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Pinned  Helix Reset Procedures and Troubleshooting Tricks

Oct 12 2015 03:14 PM | line6will in HELIX

We’re sure you’ll have a great experience with your Helix. As with anything, be sure to regularly back up your presets, and in the event anything unexpected happens while using your Helix, please perform one or more of the steps below. If your Hel...

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Pinned  Helix Pedal Maintenance Procedure

May 22 2017 02:26 PM | Line6Tony in HELIX

NOTE: Please be aware that this is NOT for the Helix LT. The instructions contained in the document below illustrate how to resolve loosening and squeaking that may be encountered with your Helix® floor processor’s built-in expression pedal. Line...

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Pinned  How to update the Helix's firmware

Nov 09 2015 10:50 AM | line6will in HELIX

Instructions on how to update the Line 6 Helix to the latest firmware.

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Pinned  HELIX Support FAQ

Oct 08 2015 07:14 AM | line6will in HELIX

Will there be an iOS or Android editor? ​Probably not, Helix's presets are extremely large, and syncing 1024 tones would take forever. As Helix is more at home in larger studios and on larger tours, it makes sense to support Mac/PC editing. Can I...

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Oct 23 2017 01:34 PM | Line6Tony in HELIX

LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM FAQ (US ONLY)  Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service. General warranty information can be found at www.Line6.com/warranty ....

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Common Signal Flow Traits on the Helix

Sep 21 2017 09:12 AM | line6will in HELIX

The Helix is designed for the user to set up a number of signal flow combinations. It allows for unique situations that would normally be extremely difficult to set up in real life. They can now be easily arranged within the unit. For further reading,...

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Helix 2.0 Snapshots and Shortcuts videos

Jul 07 2016 12:46 PM | line6will in HELIX


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Helix LT Comparison

Apr 03 2017 12:56 PM | line6will in HELIX

Here's a comparison chart with more detailed specs:  Helix LT  Dual DSP-HX Modeling6.2" 800x480 Pixel LCD Screen62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 104 EffectsCapacitive FootswitchesUp to 2 Expression PedalsExternal Amp switchingMidi Control20.87...

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Dec 31 1969 11:00 PM | Line6Tony in HELIX

Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service (if needed) for all Line 6 products.  WHEN DOES THE EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM LAUNCH? Thursday, July 6, 2017.  WHO QUALIFIES FOR...

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Pre 2.10 snapshot presets can eliminate EXP 2 f...

Nov 22 2016 02:46 PM | line6will in HELIX

Pre 2.10 snapshot presets can eliminate EXP 2 from EXP scribble strip v2.10 - e561954  REPRO: 1. Save a preset with snapshots on v2.01 public firmware. 2. Back up that preset on v2.01 public editor 3. update Helix floor to v2.10 public...

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Helix Snapshots and EXP pedal recall

Jul 28 2016 09:21 AM | line6will in HELIX

Snapshots do not store or recall the EXP 1 and 2 assignment. So when you engage the Toe Switch, the onboard pedal switches between EXP 1 and EXP 2 assignment, but Snapshots do not account for that since they only store the Wah or Volume block’s On/Off...

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Helix Dimensions

Oct 14 2015 08:33 AM | line6will in HELIX

Helix—22.05 x 11.85 x 3.6 inches; 14.6 lbs. Helix Rack—19 x 5.25 x 9.5 inches; 9.3 lbs. Helix Control—17.2 x 9.4 x 2.5 inches; 7.2 lbs.

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Helix Expression Pedal Calibration

Dec 01 2015 04:28 PM | line6will in HELIX

Don't do anything! It auto calibrates. If you're having trouble getting the pedal to stay at 0% it might be due to the tension being too loose. Try tightening it with the provided hex wrench.

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The Helix Looper

Oct 08 2015 09:13 AM | line6will in HELIX

The Looper  How do I find the Looper? Most factory presets already have a Looper block, ready to go. If your presetdoesn't, or you cleared all the blocks, Looper blocks can be selected from the verybottom of the Model List, below the Send/Return...

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HELIX and EXT Amp Controlling

Jan 15 2016 01:39 PM | line6will in HELIX

Helix’s ability to control external amp channel and/or reverb switching has been tested with many popular amps and heads. Unfortunately this does not guarantee compatibility with all products. Note that, depending on the circuitry of the channel switch...

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Helix XLR outputs and 48v Phantom Power

Oct 30 2015 03:28 PM | line6will in HELIX

When the Helix XLR outputs are subjected to phantom power, the output level is decreased. Do not try and connect your Helix to a mixer, interface, or PA system that supplies phantom power (48v) to the Helix XLR outputs. The workaround is to use the 1/4...

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Helix Scale Delay Parameter

Sep 09 2016 09:58 AM | line6will in HELIX

On the Helix all of the stereo delays (except the ping pong) have a true stereo path. The left and right sides are fully separate signal paths.  The delay time of the left side of the signal is set by the delay time knob/parameter.  The de...

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Renaming Setlists with Helix Editor 2.01

Aug 22 2016 03:08 PM | Line6Pete1 in HELIX

To rename your desired setlist within the Helix Editor 2.01, be sure to click on the setlist name with your LEFT mouse button and hold it for a second. When you use a longer mouse click you should see the cursor appear with a blue highlight. Then, yo...

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Helix 2.0 shortcuts

Jul 06 2016 10:59 AM | Line6Tony in HELIX

Here’s a PDF with all of Helix’s shortcuts. New items (or at least ones that aren’t discussed in the 1.0 manual) appear in bold.   We've also published a Helix 2.0 shortcuts video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnuELVa7KS8

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HELIX Hidden Toe Switch

Jun 02 2016 08:51 AM | line6jason in HELIX

New Line 6 users can sometimes run into confusion over what is referred to in our verbiage as the "hidden toe switch" feature on many of our products. What is meant by this is when the user puts their body weight abruptly on the toe end of the expressi...

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