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  1. Make sure HX Edit is not running. Try annother USB-port. Reinstall HX Edit an all included drivers.
  2. It's possible to take you back to the previous snapshot. For example you are in snapshot-2 and then you go to snapshot-4. Pressing the snapshot-4 button again, will take you back to snapshot-2. But you have to activate this feature in the global settings(Preference>TogglePrev). ...and you need the 2.8 firmware or higher
  3. Here is everything you need: Edit&os=All&submit_form=set just login and download HX Edit 2.82 for Mac or Windows and install
  4. try powering on while holding the right arrow ">" This will put the unit into update mode and you can re-install the latest firmware from there or try FS 2+3 for a factory restore
  5. four hours are not normal. What I would do: Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software. Start the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed (update mode) Start the LINE 6 Updater. if it still does not work, reinstall HX Edit (2.82) - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked. And try again.
  6. It only reset the globals, presets and IRs. It will not set you back to 2.65. ...According to my experience, it's better to do a reset after an update to avoid bugs
  7. Have you tried a factory restore? - FS 2+3(HX Stomp) ...this will override all presets!!!
  8. Have you tried to make a factory reset( Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot ) and loading your backup?
  9. Peter

    2.82 update

    I think most of us(me too) saw this message and choosed continue, but the update stucked anyway for hours. The problem was, that something happened to the driver during the update and the Helix had lost the connection to the pc. After a reinstallation of HX Edit, it worked again and I could easily complete the update (...yes I had installed the new version including the driver befor the firmware update)
  10. Peter

    2.82 update

    Congratulations you did it. The next updates will be easier again (...probably)
  11. Peter

    2.82 update

    Turn off the Helix. Than turn on the Helix and hold FS6+12. Maybe this could help. I had the same problem at this point. I have turned off my Helix and closed all line6 software. Then I have installed HX Edit again. ....something happened to the drivers(no connection) during the update, I don't know why. But on the 2nd try it worked without problems.
  12. Peter

    2.82 update

    Normal is about 20 minutes I think. I had the same problem with the 2.8 update. I had waited more than an hour an nothing happened.(Yes, I have followed the instructions) After I restarted/reinstalled the update it was done in 10 minutes.
  13. Peter

    2.82 update

    not more than 20 minutes If the update stucks much longer restart the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed. ... If that does not help: Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software. Reinstall HX Edit (2.82) - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked. Try again
  14. you can update directly to 2.82 ...don't forget to make a backup in 2.71, ...and follow the update instructions
  15. If you are still on 2.71 and don't want to update, I would try to reinstall HX Edit 2.71 (maybe a Windows update has deleted the drivers or something) Because you have issues with the drivers anyway, try to update again. ...I think you are brave enough ;) -Turn off/unplug the Helix and close all line6/audio software. -Unistall the line6 software(HX Edit, updater, drivers) and reboot the pc -Install HX Edit 2.82 - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked. -Connect/turn on the Helix and start the Updater and update(I hope you have a connection) (If the update process stucks more than an hour, you should restart the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed (update mode))
  16. I can verify that too. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1909 (befor that 1903) and no issues. Sometimes it can happen, that this Windows update overwrites some drivers If you have driver issues I would try this: Unplug the the Helix and uninstall all line6 software (HX Edit, drivers, updater). Reboot the pc. Then install HX Edit (2.82) again - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked. (All you need is included in this package)
  17. OK, you're right You can try a reset of the global parameters(FS5+6 on boot), to see if the problem still exists (don't forget to backup)
  18. Are you sure, you are not using the 1 switch looper?
  19. Guitar > (Helix) GUITAR IN If you want to use the PHONES output of your Helix, then I would use an FX loop: (Helix) SEND1 > (Looper) IN -- (Looper) TO MIXER or TO AMP(you have to adjust the send/return level in the global Helix settings) > (Helix) RETURN1 Then just put a fx loop1 block at the end of the signal chain. But this method works not well, if you want to change the preset during the playback (dropouts) Then connect it this way: Guitar > (Helix) GUITAR IN -- (Helix) OUT > (looper) IN -- (looper) TO MIXER > you need a mixer or something to plug in you headphones if your looper does not have a PHONES output
  20. maybe this can help: - highlight the installer - press "control" and right klick > select open
  21. Here is a backup of the presets, so you don't need a factory reset FACTORY 1- 2.80.hls FACTORY 2-2.80.hls
  22. Peter

    dont have edit

    HX Edit 2.52 should work for your backup
  23. If you have updated from 2.7 or older, the global settings have been reset. For this you need to restore your backup. ...If everything works fine, then it is not really necessary.
  24. Turn off the Helix Control/Rack and close all line6/audio software. Reinstall HX Edit (2.82) - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked.(step1) Follow the Update instructions from line6 and start the Helix in Update mode in step 2(ENC1&6 for the rack): If you have Helix Rack / Control, turn off Helix Control. Also, shut down all Line 6 software or any programs that use audio, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc. Connect Helix to a Mac or PC via USB (do not use any sort of USB hub) and turn it on. Launch Line 6 Updater. The latest version was automatically installed when you installed HX Edit 2.80 in “STEP 2 Updating HX Edit to 2.80” above. Enter your Line 6 Username and Password and click “Sign In.” A big green box appears with a picture of your Helix product. Click the big green box and then click “Update” next to Version: 2.80. Carefully read the instructions (HEY! DID YOU BACK UP FIRST?), click “Continue,” and then “Accept.” A warning dialog appears, telling you that Helix will be reset twice. Think “Hmm, maybe I should’ve backed up first? Nah, I insist on subverting the dominant paradigm,” and click “OK.” Helix begins updating. As wholly expected, because we warned you… because you always read the instructions… halfway through the update process, Line 6 Updater displays a second dialog and Helix’s LCD reads “Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!” THIS IS NORMAL. Breathe deep, everything is fine. You’re almost there. Click “OK” again. When finished, Helix restarts automatically and begins rebuilding your presets. Let it finish. If you have Helix Rack/Control, turn on Helix Control. Helix Rack reads “Helix Control must be updated to work properly. Update now?” Press Knob 6 (OK) to update Helix Control. (...don't use a USB-HUB, try annother USB-port if it still does not work use annother computer for the update)
  25. Peter

    Lost here

    Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software. Install HX Edit 2.82 - (When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked). > includes the new updater and drivers Start/connect the Helix and the LINE 6 Updater(but not HX Edit) > sign in and update your Helix ... If the updater can not find your Helix device, try annother USB-port or a reinstall
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