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  1. That's what I do... set the Amp volume in the controller settings. That way you don't have to use an effects spot for it. ^_^
  2. Unfortunatley, you (still) can't save the patch tempo via HDEdit. It's a "known" problem and we've all been living with it for quite some time. <_< The best method for me is to set the patch tempo with the tap tempo button, then save the patch directly on the POD. I've not had any issues with what the latest update is supposed to fix but this "Tempo" issue wasn't one of them. :(
  3. Wow, that is weird. My guess it's like updating a program that's running or renaming a file that's open. In either case you have to close the program of file. The HD500 recognizes cables are connected and is considered "in use" thus not accepting any update until not 'in use'. ;)
  4. I concur with assigning all effects you want to toggle to one footswitch. This is what I do and you're not switching patches... possibly going up when you meant to go down, or pressing the left patch switch when you meant to press the right... which can be a problem in a "live" setting. ;)
  5. Yes you can! ;) This is my normal connection scheme. I run the XLR's to my Firewire Audio Interface and the 1/4" stereo outs to a stereo amp feeding 2 guitar amp cabs. I can simutaneously play via the amps and record into my AI, into my DAW.
  6. Maybe something to do with the effects (plug-ins) on the guitar channel or in the "behind the scenes" settings in your DAW?
  7. In my time in the forum, I've not heard of this. :unsure: The only thing I can think of is that you're fat-footing it, meaning when you hit "Tap" you're also hitting a nearby switch.
  8. Yep, I missed the 500X. :o But pfsmith echoes my other 90% of the question. ;)
  9. Well, I'm using Firefox. I'd have thought that in the glorious tech age we're in now, any browser would/should work. But I don't know everything. ;) How specifically do I download them. When I simply click on it, it open up into another tab with gobbly-lollipop characters... obviously a file type not meant for a browswer. What I'd expect is a file to show up with an HD. extension (patch, list, etc) and a pop-up window asking if I want to down load it? Thnx,
  10. Yep, if it's not working for you, sending it back is an option. It is not fun fiddling with gear but as many have said, the HD500(X) isn't a simple stomp box. :blink: It's a shame more people don't read up about the gear they're interested in before buying it so that 1) they have a clue on how to set it up, 2) they have a clue on what to expect from it and lastly, 3) they have a some patience to actually read the manual. ;) I echo the fact that the HD distortion models are terrible. The only two I use are the "Tube Drive" and "Screamer" but... only to boost and/or augment the Amp for a solo or song section. For distortion, I use and overdriven Amp model.
  11. :( The links don't work... I tried a "save as" and going to them "directly". Although I don't play country, I like the clean & dirty sound many bands have.
  12. Hmm, 2 posts... I'll have to assume you're new and possibly just bought this? There are many ways this can be hooked up. You'll have to post more info so we can help you with this. Why am I saying "this"... cuz you don't even specify the POD type. :huh:
  13. Hmm, at first I thought... oh no, I've missed a major update as I didn't recognize the names. But then they started coming back to me. I really don't use the presets cuz many are so whacky. ;)
  14. My last time was about 4 years ago (PODXTLive)... it was because I forgot the power supply. Luckily my Fender Stage 1-12" amp has an overdrive channel and reverb. :P
  15. CustomTone hasn't been my friend lately... many moons ago that is. If I remember right you can drag the patch directly into HDEdit once you downloaded it to your PC. I might have even dragged directly from CustomTone to HDEdit? Seems to me the CustomTone interface/app is due for a refresh?
  16. I use a BBE Sonic Stomp. I have an older full rack model in my studio rack... which used to used when I played in clubs. Stand about 5 - 7 feet in front of your amp and you can plainly hear the clarity it introduces when engaged. ;)
  17. Is it me or is it to simple to insert a stereo delay at the end and use your ears to determine if it's a nice ethereal stereo sound vs. a cold sterile mono sound. :P
  18. A blown speaker cabinet... no really... that was an effect used in that era a lot and even currently now and then (think TPOTUS and White Stripes).
  19. Hmmm... that actually sounds fairly normal to me... in that its a typical high gain, semi noisy sound. If you're sure it was stone silent after a dead-stop chug then here' a couple things to check: 1. Did a reverd or delay get turned on inside the POD? 2. Does your amp* or DAW* have a reverb or such enabled? 3. Did you reposition your amp or power strip (slight "ground" noise) for the POD or amp. 4. Did you reposition your guitar when playing it (face the wall now vs. the window before). Many times facing toward speakers, mics or an amp at certain angles causes noise. *not sure if you're using an amp or DAW.
  20. I have a Fender Stage 112... one of the few last ones actually made in the USA. It has 2 channels, 100 watts of eye-piercing power and a spring reverb. I use it all the time and it's single 1-12 speaker can keep up with a 4-12. And I should know... as I use both. ;)
  21. Oh (HDProJohn) grasshopper... you have much to learn. ;) There are many Marshall user who put distortion units in front of their overdriven amp. The rule is "if it sounds good to you, then use it". :P With the HD500, I typically will switch on either the Tube Comp of the Screamer in front of a dirty amp sound. To me, it either pleasantly boosts the volume, adds more highs, or adds more grit... all typically for solos.
  22. Really... :rolleyes: I've had guitar processors from Yamaha, Zoom, Digitech, Boss, Roland and of course Line 6 and I've never seen any of them with a feature to lock presets. However, Digitech's M.O. is to have a "User" section that can be changed and a "Factory" section that can't. You can pull up a "Factory" preset, change it then save it to the "User" section.
  23. Over on another forum I use, (PreSonus - Studio One) there are quite a few Mac users (I think most) having issues when installing 10.9. PreSonus is aware of this and has stated they will be coming out with a fix supposedly within a week. With Win 8.1 just coming out it's hit and miss. Some users have had some glitches and others have none. Most report that 8.1 seems to be even a bit quicker. :D The "Test Software" from Mac and MS is preliminary release stuff right... ;) so it makes sense that there may be some issues when the Official Release has been changed.
  24. I use the tuner all the time, especially (and always) when I play live. I have it in "silent mode" when live (of course) and I can always rely on it when I hit those first few notes of a song in the middle of a set. :P I also use it for intonation but I've been playing over 20 years and also know what I'm doing when setting a guitars intonation. And sure a "Peterson" or "Strobo-matic" strobe tuner offers more precision... if you can afford one of those. And don't forget they need to be calibrated every so often too. But I've found that the center varies a bit in itself and you have to ensure you're centered with no tension on the neck and while not touching the bridge. To address "Guru"... yep it's possible that your neck needs adjustment via the truss rod. I'm sure there are YouTube videos on how to check your neck and adjust it if needed. The trick is to turn the truss rod a little at a time... that is an 1/8 to a 1/4 turn at a time... then let the guitar sit for a bit to let the neck catchup 100% to the torque just applied to it. Another possibility is that your guitar needs a fret job (replacment of the frets). I have a guitar that is 1/2 unplayable cuz it needs one. Typically many of us learn the blues/rock stuff that heavily favors the key of "A" in the 5 the fret neck area and the key of "E" which favors the 12th fret area of the neck. Bending strings and vibrato are the main culprits that wear down the frets. And fret jobs are not cheap... often costing $300 to $600 depending on the type of guitar. Take it to a registered luthier not some hack. A bound neck (ala Gibson Les Paul) is going to cost on the high end cuz the neck binding also needs to be redone.
  25. Thanks everyone, I needed a shot of optimism today. ;) Here's hoping.
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