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  1. Change USB port on the PC and try again. Try all the USB ports you have before to give up.
  2. If you run the Helix (it should put itself in update mode, since it's failing to start the firmware), and then the Line 6 updater, what does the updater says? Just start from there, and see how the updater see your helix. It should show you the firmware version (broken) on the unit. If does says 2.7, try reinstalling the 2.7.
  3. Based on what happened to me today, I would suggest this; Start the Rack while pressing the encoders 1 and 6, this should put the rack into update mode (KEEP THE HELIX CONTROL OFF). Start the Line 6 updater 1.17 (the latest) and see how your unit is now enumerated (firmware version number) If does show Helix Rack 2.8, then you can try reinstalling the firmware and see what happens If does show Helix Rack 2.x, then you should reinstall THAT SPECIFIC firmware; for example, if it's showing Helix Rack 2.7, try reinstalling the firmware 2.7. If you manage to roll back to a stable firmware just try again the procedure but this time, when the helix reboot itself, DO NOT shut it off, just do NOTHING to it and wait for the updater to finish and/or fail. If the updater does fail, just keep the Helix as it is (DO NOT TURN IT OFF) and restart the updater. At this point go back to point 2 again.
  4. This is coming from a FH1500 user, and that now also has two PC+ 112; If you want REAL stereo, you need TWO separate cabs. Having stereo in a single cab isnt really giving you proper air between the signals, doesnt really work imho. Also, that’s gonna be heavy as hell. My 2C...(Id be more interested to test them as mono 2x12)
  6. The new option to use the rotary joystick to move back and forth along the path, IT IS AMAZING!!! No more pain clicking left and right and turning the rotary by mistake...
  7. The solution for me was TO NOT reboot the helix, but only restart the updater. If when you restart the updater, it will see your helix as 2.8, means it has been enumerated as 2.8, and you can try installing 2.8 again. It should then start quickly from there, and complete the process in a matter of minutes. Good luck!
  8. GOD BLESS YOU!!! It worked out! The rack wasn't recognized anymore after the reboot, so after a while the updater was stopping the installation with an error. This time I kept the helix where it was, as I've seen that after restarting the updater the helix was recognized as hosting a 2.8 firmware (even if failed at 50%). Kept the rack as it was, in its previous state and started the update again. The updater after a bit installed the remaining 50% and completed the process! I took a picture for every step above. Thanks everyone!!
  9. I had a Helix Floor for 3 years, always updated this same way, same cable, same USB port....but I'll follow your advice, at this point I'm starting panicking a bit, so I'll try everything. ty
  10. Just failed again. Does fail on the rack before, and reboot, then after a while with the updater red bar (stuck at around 50%), does fail there too. So it's like that; Starts updating, the progress bar arrives at around 50% Rack show a fail and reboot Does auto enter in boot mode progress bar stay there, at 50% for a while (like 5 or 6 minutes) Updater declare a failed update
  11. Yes but after the auto reboot nothing happen. The updater stays there, at 50% stuck forever.
  12. I followed every single word and step as described in the sticky update post. I've got a install failure while updating to 2.8 (helix rack, with controller turned off). Also the updated stopped, for an error. Reboot in boot mode and tried again, the install does stop at 5% and fail again. Tried rolling back to 2.7 or an earlier firmware in boot mode, keep failing at 5%. Please help, this is a fresh unit with 3 days of life....
  13. And my helix just bricked updating to 2.8 Seems I cant even reinstall into safe mode.
  14. her we go Edit&os=All&submit_form=set
  15. PierM

    16 Hours and....

    In the meanwhile...a stereo powercab 212 popped up ...and 12 Speaker models with the upcoming Powercab 2.0 firmware
  16. It’s gonna be today. Im 99% sure on this. :)
  17. Hi guys. Recently I sold my Helix Floor to buy a (brand new) Rack+Controller+Power Conditioner and everything arrived today. Very happy so far, love the new setup, much easier on my back lol! The power conditioner also removed all the noise I had coming from my power socket, awesome toy. Anyway, the joystick on the Rack front panel, it's very fluid for top/left/bottom clicks, but stiff on the right. You can barely feel and ear the click. I had exactly this same behavior on the Helix Floor, even on the second Joystick they installed for a repair. At this point I guess it's something common? After that, I see the joystick it's very off center, but again...looking around on google images, I see the same thing on many units. At this point I'm just trying to understand if the two factors are correlated, stiffness and off center (bad installation on the front panel?), or if it's just a common thing and I've to live with it. Any Rack user here that could confirm or give me some advice? Do I have to return it? Meh? :) Anyway, couple of pics so you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks for any input. o/
  18. Im sure he is waiting and chasing that update as everyone else over here. He is just playing the watchdog role because he likes, but yeah, he’s not stuck at Firmware 1.0. ;) Most of the time, dramas are coming from these guys, not really from people just being excited for a new firmware and legitimately asking a estimation for a release.
  19. Since everything was pointing for a release, last weekend, I think they've found some showstopper, which probably means they have no ETA available since it's hard to make a prevision on top of debug sessions. Would be like rolling the dice again. Software development. That's it.
  20. Yeah, but I think 2.8 has a virus!!!
  21. Please rename this thread....
  22. Its all in the manual. “Why should I care about snapshots? To be honest, maybe you shouldn’t. Ask yourself these questions: • Hey self, when performing live, does the small gap when switching tones drive me nuts? • If my delay repeats and reverb trails don’t seamlessly spill over when switching tones, does it drive me nuts? • Do I secretly wish I were an octopus, so I can constantly change amp and ef- fects settings throughout a song? If you answered “M’eh” or “Huh?,” stop reading this now, go play guitar, completely ignore the camera icon, and you’ll never have to worry about snapshots again. Seri- ously. However, if you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, keep reading. Okay, I’m still reading There’s always going to be a small audible gap when switching presets in any box with the Helix device's level of dynamic model allocation and routing complexity; that’s just how advanced DSP works. However, snapshots allow for a surprising amount of tonal control from within the same preset, and every change happens instantly and seamlessly.”
  23. No worries; they will soon release a thread title update, to be Summer 2019 instead Spring. Done.
  24. Unless you have noise gate. Anyway we are just trying to help, no need to play the smartass.
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