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    Helix FAQ

    Will Helix power the older Variax's via the VDI cable until full support is added? Cheers, jayson
  2. jayson2

    Helix routing

    Cool! Thanks. Look forward to seeing the manual. Cheers, jayson
  3. jayson2

    Helix routing

    So how does this work with the external loops? I am thinking of running my Kemper through the Helix but still be able to use some of the KPA stereo effects. So would I use send 1 to go to the KPA and then patch the stereo main outputs back to return's 1 and 2 on the Helix? Would that correspond to the Parallel 1 input block to 2 output block path? Cheers, jayson
  4. Would that be mono in and out, right? Can the loops work as a mono send to a stereo return? Cheers, jayson
  5. Back to the topic, looks like L6 just posted video explaining the differences between the JTV models. What odd is that it looks like it was originally tape awhile ago as the firmware is 1.8. James Tyler Variax Electric Guitars Overview | Li…: Cheers, jayson
  6. At this point, I'd be happy if the just remodeled the Strat they used for v2 and correct the string balance on the B and E strings. I know I can adjust them in Workbench but it just doesn't sound or feel right when I play around with those settings. Cheers, jayson
  7. With Yamaha acquiring Line 6, I don't see them partnering with any other guitar manufacturer in the near future. Cheers, jayson
  8. I didn't have to lollipop anything when I installed the FTP pick-up on my JTV69! :-) I think if I remember correctly, the JTV89 has a spacing issue. Cheers, jayson
  9. A. 1.9 to 2.0 B. JTV-69K C. Tried updating via HD500 but failed on a midi timeout error. Hooked up the dongle and got fireware upgraded after two attempts. D. Lived with it until the 2.1 upgrade and am using Workbench HD to adjust. E. No F. Most notably on the Spanks but also in the Tele. Cheers, jayson
  10. Maybe a ground loop issue as noted in the following thread on the Pod HD forum? Cheers, jayson
  11. Hmmm, wonder if my update problems were related to this thread? I have a stomp box running with a power adapter in the loop of my HD500. Both are plugged into the same power bar. The power bar plugs into my Furman power conditioner which is what my PC is plugged into so maybe I have a ground loop problem running through my USB? The update worked after a couple of tries so it will have to wait until the next upgrade to see if that is a solution. Cheers, jayson
  12. I've come close using the Telecaster custom body with an R-Billy pickup. Cheers, jayson
  13. I have had the same problems with midi timeout messages and odd light changes. The latest update to 2.1 caused the alt tuning to switch to green and the model switch turn blue after I got the midi error. Restarted my PC and tried again and it completed successfully but still is disconcerting. B and E strings are still a problem but is easily fix with WB via my HD500. Cruisinon2, what sort of condition is your VDI cable? Mines a kinked mess and I'm beginning to wonder if that causing the errors. Cheers, jayson
  14. Wow! That's sad that the poll was deleted. Was it a Line 6 Expert or someone from Line 6? They give you a reason? Cheers, jayson
  15. Not sure about that. I think some users don't have this issue. Can someone confirm that their string levels don't need any adjustments especially the Strat model? I did get a midi timeout error message on my first attempt to upgrade and always thought that was a contributing factor. I know they are different guitars that were used but I would have thought that L6 would have noticed this in their testing and fixed it as it's very noticeable to me. Cheers, jayson
  16. Bottom 2 strings (high e and b strings) are noticeably lower in volume on some models (the strat model being the worst). Love the new LP's and Tele's so stuck with v2. Cheers, jayson
  17. Interesting! This is what the L6 knowledge base says: For JTV-89 Customers Only: In addition to the 28 electric, acoustic and electric instruments, you also get five high-gain models exclusive to the JTV-89 guitars based on the high output magnetic pickups loaded into the Custom 1 Bank. Each model is based on a different pickup position, and delivers high-gain guitar tone while allowing you to access drop tunings, custom Dream Rig configurations and more. Because of this, you will NOT be able to modify or save your own custom settings to the Custom 1 Bank on the JTV-89 and 89F guitars. Guess they changed something with FW 2.01. Cheers, jayson
  18. Working on my JTV69 so it is possible. Cheers, jayson
  19. Just saw your other post that you have a JTV69 so I guess my post doesn't apply. Cheers, jayson
  20. Do you have a JTV-89 or 89f? If so, the custom bank 1 cannot be updated. See the following: Cheers, jayson
  21. Also make sure your volume control is not turned all the way down as it may be going to sleep and powering down the JTV. Cheers, jayson
  22. Are you using a VDI cable into a HD500? If so, it could be that input selection for the HD500 patch you are using is set to the the Variax models only. Cheers, jayson
  23. BTW, forgot to add that I use duct tape to hold down the cable near my HD500 to avoid it getting caught on the pedal. Cheers, jayson
  24. Which cable did you buy? I have the version sold by Line 6 which I'm looking to replace and would like to know what to avoid. Cheers, jayson
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