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  1. Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a MIDI CC code to mimic a push on view button of the HX stomp ? Thanks
  2. Hey hey... In case you’d like to use and midi-control your real amp simultaneously with the HX stomp… Without audio dropouts! This seems to be finally possible with the new 3.0 update and firmware. Yay! I was actually about to sell my Stomp because that was not possible but pretty crucial to me. Thanks to Line 6 for that. Before 3.0 If I remeber right. It was only possible to midi-switch your amp's channels, when switching presets. But it was not impossible to do so when switching snapshots. Why this useful? Switching between presets can take a serious while. So you’ll get a noticeable audio dropout. Which - of course - sucks. Switching snapshots comes usually without these dropouts. Which is - of course - awesome! :D So… how to set up the HX Stomp to make this work? Here’s at least one possible way: Let’s assume you have 3 Snapshots: Footswitch 1 -> Snapshot 1 (should switch your amp to channel 1) Footswitch 2 -> Snapshot 2 (should switch your amp to channel 2) Footswitch 3 -> Snapshot 3 (should switch your amp to channel 1) Select your desired preset and switch to the Snapshot-View. Hit Page L + R to open up the menu. Select the „Command Center“. (Or in HX Edit: Window -> Command Center) Select the first „Instant 1“ Flash-Icon. Now you can specify what MIDI command should be send out when this snapshot is called. (Note: If your amp can't be controlled via MIDI, you could use something like the Nobels MS-4. That's at least what I do. At Line 6 Support: Is there meanhwile a way to directly switch relay-based amps when switching snapshots?) I stick to my setup as example: I need BankPC commands to switch the amp. PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 1 PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 2 Hit the FS 1, so it’s lit up. Select BankPC Navigate to the right. Set the Program Value to 0. To continue you don’t need to select another „Instant“. Just stick to „Instant 1“ Hit FS 2, so it’s lit up. BankPC Program 1 Hit FS 3, so it’s lit up. BankPC Program 0 Now, save you’re preset and you’re ready to go. Since it was a little confusing to me: You can add all three settings to only one „Instant 1“. Just jump in between the snapshots and just adjust the Program Value. And it’s preset-specific. (Maybe there’s a global way - but haven’t checked it yet)
  3. Is anyone using both together? Ive just got the Strymon yesterday and have been using it in the fx loop of the stomp today, just wondered if anyone else had both on the board and how they were using them together
  4. Is there a difference between hx stomp regular and hx stomp ltd? If you compare them in Thomann´s web site, it says the ltd doesnt have "line out" and packaging is lighter? So, whats the deal?
  5. Hi! New HX Stomp user here! I'm having very strange problems with my HX Stomp which is controlled via MIDI by a Boss ES-5. The stomp seems to sporadicly IGNORE incoming midi CCs, which is driving me nuts. :'( In order to understand what's happening i'm using this very simple example: * Footswitch 1 of the ES-5 sends a MIDI CC (4:127) to turn on a block in the active HX preset. * Footswitch 2 of the ES-5 sends CC 4:0 to turn the same block off. And that's it. NO program change and NO snapshot changes (CC69) are send. Just the CC #4 which is assigned to one block. Now, if i press FS 1 & 2 on the Boss ES-5 alternately, the Stomp works as it should. However, in a few cases the Stomp just ignores the CC#4 and the the block stays bypassed after pressing FS1 OR it stays active after FS2. Both cases can happen. The frequency of this issue is highly variable. I counted up to more than 100 successful changes (100 * FS1 and 100* FS2) until the problem occurs. Sometimes it occurs after approx 10 changes, sometimes after 20... As you may guess, this is driving me insane. Slowly but certainly. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? Thanks in advance! By the way: i tried using a different MIDI cable, so that should not be the problem here.
  6. Hi, I am having issues with snapshot recall using midi messages sent via a Boss ES-5. I have three patches set on the Stomp with three different amps clean, dirty and lead. Each Stomp patch has Snapshot one with the FX loop off, and Snapshot two turns the FX loop on. I am using PC messages from the ES-5 to change the patches, followed by a CC#69-00 for snapshot one and CC#69-01 for snapshot two. This works perfectly well when the PC command sent is identical to the last one but it seems that the Stomp is receiving a duplicated PC midi message when ever a new PC message is sent. Here is a Pocket Midi trace: C0 63 B0 45 00 C0 63 B0 45 01 C0 63 B0 45 00 C0 64 B0 45 00 C0 64 C0 64 B0 45 01 C0 63 B0 45 01 C0 63 As you can see, then the PC message stays on 63, it receives PC>CC but when it changes from 63 to 64 it receives PC>CC>PC. As the last PC message has no CC associated with it, the patch then defaults to Snapshot one. This is the second midi controller I've tried using with the Stomp, previously using a PXL8-Live and both are exhibiting the same behaviour. Is it normal midi protocol to repeat a PC command when the PC messages changes. If so this does limit the Snapshot feature of the Stomp. MAJOR EDIT TIME: It is the Stomp at fault here. I'm now sending messages direct to the Stomp via USB so I know exactly what I'm sending. For every new PC command I send, the Stomp reads two; send the same command and it reads just the one, see attached image. Is this correct midi behaviour for the Stomp or is my unit faulty?!
  7. I am trying to make an extra footswitch for the hx stomp. I am using hx stomp. Using a trs to dual ts cable on footswitch 4/5, I'm going to use an expression pedal for 4 and a mini footswitch for 5 to change volume/wah. In this case, I am trying to DIY a single button footswitch. When I searched, I saw that the wiring of the footswitch and the amplifier channel switching switch were the same. And I found the video on YouTube. Is it possible to use it as an additional switch by making it like this and connecting it to fs4/5 with trs to dual ts? I don't speak English well, so I'm using a translator. Thanks for the help friends.
  8. FREE EJ Inspired Preset 1.1 for HX STOMP Thanks for checking this out! Tackling such a legendary tone is always a work in progress! Here are some details and tips for using this preset I built: Footswitch 1 - For dirty rhythm tones Footswitch 2 - For lead tone (use bridge PU and roll off tone) Footswitch 3 - Option to add chorus to clean sound (Extras: Footswitch 5 is delay on/off) My tip for setting this preset to your guitar’s output level: Go to the clean setting on the preset, go to your bridge pickup and hit it hard, try to get the slightest amount of breakup. If you need more or less, adjust it from the GAIN on the AMP block. (I had to turn up my Strat to at least 6.5 on the AMP block GAIN) Remember - the lead sound is meant to be used with the bridge pickup of the guitar with the tone knob rolled down. You will have to experiment with how much. (For me on my PRS it is about half way) - You are looking to remove the “stringiness” from the tone to get the smooth overdrive sound. (Stratocasters are NOT wired this way by default for some reason - for strats I think it’s way more useful to have tone control over the bridge and neck pickups rather than the middle and neck) Try the two above tips before trying to adjust any of the EQ on the pedal or amp blocks. A lot of EJ’s tone also comes from his hands, his articulation choices, his vibrato, and his picking strategy (economy picking). - Not to mention his crazy amp and pedal switching setup. This patch was built for HX Stomp (in mono) so it is minimal compared to what I could do to simulate EJ’s rig and tone using more DSP and blocks. For HX Stomp users - there is a bonus open block slot to add a lower DSP effect of your choice like compressor, delay, reverb, modulation, fx loop, volume pedal, wah, etc. If there was more processing power I would use the new poly sustain to get the live “Cliffs of Dover” freeze delay sound (this would be something to add for anyone using larger Helix models). I would also have a stereo option for the patch as well as try to recreate his Fuzz lead sound. If you dial it in take a video and tag me! I’ll continue making free presets and I’ll also have preset packs for sale soon. Follow me on Instagram and YouTube if you’re interested in keeping up to date with those! I am available for online private guitar/music lessons and I can also make custom designed presets and tones for you and your guitar/gear - feel free to contact me! I also can do recording remotely from my home studio. If you want to make a donation for the preset I have a venmo account. Thanks for the support! - David Feily Music FREE EJ 1.1 - DF.hlx
  9. ROLAND FC-300 SYSEX Mode for HX STOMP has been updated to version 2.0! I recently purchased a pair of CME WIDI Master, and found how well it works with SYSEX messages, unlike the Yamaha BT-01 I was using before. This has meant that my Layout for the Roland FC-300 is now fully Wireless, so I've taken the opportunity to update it to version 2.0. It is now quite a bit more complex, including memory for 9 banks of 5 presets. It has also been redesigned to look better. This MIDI Layout is an example of how MIDI Designer 2 can control several devices at once, establishing communication between them all. Without needing a single cable. It is composed of about 1000 lines of Streambyter code, necessary to control the SYSEX implementation of the FC-300, at the same time that it controls the HX Stomp. This means having implemented a complete customized SYSEX mode so that both devices work together in a logical way. The Roland FC-300 is battery powered, so with the CME WIDI Master, the iPad, and this Layout it has become a great device to remotely control the HX Stomp. The FC-300 may not be the most popular MIDI controller today, but it is the only one in the world to have a SYSEX mode specifically designed for the HX Stomp! Someone interested on a HELIX version?
  10. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our HX Stomp had a dedicated professional, gig worthy, Plug & Play controller, where you don't have to program anything? What if it could also work with batteries, and... completely wireless? Better with a large touch screen as H.U.D? ROLAND FC-300 SYSEX MODE For HX STOMP Version 2.0 Main view: Looper view: Version 2.0 - JAN-24-2021 Version 1.0 - MAY-24-2020 This is a MIDI Layout Made to work with MIDI Designer Pro 2 (sold separately). Allows to use a Roland FC-300 MIDI pedalboard with the Line 6 HX STOMP, using SYSEX messages to control all the onboard LEDs, expression pedals and footswitches. Plug & Play. No config needed. All Wireless!! Using a pair of CME WIDI MASTER, both the FC-300 and the HX STOMP connects with the iPad to control your HX Stomp Wirelessly! Requires some aditional hardware. Please read carefully the following requeriment list. Covering the entire Roland FC-300 SYSEX specification plus the HX STOMP MIDI implementation to make them work seamlessly together. All Plug&Play! Does not require any user configuration. More than 1000 lines of Stream Byter code! About 100 hours of single man work! Full control over the Roland FC-300 onboard LEDs, 3-Digit Screen (showing preset numbers), LCD Screen (2 x 16 characters), and both Expression pedals, all synced with your HX STOMP! Requeriments: Line 6 HX STOMP Apple iPad + MIDI Designer 2 + this MIDI Layout Roland FC-300 A pair or MIDI interfaces (one for each device) Recommended MIDI Interfaces: Wireless: 2X CME WIDI MASTER (two units) OR... a Yamaha MD-BT01 AND a CME WIDI MASTER (the Yamaha doesn't work for the FC-300, but it does for the HX Stomp) Wired: Roland UM-ONE MIDI Interface (connected to the FC-300, then to the Apple Lighning to USB3 camera adapter) Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 camera adapter CME WIDI MASTER or Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Interface (connected to the HX Stomp) Making connections: Wireless: - Connect both MIDI-BT devices to the FC-300 and the HX STOMP. Then stablish connections with your iPad using the "Connect" button. Wired: - Connnect the Roland UM-ONE MIDI DINs (In, Out) to the Roland FC-300, then plug the USB to the Apple Lighning to USB 3.0 camera adapter, plugged to your Ipad. - Plug your MIDI BT interface to your HX Stomp, then use the "Connect" button to stablish wireless connection. Features: Premapped SYSEX Mode to make both devices work seamlessly together. Control over all the presets on the FX STOMP (125) Expression Pedals with real-time movement on the iPad screen. Bypass and Tuner functions assigned to the Footswitches under the Exp pedals (including On/Off LEDs) 3 FS assigned to Snapshots (1/3 LEDs active) One FS to Switch Stomp and Preset Modes, that also works as Tap Tempo. 5 FS (lower row on the FC-300) with double function: single press to turn On/Off effects, Long Press to change presets 1-5 (Internal memory for 9 banks X 5 Presets) Looper Controls onscreen Control over the FC-300 screen brightness and ECO mode. V2 Improvements: Selectors for each of the 5 footswitches dedicated to program changes Memory for 9 internal "Banks" (so, 9x5 presets) Four buttons for the HX Stomp modes included in the Looper view New "Credits" and "Connect" buttons Preset Mode: Stomp Mode: Cheat Sheets: Main View: Looper View:
  11. HX Stomp - Hotone Expression Pedal I just learned the awesome feature that you can control multiple parameters with one expression pedal. This is incredible! However... Cali IV Lead - I am setting up a rhythm to lead patch where the expression pedal steps multiple parameters up to screaming solo territory. This works, except for Lead Drive. Lead Gain goes up and down according to the pedal position. Lead Drive won't go higher than 5.5 regardless of where I set the max. I want it to go up to 8. I can't figure out why all other parameters work when set to the expression pedal, Lead Drive won't. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi! I have an HX Stomp and a bunch of pedals (Drives, Mod, Time, etc). I want to route the outputs so that an output sends the signal with the amp/cab sim to FOH and the other output sends a signal without the amp/cab sim to a real amp. So, this is my signal chain: GTR -> HX Stomp(Comp + Octave) -> FX Loop L (All my drives) - > HX Stomp (Amp/cab + Tremolo) -> FX Loop R (All my mod/delay/time-based pedals) -> HX Stomp (Reverb) -> OUT If it's not clear enough, what I want to do is this: GTR -> HX Stomp(Comp + Octave) -> FX Loop L (All my drives) ----------------------------------------------------------> FX Loop R (All my mod/delay/time-based pedals) -> OUT L (To Amp) º--> HX Stomp (Amp/cab + Tremolo) -----(Maybe here insert Loop R)--> HX Stomp (Reverb) -> OUT R (To FOH) Basically what I'm trying to do is use both my amp and the signal with the amp sim in a live situation with 2 independent signals. Is it posible? Thank you in advance! A.B.
  13. Hello Guys, This might be an already answered question but could not find on the forum. My setup is like that; I'm using HX Stomp as an audio interface to logic pro. My monitors are connected through the usb input of my computer. Guitar is connected L-mono; hx-stomp is connected via usb. When I try to use guitar plugins, like bias fx 2, in logic pro, somehow all things mixed up; meaning hx stomp preset mixes with the plugin !? I don't want HX stomp preset sound coming through actually, just wanted to use it as a audio interface. It only happens with the external plugins; not with the default plugins comes up with the logic. I hope this is a some config. thing in logic pro, but I'd like to hear if you've some help for me . Thanks in advance.
  14. Tested with my Helix Floor, HX Stomp and HX Effects. None of them are sending Looper MIDI Out commands anymore after the 3.0/3.01 firmware. Also... The label "Redo" no longer appears on the Helix Floor or HX Effects Scribble Strips.
  15. The long awaited 1.4 Update for the HX Stomp MIDI Controller (IOS) Now Available!! : Free update for previous users (just check your in-box).
  16. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, very happy HX Stomp user atm. But since I don't need the tap tempo function for my current live sets, I'm asking myself if there is a way to assign the FS3 to something like "Tuner Only", where I don't need to hold the Switch to get access to the tuner. Holding down the footswitch costs several seconds which can be annoying during the short breaks inbetween songs during a gig. Thanks so much in advance rakali
  17. This is a Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI DESIGNER PRO 2 ( IOS App, sold separately) Specially made to work with a iCon G-Board and a HX STOMP. Provides all the logic to sync the eight onboard LEDs on the iCon G-Board with your iPad and your HX STOMP. 3-Way MIDI made easy! Requires an Apple CCK USB3 connected to A.C. to feed both the iPad and the G-Board, and a Wireless MIDI-BT device to work. Provides full hardware support for the iCon G-Board (MIDI footcontroller), including the eight onboard LEDs. Also works as an enterely wireless MIDI controller (using the Yamaha MD-BT01 or the CME WIDI Master wireless adapter) NOW AVAILABLE iCon G-Board for HX STOMP (iPad) - Updated to version 1.2 !! Changes Log: v1.2 Update - Jan 6 2021 Important changes: Now we're using the "Logic" profile in G-Board iMap. Please update your config if you were using a previous version of this Layout. Now your G-Board doubles as a Mackie MIDI controller when is connected to a computer using Logic Pro (OSX). This means that Logic also controls the LEDs! Improved graphic design (again) v1.1 Update - Jan 3 2021 Secondary screen added (Presets) Improved graphic design. Now the controller can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2] if they are configured to send such data in Command Center (this settings are saved per preset) Now the controller can receive CC1 & CC2 (EXP pedals) if they are configured to send such data in Command Center (this settings are saved per preset) Features: Preconfigured support for the iCon Gboard, including 8 LEDs 4 Presets (upper row), 3 Snapshots and 1 momentary Super footswitch capable to emulate FS 1-5 of your HX Stomp (selectable on the controller side) Save up to 8 Banks (A-H) x 4 Presets Each Bank is represented with a funny icon Receives MIDI from your HX STOMP (Program Changes, Looper) EXP 1-2 faders with Max/Min button Ease of operation (single screen, big text, colorful elements) Also works using a computer with HX Edit, all four devices connected at the same time. Also works without the G-Board present (as a Wireless MIDI controller for your HX STOMP) Can be used together simultaneously with a computer connected to USB (to use HX Edit o whatever) Doubles as a Mackie MIDI controller when the G-Board is direcly connected to a computer using Logic Pro (OSX). This means that Logic also controls the LEDs! Hardware requirements: HX Stomp iCon G-Board MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS) Apple iPad Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter + cables and charger. This is used to feed both the iPad and the G-Board. MIDI Interface (Yamaha MD-BT01, or CME WIDI Master) 1- Main View: 2: Main view Cheat sheet: 2- Preset View: 2- Preset View Cheat sheet: G-Board (IOS, using this Layout): Making Connections: G-Board iMap Config (required): Maybe the iCon G-Board has ever called your attention as a possible partner for your HX STOMP. It's small, light, and has those typical guitar switches ... It connects via USB and has no power connector, you also can't store presets banks, and... don't even have a screen! But it can be powered through the Apple CCK USB 3 (also feeding the iPad), it is in a Class-Compliant device, it has eight beautiful LEDs on board, and the most important thing: it also receives MIDI! Therefore, we just need a brain for it, something like an iPad, the wonderful MIDI Designer Pro 2 app, a wireless MIDI interface, and spend several dozen hours to create a semi-decent MIDI template. Or you can spend a few bucks to have this one: The top row controls the presets, which you choose from your iPad by sliding your finger on the selectors. Only one of the four LEDs will remain active, both on the pedalboard and on your screen. You can also automatically save 8 banks of 4 presets (A-H), each of them identified with a funny icon in the upper right of the screen. The lower row contains the three Snapshot footswitches. Again, only the LED from the last selected FS will remain active. The button in the lower right corner of the pedalboard is something special: it works in momentary mode and can act as any of the HX Stomp footswitches, from one to five. There is a 5-position selector around this footswitch, whose buttons also function as momentary push-buttons, so you can also activate them from the screen. The large preset marker at the top center of the screen receives MIDI from the HX STOMP, as well as the looper buttons (remember that for the looper to work, it must be included in the effect chain) You will also find other usual controls such as the mode selector, the Tap Tempo button, tuner, bypass, etc. All this in a single-screen, colorful interface. No configuration is required by the user. Perhaps the easiest way in the world to use your HX STOMP. Seriously. So easy to use that even a child will want to do it. We could consider that it is a form of semi-tethered connection, in the sense that we will connect the iPad and the pedal board to each other, and both to an AC connector through the USB3 CCK, on the one hand, and the data will travel wirelessly to the HX STOMP, which It can be a few meters away, sitting calmly on top of your amp, while your iPad faces the stage. Sit on your couch with your iPad and your G-Board, and enjoy your HX STOMP with this superb controller. It also works without the G-Board! (so you can use it right now, while ordering your G-Board at your nearest store) See you soon! Ed.
  18. hi there - looking for some help on snapshots on the HX Stomp as I can't tell what I'm doing wrong! I've saved a preset with 3 snapshots (see first image). It looks & sounds fine. IMG_3334.HEIC But when I change to snapshot 2, I see a little "E" appear by the preset's name indicating something has changed (image 2). I don't see this happen in online demos. I've read the manual and watched a couple of YouTube videos but feel like I'm missing some setting somewhere. Any suggestions/help very welcome! IMG_3333.HEIC
  19. To keep an overview of my 125 HX Stomp presets, I am looking for a way to export my presets as a list and display them in a table. Here I could then enter my notes for each sound. Is there a possibility to export a preset list?
  20. Hi there! Sorry for that, but I just can't find another way to reach the line6 team concerning this issue. As we know HX Stomp which we love got only 3 snapshots, but I don't understand why is there this limitation. I found that I need atleast 5 snapshots to use HX Stomp at the gigs conviniently. With external two button footswitch 5 snapshots can be easely acsessible. And with Command Center even with 3 internal footswithes it's possible to use any 3 of 5 snapshots. So I would like to start a little campaign to encourage Line6 to add more stapshots to HX Stomp in further updates. Let there be atleast 5. Please join this topic, share your opinion and experience. The more we are the more chance for us to be heared!
  21. 749 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Hello Friends, I need your help. Yesterday I was using my HX STOMP as usual and suddenly I froze. So I decided to turn it off and on, but when I did this it stayed in the HX STOMP LOGO and did not start. I tried to reinstall the latest version with LINE 6 UPDATER. To access this option, I turned off my HX STOMP and held down the right button on the next page and in the program it gave me the option to choose my device. I chose it and tried to install it offline and in the traditional way, but in the program it gives me an error. I've already tried different cables and now I don't know what to do. Is there a way to factory reset without using the program? What can I do to solve this error?
  22. Hi, Is it possible to use all 3 footswitches to enable/disable HX Stomp effects? At the moment, only two footswitches can be used, because the 3rd switch is taken up by tap tempo. Is it possible to unassign tap tempo from the 3rd footswitch? Thanks
  23. HI folks, I know this question has come up a few times, but never got a definitive answer. Does the HX Stomp utilize USB 3.0 or 2.0? I know 2.0 works, and I haven't had a lick of issues. I just know there is a difference between the 8pin 3.0 and 4pin 2.0. I know for storage if you want 3.0 performance, don't use a 2.0 cable. I'm wondering if the same applies for the Stomp. Thanks in adavance.
  24. Icon G-board for HX STOMP (iPhone version) New Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI DESIGNER PRO 2 ( IOS App, sold separately) - Works as an enterely wireless MIDI controller (using the yamaha or the Quicco MIDI-BT wireless adapter) - Also works with USB cable (using an Apple CCK connected to the HX STOMP USB) - Provides full hardware support for the iCon G-Board (MIDI footcontroller), including the eight onboard LEDs. Requires the Apple CCK USB3 and the Wireless MIDI-BT device to work. Main Screen: - Covers almost all HX STOMP MIDI implementation. (the "Play Once" button was deliberately ommited in this version) - Adds memory for 8 banks (A-H) of 4 Presets. (no more running correlative presets Up and Down!) Performance Screen: - Once you have set your banks in the main screen, load this Performance view to have a real Head Up Display for your HX STOMP. Includes the most relevant performance controls and a funny icon for each Bank! Icon G-Board: - Upper row: FS 1-4 (selectable Presets on the iPhone Screen) X 8 Banks (A-H) 1/4 LED active - Lower row: Snapshots 1-3. Super FS momentary footswitch (selectable FS 1-5 function) 1/3 LED active + 1 momentary
  25. I’ve used my iPhone as an audio input into the USB port of my HX stomp to play along with backing tracks and songs. Since I updated to 3.0 (now 3.01) the iPhone won’t play sound through the USB into the Stomp, but instead keeps playing through its built-in speakers. The USB on the Stomp works, I can play audio from my laptop, just not from an iPhone or iPad. Any clues as to what might be going on?
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