer - as the question infers the need for a ppoly pitch for each step - which isn't really required.
  6. I don't have that set-up, but the first thing that comes to mind is are you sure you don't have a cab in your stomp patches - either amp and cab block or seperate?
  7. If you export your presents you can import them back again in the sort order of your OS (in bulk).
  8. If you select "All Hardware" in the dropdown of the search for downloads and "Helix Native" in the Software drop down you will find Native V3.11 If you select Helix in the hardware dropdown you only see V1.0
  9. Hi - this sounds more like an issue with Studio One and your operating system than the Helix. Try downloading a new version of HXEdit and install it to make sure the drivers are up todate, then check settings in Studio One and your computer. More information will be needed to provide more ideas. Google translate: Hola, esto parece más un problema con Studio One y su sistema operativo que con Helix. Intente descargar una nueva versión de HXEdit e instálela para asegurarse de que los controladores estén actualizados, luego verifique la configuración en Studio One y su computadora. Se necesitará más información para proporcionar más ideas.
  10. waymda

    HD500X to Helix

    The other good news is that you should find the Helix a significant leap in sound quality and ease of use over the HD500x. I found the Helix fixed long term niggling had with my sound and feel that I could not fix no matter what with the 500x. I have patches I made with the Helix that have remained untouched and I use - where as with the 500x I was tweaking between every gig, and almost every patch.
  11. The best you can do to make workflow easier is a) create a template with the controller where you want it and assigned accordingly and/or make a 'favourite' version of the volume control to drop where you want.
  12. In HX Edit theres a 'tab' showing assignments - its invauable in seeing what's assigned where and deleting/or editing individual assignments. I found it almost by accident and haven't looked back.
  13. I doubt you'll need to create the spreadsheet of amps etc see Maybe a listing of artists/factory presets and if the above exists I'm no seeing any issues with an external list of the 'real' names/songs - maybe used 'based on'.
  14. waymda

    Output Question

    Try this as a starting point (feel free to change EVERYTHING as this is just a starting template I use). Its intended to have a seperate amp each side and full cabs etc through the XLRs and I use it with PC+ using the digital out for speaker models and/or FRFR depending on use. For the PC+ you will need to change the line output to digital and then you can control the cabs iseperately as I uploaded it for someone wanting to send outputs to a JC120.
  15. Hi Andy Whilst not the 'fix' you're looking for - an option is to create a template you use to create your patches with those snapshot names already in it. That might sound a bit weird, but over time I've found I prefer a standard order to my snapshots to make stage work easier, and that they are generally the same name. Where I rename one it will be for a very specific purpose. I also have a preferred layout for my paths (position of classes of effects and amps and cabs and my I/O) which is also included in the template with compnents acting as place holders. This simplified my worklow significantly and makes patch creation very fast. YMMV.
  16. However, using bare feet as per your profile pic erases any naming applied :0
  17. waymda

    Setlist swaps?

    Interesting, my sense is its pretty much the same and thought I'd just got used to the paradigm and sorted my workflows (after many stuff-ups with my HD500x). @themetallikid I love the idea of a meta layer for performances so a library could be built and managed and then each performance set list being independent. If you could build the setlists offline even better. My compromise solution now is to change to the right patch using BT midi from an android device into the yamaha BT midi thingo using BandHelper (useful as I sing as well and my memory for lyrics can result in some very interesting versions).
  18. Do you plan on just posting this until you get an answer? Without any info about how you're monitoring when not using headphones you won'nt get one. Even with that info - you really need to consider what's different - what you're describing just sounds like different monitoring sources. The idea the output is fundementally different is a nonsense. I do hope this is a divorce!
  19. The work around you've described is it - set a custom tuning for each present. Unfortunately the Helix/Variax interaction doesn't operate as described in the manual, which is a return to standard tuning. Yes its painful, but as HonestOpinion says you know what tuning you'll get in each patch. If you build a template to bas your patches off make sure you include those settings and then you don't have to do it each time.
  20. @datacommando - have you checked you're using the latest version of HXEdit - you should be on 3.p00
  21. I'm not sure if its mapped backwards, more should it be doing anything, if I read the models as being which input is being used? I've never used the fullerton before so thought I'll have a play. On the normal model - drive bright does nothing (0 normal drive + >0 bright gives 0 overall volume) On the jump model - both normal and bright drive contribute On the bright model - normal drive does something (bright set on 0 + 0 Normal seems louder than normal on 10) No idea if this is a flaw or modelling some channel crossover thing in the real amp - but your observation seems close to what;s happening
  22. I can confirm restoring globals does restore the variax setting as well. I used to only restore globals - though am now doing full factory reset and restoring all - and have only had one instance where just one set list lost the Variax changes that were linked to snapshots. Unfortunately I only noticed after relevelling the whole set - so that was a bit of a pain, but a on-off.
  23. waymda

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Hi I think the issue will be using 2 paths, each with the digital output from what you're describing. I've attached a working example - ignore how it sounds as I just chucked blocks in place to show how it works. I've split into to amp models on Path 1 for effects that run pre amp, and send them panned hard left and right to path 2 for effects post amp, then split off to the digital send before going to cab etc for XLRs. At the digital out each DT25 is set to a different topology, but importantly "remote" is set to preset, and "Select per preset enabled" - sounds like you have this bit sorted already. DT25s.hlx
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