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  1. I never said that sentence in the quote, but for some reason looks like you quoted me... some forum glitch. :D
  2. Well prog and avantgard are indeed dead and buried in the market, but there is plenty of musicians that keeps experimenting and enjoying these tools. Remember 99.9% of guitar players on the planet, are not in the market (not taking into account youtube players), are just having fun and enjoying their own projects. Helix is a wonderful platform for them.
  3. H9 DOES NOT have Polyphonic Pitch Detection, so we are indeed talking apples and oranges here.
  4. What "eventide" did you played that had REAL polyphonic pitch shifting? I'm asking that because Eventide never had, and has, a real polyphonic pitch tracker algorithm (pitchFlex isnt a poly tracker, same goes for PitchFactor algos and so on backward in time), so I'm curious to see if we are comparing bananas with apples here or what. This is kind of funny, as we were always complaining about the lack of a proper polyphonic algo in the Eventide forums, LOL!
  5. Could you post the results of your tests with those devices. Especially curious to listen that generic "eventide".... since all the eventide machines I owned in the past, they were TERRIBLE in tracking...and NONE of them actually do/did a real polyphonic pitch shifting. Please, don't tell me you don't own any of those...:)
  6. Isn't really a matter of "ear" something others aren't. It's a matter of not making a fuss out of subtle glitches, and embrace the art of the constructive criticism instead the abuse of hyperboles. That's it for me at least. I ear the subtle warbles in that mp3 example, but in that context of isolation and hyper listening to single notes, doesn't really tell me anything crazy. Or at least, doesn't sounds like a red flag or a showstopper to me, at all. Not even close. I do think Poly is perfect? Nope. I said for example that a problem I have with it, it's the "pulse" tracking I do have, while playing a phrase under open notes. This can be annoying for my style, and I guess it can be improved, but still, it's a totally usable effect. When using big intervals it's WAY better than what I can achieve with my Variax, for example. For fast phraseggio is still good for me, as there is no time for warble analysis, notes are short, attack on high strings it's very good (can be improved on lower strings), and tone is in general better than those I get from other devices. Not perfect, but really good so far, especially if you are not using it as an alternative to a real detune. In that case, of course, it will never, ever, sound as good as a real detune. On the other hand, if you use the effect to reach sound environments which are not possible for a guitar, like to mimic other string instrument but with a much higher pitch (also with contribution of IRs and the new Acoustic sim), or to mimic some old synth pads, or to just experiment something isn't just a sequence of guitar chords trapped in a standard, then I'd say that Helix poly is good enough, with some range for great improvement. Peace. :)
  7. You have a problem of abuse of hyperboles man. This is making impossible for people to just have a natural exchange of opinions, about any subject. "HORRIBLE ARTIFACTS". If this is is what you ear, means you cant really go any further in the subject, so just move on and ignore people who believe the effect is fine for them, unless you believe you're a benchmark for everyone. In this case, good luck. :)
  8. Sorry, that was my fault... was trying to help him finding a definitive answer, and move on... But he has a rack, so no Hardware Test UI, as far as I know. Im still 99% sure he has a faulty joystick, and should just send the unit for repair.
  9. Is it a Rack or a Floor? You can start the unit in Diagnose/Hardware Test, and check if it's a faulty joystick. This is low level, so the firmware should not really matter.
  10. Well, I have one of these very cheap BT receiver that works just fine with everything that has an analogic input available. You have just to plug two RCA to Jack cables into a stereo Return in the Helix, and load a Return Block at the end of the path.
  11. Check you dont have a second path with a guitar input going through. Also, you could post the preset patch over here so people can check what's going on there.
  12. I really believe we are talking two completely different things here. I was just describing that sort of lag or skipped bit, by the joystick. Same lag/skipped bit when browsing preset with the other rotary selector. What Im talking about it's just a little glitch but doesnt break any of the the joystick main functionalities. Your seems a faulty joystick, or just a soldering issue. (I had two of these, in 3 years, with my previous Helix unit) Contact the L6 support.
  13. On my end, it does keep logging out, even just browsing the threads...and this is with every single device; PC, Smartphone, Windows, MacOS, iOS etc...
  14. BlueSky is an "old" pedal, and has no MIDI support. As for the MIDI support with other Strymon products, you find all you need to know here (on the Helix you just send CCs and PCs as for any other MIDI device); Love me Strymon stuff!
  15. At this point, the only thing L6 could add to keep people busy more than few days, before asking for more, is adding free Pornhub access from the Helix display.
  16. Dont forget that as soon as you only need a single stereo signal, you can always use a super serie to use all the DSP power from all the paths. Plenty of room for amps and FX.
  17. Since it's a mandatory sequence of actions, then just release any firmware update as a PC/MAC installer, which install latest HX Edit and then the Helix firmware. So, if you check for an update from the HX Edit, it does download and install the NEW HX Edit, prior the Helix firmware. Yes, it's easy as that. Otherwise it keeps being an extremely counterintuitive hacky solution, especially for non-forum readers.
  18. L6 should put use this meme as splash screen, everytime you check for a new update from the HX Edit. A simple rule in software development is to avoid an application doing something it should not, like updating a piece of hardware from the wrong bridge.
  19. I've seen today that guitars and pickups are a big variable in the equation. I do get some warbling with my telecaster, and couple of les pauls with different humbuckers. I have a great result with my Gibson LPC RK '54, equipped with a staple alnico and a vintage P90. That one works smooth with Poly, and tracking seems spot on, with both pups. Telly is the worse.
  20. That's how my EDPs works with their own footboard. A cheap and smart (and totally lag-less) way to control stuff. Only cons is when you press more than a switch by mistake...some glitch may happen.
  21. Had fun for hours with Poly, still, to me feels and sound amazing. So, again, thank you L6 for the huge bonus. I'm a player, so I'm not there sitting in front of my stuff, with an oscilloscope, to prove algo is glitching, I don't care honestly (unless it's borked, which is not). I do also have a JTV59 armed with a tripleplay, and in some condition those are way more glitchy and warbly than what I'm experiencing with that Poly algo. Said that, the only glitch I find a bit annoying so far, for my playing, is that a "pulse" kicks in, when you are playing a phrase, on top of open string notes. Pretty sure that's the tracking trying to keep the "drone" notes up to date, while complex stuff is happening underneath. If they improve that, I'm sold. :) Really, no offense to anyone, but it's about music and having fun with it. If the approach is to over analyze everything, you'll always find something to be picky about - especially on extremely complex algos like that. I personally don't care of this approach, it's not productive. It's a free toy, works great for my style of playing, all good stuff. Funny is, I was planning to sell my Helix Rack, after this I'm keeping it a little more. :P
  22. Didnt heard any warbly affair, works great over here. Im testing it just after a subtle touch of compressor, and before anything else. :) (picking techniques, instrument setup, style....etc, are in the equation btw)
  23. Poly is just A W E S O ME. Best I've ever tried. Glissato also spot on, and honestly seems keeping track, with no glitches, even on complex and fast phrases. Im genuinely impressed! Kudos to you guys!
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