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  1. Soldano models are SLO CLEAN SLO CRUNCH SLO LEAD.
  2. I agree with radatats whole heartedly on placing the comp first in the chain and I agree with the delay placement in the post position EXCEPT FOR the Echoes when I use them for a boost of sorts.
  3. Sort of unless that's the way your cookie crumbles so to speak. See here in POD world we are not governed by the rules. One is set free to explore the sonic soundscapes as he (or she) sees fit. But definitely keep pursuing knowledge of fx it helps. But is no substitute for experimentation and the best tool of all your ears. I've used some pretty raunchy fx placements in my journey. Always tweak the parameters of every effect in the pod. Default is usually At Fault for some Crappy sounds.
  4. I started with the DT50 2x12 so have no judgement on the DT 25. I love my rig and with the last firmware update I love it even more. No complaints and have always been able to achieve any sound I've set out for. One of my favorite Models is a less heard of one. I love the Divided by 13 model. A shame u don't see it mentioned much. But having a full dream rig already you know this.
  5. Metalchef

    Solo Boost

    Sorry for the second post but Q Filter works wonders too. You have to really tweak it but once u get it YOU WILL GET IT! There is another post about somewhere on here but allows u to really hone in on the sweet spot.
  6. Metalchef

    Solo Boost

    Vetta Juice on of my favorites now. I find I have to use less of it to get my desired effect..... Buuuutttt..... I have now also been using a Fulltone Ocd in my pods fx loop and it is phenomenal. But try Vetta Juice. Tube comp with threshold in mid 90s and level below about 13 works on some patches for me too.
  7. If you are running current firmware in the DT 50 2x12 once you are connected via L6link I look at the pod MV as an attenuator of sorts. It allows you to control the signal level being sent from the pod. At least how it works for me.
  8. I have been running my signal as such..... Guitar / Fulltone OCD /pod500 / L6link to DT50 2x12 / MXR 6 band Eq in DT fx loop. I have been getting stellar tones with this route. Have not even bothered to try the OCD in the pod fx loop. Main pedal folks that allows me to achieve any tone I want is the MXR EQ. Granted the OCD could make anything sound good still I could throw all external pedals away except the EQ pedal and would still be able to get the same tones. So may I suggest that the very first pedal any noob is looking to get to mix with the Pod500 make it an EQ pedal.
  9. Yes Topologies. 1. Blackface 2.plexi (I believe I have dt50 2x12 and 2 is P 75) 3. Vox ac30 top boost 4.treadplate. I hope that is what you were asking. Only difference in topology between dt50 and DT25 is topology 2.
  10. I don't know how the world would react to a union between a POD 300 and a podhd500. They could give birth to the new POD HD 800
  11. I got the same thing when I updated awhile back and I ended up having to update from file. U can find directions on monkey to do this. Had nothing to do sith the cables. I was using an Maudio mini sport usb to midi.
  12. Listen to Nico the man preaches the truth....
  13. I am a happy owner of a DT and pod but I will agree on all points with Meambobbo. The Ideascale thing is laughable. Could be a wonderful tool if they practiced actually using it. But obviously after 3 topics and this one alone being 4 pages long tells me probability is greater that we will all be riding rainbow colored Chimeras to work tomorrow passing Unicorns and flying monkeys before they will use Ideascale.
  14. Now I am a dt50 owner and there is a difference in topology preamps between the 25 and 50 but I believe it is only topology 2. Topology 4 on my DT50 2x12 is the Treadplate ( Mesa Dual Recto). Now using the DT editor I changed topology 4 on CHANNEL B to the Slo Overdrive (Soldano SLO100 Overdrive channel) for stand alone use and love it. But I believe your Top 4 is the Treadplate
  15. Hmm good question and what your talking about is something that can't be solved just by stepping on a footswitch twice?
  16. I have a Zakk Wylde LP with 81/85 in it and after I switched 2nd input the world was good and on some models I use my pad
  17. Well having your pod connected via L6link is the same as having all the amps at your finger tips at once. To switch preamps without the POD requires u run an edit program via computer or I pad using a USB to MIDI interface. Even then u can only use 8 amps (4 per channel). So to me it's not an issue of you have the pod500.
  18. I have the DT50 2x12 Combo and I do not turn off the Cab and Mic Sims. But I believe this would be different if I had the Head with a separate CAB. I really like to use the LVM I have two preset banks LVM and Gozar ( or face melting Full Powaaaa!!!!! Yo). I have said it before but I absolutely love my rig. Using a pod with the DT amp you can get any tone u want even if u want a 5150 (which it Does NOT have) you can get there with some tweaking of other amps and read meambobbo tone guide eq section and gain staging but remember that a lot of his info may not play out the same for u because he compiled that using Studio Direct and No DT amp. But still an infinite wealth of knowledge.... Also he's a pretty swell chap and is usually very happy to answer questions and such. Pretty soon we shall elevate him to the Ranks of the Sneezing Panda Internet fame....
  19. Mr. Dinosaur thank u for the epiphany you are correct sir. I never thought of just the recording aspect and I can agree that with the DT50 2x12 I have seen no comparison. I absolutely love this set up and have found no limitations as of yet.
  20. I agree that the eleven rack sounds great but I must say I am not disheartened at all and don't consider my set up to be lacking in anything. I run two Les Pauls and a Strat through my Pod500 and Dt50 2x12 combo and I have been able to achieve any sound I've set out to get and I mean any. Don't get me wrong I'd love new amp models to play with and it is a selling point for me when considering future gear purchases but I can't understand the complaints that think they can't achieve a sound they are looking for on this set up.
  21. Ditto to this I've run my hd500 on many different amps, keyboard amps, PA systems, etc.... And never once was it plug and play. Always requires some tweaking. A very wise piece of advice for those caught in the throws of GAS syndrome. GC IS THE DEVIL.!!!!
  22. You can use the Blue Comp treble but I would give the Q Filter a shot.
  23. I can help with the Type o tone. I simulate kenny tone with the the UberSchall model. No pedals needed but the Classic Dist. Model with gain turned way down is awesome if you use the filter parameter to share your sound. Now that is exclusively for October Rust and Bloody Kisses tones he changed a little bit during life is killing me but should have no problem Adjusting same set up.
  24. I have a DT 50 2x12 combo and can get awesome John Frusciante style tones. And a lot of different routes can be taken to access them. Should be no problem at all to get a funk rock rhythm sounds from tight and crisp.... To.... Smooth oooozy warbly gooey slaptastic style leads. DT 25 should have no issues doing that. Good choice.
  25. Awesome... Can't wait.... Yes Real Zap u are correct..... Now here in lies a question that both I and the service rep from where I ordered were stumped at..... How quickly will those 12AX7 wear out if they are not being used as preamp tubes.? I have ordered replacements but still knowing is half the battle... My AFD 100 uses up Pre's at about 1 set of pre's every 4-5 Power Amp Tube changes.
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