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  1. i don't know much about recording so don't be so hard on me if this is a stupid suggestion. however, i will accept all praise if i'm right. did you arm the track?
  2. what's not to like! quite a departure from your previous lightening speed, all over the board, impossible to replicate stuff. keep'em comin'. / . ,
  3. one thing i welcome is the added "BACK TO" at the bottom of the posts :)
  4. you should start a new thread to get response from the community. but in any case, go to to your account page and open a support ticket. are you getting any sound from the pod? if so there might be a connection problem from the circuit board to the screen.
  5. the length of the screw for the front, the part of the pod nearest you and the length of the screw for the rear, the part of the pod away from you on the bottom of the pod.
  6. there is a line6 uninstaller in tools
  7. i've noticed this too. i'm using the amp models. unfortunately i have no idea why.
  8. sound diver was replaced by line 6 edit.
  9. global reset. hold left nav key while powering on
  10. are you using the pod as your sound card?
  11. did this fault occur after the usb fix? was it repaired by a service center? if so, maybe they just swapped boards and didn't swap out your i.d. chip.
  12. i think 22 amps is plenty. i only want the quality of the tone upgraded if that's possible. :) and of course any bugs. overall i'm very pleased with the pod and really have had no problems except for the logo loop which was easily solved. EAGLES AT .500
  13. crap, i just got home and saw the no update update. why you du dis line6? why? :(
  14. Hd400-the Worst Pedal I've Ever Used i agree
  15. http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects/pod/ there are some video tutorials here
  16. do a global reset and cal the pedal
  17. http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/ right click on the text window
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