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  1. The issue I posted about way back on Sept 6, 2016 was regarding firmware 1.03. Soon thereafter Line 6 did issue a corrective Firmware update which remedied the problem. Several months ago, Line 6 issued an updated firmware release to address overcharging issues. If your G10T is exhibiting problems, submit a Support Ticket and contact Line 6 on Monday. My guess is that they will get your scenario resolved to your satisfaction.
  2. Also bear in mind that with 3.10 should you need or desire to install any of the previous firmware versions or want or need to do a forced reinstall of the latest firmware version, the tool for the job is Line 6 Updater! Line 6 Updater will present the history of the firmware versions from which you may select to install to the device connected. HX Edit no longer does so, as it only presents the newer firmware which has not yet been installed to your device.
  3. Not going to work! The Litigator sound is a result of Line 6's Ben Adrian who designed the entire Litigator amp model. If you want those characteristics you'll need to use the Litigator Amp or Preamp Block in Helix Native in your DAW or VST Host, or get an HX Stomp, Stomp XL, LT, Floor or Rack which have the Litigator Amp and Preamp Blocks. Also don't overlook that the resulting Litigator sound is also a result of the speaker cab and mic selections which the Litigator Combo Amp Block uses.
  4. Yup! You got it figured out. You need to upgrade HX Edit to 3.10 first. Then, exit the program and relaunch it. HX Edit 3.10 will then prompt you that an upgrade for your Helix Floor is available. Also be sure to do a Factory Reset after the upgraded firmware is installed to your Helix Floor.
  5. My guess is that you performed the upgrade of your HX Stomp XL to fimware 3.10 using an older version of HX Edit. Before upgrading your HX Stomp XL's firmware to 3.10 using HX Edit, you need to upgrade HX Edit to 3.10 first! Then, exit HX Edit and relaunch it. I do not use a Mac so I cannot be certain of the above on your computer platform, but this has been the case with many Window's users and doing the above should get things back to normal for you. Post back to let others following this thread how things resolve.
  6. So long as your cable run is under 30 feet, or so, a quality 1/4" TS cable should do you fine. Should you encounter any hum or other issues (hum, RF induction, etc.) use an XLR cable. Addendum: Also not a bad idea to have a long XLR on hand if you may be using your gear outdoor or in the backyard over the summer.
  7. The new 3.1 Reverbs and Oversampling elevate the Helix's sounds to an entirely new level! 3.10 also has quite a few other really nice features and enhancements. In particular, the Retro Reel. If you haven't updated your Helix Gear and Helix Native to 3.10 yet, just do it!!! You won't be disappointed.
  8. Awesome, Jason! Looking forward to checking it out. BTW, the recent changes are great improvements!! Keep up the great work>
  9. You might want to check your guitar's pickups, pots and switch wiring.
  10. Very likely that you have a buggy Preset (for some reason), and your unit is OK. Here are a few things you can try: Check that the Level Parameter of each of the blocks in your problematic signal chain have not been inadvertently changed from Factory Settings. This is unlikely if you are using the Factory Blocks. However, with the User Default Block feature introduced in the last firmware release, it is possible to have resaved the User Default of a Block to something where the Level parameter has been lowered. It is also possible that the same may have occurred with the Input Block or Output Block parameters. Additionally, there are FX Blocks that do inherently attenuate the signal level and where the Level Parameter of the Block is used to restore what otherwise would be Unity gain. Thus, so when enabling and disabling that block the overall level of the signal chain does not alter significantly (unless you want it to). You could also try having the unit do a Preset Rebuild. Check at HelixHelp.com for the Power Up button sequence to Rebuild your Presets. If the behavior persists after exploring all the above, write down the precise parameter value settings of any blocks you are using -- which you have changed from Factory Default -- comprising the problematic Preset. Then do a Factory Reset. Then, recreate your Preset, rather than doing a Restore (from a Backup which you may have opted to do before the Factory Reset). Hope this helps.
  11. BTW, the Studio Tube Preamp is located under Blocks Selection List's Preamps. Preamps > Mic > Studio Tube Preamp. Additionally, you can explore using any of the Guitar Preamps. They typically expect an Amp to be following the Preamp Block, and a Cab or IR Block to be following the Amp Block. Conventional signal routing may not be what you find sounds best for your needs. Go with what works for you.
  12. Don't Panic! You should be fine. And, if the Helix unit you have (your post didn't mention which Helix unit you have) is otherwise not damaged, it should be fine once it is reset and loaded with the proper firmware, etc. Browse to HelixHelp.com. Look at the Tips & Guides > Reset Options for the model Helix Unit you have. Use the power on button sequence to accomplish the Factory Update. This should reset your hardware leaving it ready to accept what you'll do next. Uninstall all the Helix and Line 6 software you have on your computer! Then, re-download the latest 3.01 version of HX Edit to your hard drive. This will assure that you have a clean download from the Line 6 website. Install HX Edit and allow it to install all the drivers, etc. Then once HX Edit's install has completed, connect your Helix to your computer and launch HX Edit. HX Edit should recognize your hardware. Log into your Line 6 account via HX Edit. You should then see that there are firmware updates available for your Helix. If you can't resolve this tonight, hopefully others will be able to assist over the weekend, and if still no good, you'll need to submit a Support Ticket or call Line 6 on Monday. Hope this helps. Do Post back to let others following this thread how things work out.
  13. What firmware version is running in your HX Stomp? And, have you disconnected the Stomp from the USB cable to see if the clipping persists when not connected to your computer?
  14. Seems that what you propose should work. Give it a try. You may need to adjust the level inputs to accommodate your Mic and Violin signal levels. Are you also planning to connect a Guitar. BTW, I do not have the XL. I have the HX Stomp. Post back your findings to share what works for you with others whom may be following this thread.
  15. The only way to isolate the problem is begin with a very simple signal chain. Start with the Stomp and Pwr Supply. One by one add additional items. It will take some time and a bit of attention, but you will discover the problematic gear. Even a faulty cable or plug can be a culprit. Please post your findings to share with others whom may be following this thread.
  16. @arte7590 There is nothing I have know of that would indicate that your unit is too old. My guess is that your scenario is a software conflict. My suggestion is that you entirely uninstall all Helix related software from your Mac, and perform a Hardware Factory Reset on your Helix. Then begin from scratch. If you have not already tried doing so, perform a Factory Reset on your Helix Unit. Do this directly on the unit -- without it connected to your computer. The Factory Reset power up button sequence steps may be found on HelixHelp.com. Presuming you are able to accomplish the Factory Reset of your unit, then, uninstall all of the Helix Software from your computer. Once you are sure that all the Helix related software has been removed from your computer. Redownload clean copies of the software, beginning with the currently available latest version of HX Edit 3.01. Follow the installation instructions. This will install the latest versions of all the necessary and appropriate software and drivers to your computer. Should the above not succeed, file a Support Ticket with Line 6 for their assistance to get you back up and running. Do post back with your results to help others whom may be following this thread.
  17. I've got the Fender Mustang IV v2 and Fender Mustang III v2, which I kept even after I got a Helix Floor several years ago. I do not think that your Fender Mustang I V2 has a line in. Nonetheless, as it is a v2, it may have the Studio Preamp Preset. If it does, that Preset bypasses all the DSP (tone stack and speaker cab emulation) in the Mustang amp. It has been years since I looked at the feature set of the Mustang 1 v2 amp, so if that Studio Preamp Preset is not available, then there may be no way to disable the amp modeling and speaker cab modeling in your Mustang. Thus, if you were to use any Helix Presets containing amp blocks or cab blocks, those would be routed into the front end of your Mustang 1 and the Mustang would then layer it's selected Preset's amp and cab modeling too. The result may not be what you want. On the other hand, if it sounds good then go with it. Typically, when I run my Helix with either of my Mustang Amps (which I do not often do anymore, as I far more frequently use FRFR PA Speakers or Studio Monitors) I disable the Mustang's DSP and Spkr cab modeling, either, by using the Studio Cab Preset (mentioned above), or, simply by routing Helix's output to the Mustang's Line In or Aux In jacks. In the latter case, the Aux In jack automatically bypasses the Mustang's entire DSP modeling. But, again, I do not recollect if the Mustang I v2 offers an Aux In jack. If it does, simply use a 1/4" TRS from Helix's Headphone Output to a 1/8" TRS to the Mustang's Aux In, or, a 1/4" TS L and 1/4" TS R from Helix's L&R outputs to a 1/8" TRS to Mustang's Aux In. All of these cables are inexpensive and readily available, for instance, via Amazon. Overall, the Helix gear is phenomenal! I concur that it will blow away any of the modeling the Fender Mustang's offer. However, I kept mine to use as powered cabs and they do serve that purpose, as well as being backups should the Helix gear fail. Hope this all helps in your considering your options.
  18. As you may already know, Helix units are capable of easily interfacing with HX Edit (running on a PC or Mac) to edit, backup and restore Presets. This may present a complication for your facility's managing the units, or a desirable marketing feature for those clients that may already be familiar with and have their own custom edited Helix Patches and Favorites. As powerful and capable as the Helix units are, they are no where as intuitively obvious to use as dedicated amps and most FX Units. The deeper features of Cab and Mic configurations, as compared to preamp or Amp model Block Selections can be a mass of confusion for those not otherwise familiar with Helix gear. For those who are, having an entire warehouse of musical gear self contained in the Helix gear is outstanding. Also, to consider is what your facility will be offering, if anything, for your Clients to monitor the Helix gear through? Will this be left entirely to Clients to bring? Or, will your facility offer Guitar Cabs, Line 6 Power Cabs, FRFR PA units, Floor Monitors?
  19. Compact and durable multi-function unit. I use mine as stand alone, as well as for AI with my PC Laptop. If you may want more footswitches consider the new HX Stomp XL.
  20. @shawnt113, Would you post which firmware version is loaded in your Helix?
  21. I'm confident and optimistic that Eric's insights of the anticipated release will be actualized in an impressive version update! Once it is fully baked, we'll all see what it has to offer. If on or about St. Patrick's Day, toast the release with a Green Beer! ;)
  22. Should you find that you miss the dedicated headphone level control from the Helix Floor, there are a variety of in line level controls which can be used to attenuate the volume level in your headphones.
  23. The HX Stomp is awesome! Also know that Line 6 just released the HX Stomp XL, which is slightly larger and has a few more touch capacitive footswitches. The DSP engine is identical. The HX Stomp XL should be a consideration, regardless of what you will be using to listen to the audio signal. What will you be using to listen to the output?
  24. You voiced your best insight. Do post back to share your findings
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